Friday, December 22, 2006

King Crab Restaurant

After our first visit to King Crab Restaurant last Saturday, Hubby decided to bring me for another round of Hairy Crab tonight. Hubby ordered one Hairy Crab for me was slightly bigger from the one i had the other day. It really compliments with the vinegar & ginger sauce which they serve together with the hairy crab. Yummy yum yum.....

Shanghai Hairy Crab (RM58 per crab)

We also ordered a crab dish.....BBQ Crabs which they served with super duper hot Thai chilli sauce. The sauce was really really good and the crab was so fresh and meaty. I almost finished the whole bowl of chilli hot hot.

BBQ Crab with Yummy Thai Chilli Sauce (2 thumbs up)

We also ordered Steamed Tiger Prawns (RM80 per kilo) which we find amazingly good, especially the taste of the gravy which was very well-adjusted. Prawns was very fresh and succulent...and it came with a black sauce made from oyster sauce, oil, parsley, ginger and garlic.

Lastly, we ordered Stir-fry Choy Tam (Brussel Sprout) which was very well-cooked. Green and crunchy. Just the way I like it!!

Total damage came up to RM144 which we find very reasonable for the quality of food they served. Hubby said definately will be back again and try their Geoduck! Yummy yummy yummy!!
The Bill


Live2Talk said...

eh i thought u r goin to try the restaurant in Plaza Damas? If u go must give that kai lan on top of ice cubes a try ah.

Precious Pea said...

No la...the hairy crab is much cheaper in King Crab. But will go try the frozen kailan one day...with YOU!! Hehehe...we 'wat' Kavi to treat us when she gets her promotion, ok?

MeiyeN said...

O_o remember to bring me go yah!!! :p


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