Friday, December 29, 2006

Review for the year 2006

Today is my last working day for the year. No mood to might as well review what I have achieved this year. I got to say that year 2006 by far is one of the best year for me in terms of health, relationship, work and wealth.

No major illnesses this year, except occasional flu and a few times diarhoe due to food poisoning. Food poisoning was my entirely my fault..cos I loves eating cockles at those pasar malam lok-lok van and each time sure ended up with bad diarhoe. But nice leh!!!! And very lucky that my migrane didn't attack me this year! Phew!

Don't want to sound boastful here, but I got to admit that I made a great choice in choosing the BEST husband! Haha...hubby, don't blush ok? My relationship with hubby is getting better and better, day by day. I guess that is because he is also very patient with me, especially at times i can get very unreasonable. As for my dad, i think our father-daughter relationship is becoming like mother and son. It's true that as one gets older, they are much kiddier. Needless to say, my relationship with my sis, bro-in-law and Nathan has always been strong. Although they are in Melbourne, we keep in touch almost everyday through SMS, emails and phone calls. As for my colleagues and frens, as far as I can recall, no cat fight, only occasional dog 'barking'. Hahaha...seriously, as far as I am concern, I feel that things are going great.

Work and Wealth
There was a big uncertainty in terms of work during the mid-year. My manager resigned and I was torn between following her and staying back. I was too comfortable here to change to a new working environment but at the same time couldn't resist the higher pay they are offering. Finally, my boss gave me a promotion with a much higher pay. Hehehe...luckily I haven't tender my resignation yet. So my wealth is somehow related cos am now RM1,000 richer.

Memorable Moments
Got to say, Hubby and I travelled the most this year. We went to Beijing in May, Bangkok in July, Macau in Sept, Bandung in Oct and Melbourne in Dec. We also managed to explore few eating places such as Tanjung Tualang, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Langat..just to name a few. All the trips were fun and memorable. Well, dat's because I got my hubby, who is a great companion and also most importantly, we got the same interest and taste!

Something New
Firstly, Hubby and I now owns a semi-d in Setia Alam and hopefully we would be able to move in by end of next year. Secondly, am now taking Guzheng classes and is progressing well.

Snowpea is getting more and more handsome..with a rounder body too due to my tender loving care. There were also some new addition to the family...hermit crabs! Altogether i think i had about 10 but don't know why they keep dying one after another, so ended up with a lone ranger now. Sigh.

Greatest Regret
I think what shocked me most this year was Leon's demise. Especially when she passed away on the day I am leaving Melb for home. Whether she waited for me or a pure coincident, one thing for sure, am glad I was there to see her for the last time.

Enough said, I wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope 2007 is another blessed year for me and of course, yours too!!


Live2Talk said...

Am happy for u my friend ... next year explore some more, travel to different places and find out more new places to eat. Ha ha ha now ur hubby is stuck with a statement like this from the beloved wife - YOU. Very clever ah use this trick to get more things is it next year? But good for you. Have a happy holiday and a bless new year.

Precious Pea said...

No no...don't get me wrong. statement really sincere and no hidden message behind. But of course, i wouldn't mind to travel to more places next year. Hehehe. Happy New Year to you too!

Pam said...

Dear pet-Sis,
Hey hey!! Am glad this year been a great year for you... *thumbs up!!*

Ya wor. I agree that yr hubby is one of d best... Yay Hubby! *one banana crumble for him* oh me forgot he dun like dessert one... I volunteer to eat for him lar then... kekekeke!!!

here's wishing u a greater year 2007. Cya soon!! hugs

Hubby... said...

I'm really flattered and of course most delighted with what my wife has written... But, I think I'm the luckier of the two. Could not have asked for a better soul mate than her.

One thing I can assure you, my dear wife, is that we will have many more places to visit and definitely much more yummy food to savour together, yeahh?

MeiyeN said...

happy happy happy new year to you & your hubby!!! may this new year bring lotsa joy and happiness to you yeah... :D

adriantai said...

hi... was doing a search when I came across your blog.

anyway, you and hubby bought a place in Setia Alam? in Eco Park or Precinct 6? it's a nice place... i'll be moving in there hopefully by 2008. :)

by the way, just to share with you... a few residents got together and started a site Hope to see you in the forum there... :)


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