Friday, December 29, 2006

Mille Crepe from Food Foundry

While I was driving home from work, my mind was somewhat focused one 1 thing, MILLE CREPE from Food Foundry. I don't know why, since I tried their Vanilla and Chocolate Flavoured Milly Crepe, I somehow tempted to try Strawberry flavour. Since it's on da way home, why not satisfy my craving tonite?? (No no, am not pregnant!) I thought of grabbing a piece of their famous apple which was sold out that night i went for dinner. Guess what? It's sold out again!! And it's not even dinner time yet. Grrr...maybe next time I should go during noon. In the end, I bought the Strawberry as well as Ocha (Green Tea) Mille Crepe.

Due to Christmas season, takeaway crepe is packed in a special box which I find simple yet attractive. Couldn't resist from taking pictures of it.

The front
The side

The back

The crepe is actually a few layers of fluffy and thin pancakes filled with vanilla custard are stacks together to look like a cake. heavenly. Light and not too sweet!!! But among the 4 flavours, I preferred the Strawberry the most, followed by Choc, Ocha and lastly Vanilla. Mmm...Yummy!!

Ocha Mille Crepe
My Favourite...Strawberry Mille Crepe


pam said...

not go together gether n share one arrrr... yau mou kau chor arrr.... heheheheh!!!!!

Happy new Year sis!!

Precious Pea said...

Pam, I must test out all the flavour then only next time can recommend to you which is da best ma. I sacrifice myself to be the guinea pig so you don't complain complain ok? Hehehe!

Happy New Year to you too!

MeiyeN said...

this's definitely one hot and famous item but not sure why i find it too sweet for my liking but my bf likes it though.. :) maybe i should try another flavour, not vanilla! heard that da strawberry version is nice though....

Precious Pea said...

Meiyen, i find strawberry the best cos it has got some sour taste which makes the crepe less jelak. As for ocha and vanilla...i find it a big NO-NO as it's too sweet and also i find the milky taste too rich, almost similar to condensed milk.

Anonymous said...

How much is one slice of this yummy looking cake? Im so gonna go buy it!!!!!


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