Thursday, December 28, 2006

Seo Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant

For the past 2 months, we noticed that 2 Korean restaurants were opened in SS2 area. Good good...we don't have to travel far when we have Korean craze (definately Korean food and not tv series)! Tonight, we decided to try out Seo Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant which is on the same row as Eu Yan Sang, above King's Confectionary.

This is the place!!
The set-up of the place is quite cozy. Each table comes with a long, adjustable exhaust fan to suck up all the smoke while the meat is being barbequed. No smelly clothes, no smelly hair!!

Smoke Sucker..haha!

The exhaust fan

I don't know who called but one thing for sure, this person pisses my hubby off !

I ordered Iced Citron Tea which was really refreshing! It tastes like pomelo/grapefruit; tangy and citrusy. Hubby ordered Iced Green Tea in which the tea bag was soaked in a cold glass of water. Stupid isn't it? How could the tea flavour released itself in cold water??

My Citron Tea

We ordered two meat dishes; Sliced Pork Neck and Marinated Spare Ribs. Well...we found nothing great about the meat, for the same price, we get bigger portion and greater taste at Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant at Sri Hartamas.

Sliced Pork Neck

Marinated Spare RibsOur dinner being barbequed

Is it cooked oledi?? Can I eat now?

The variety of Kim Chi was ok....but of course, Nak Won served double the amount here.

A variety of Kim Chis
Close-up of the Kim Chis

Total damage for tonight's dinner was RM74. Enough said, we definately will satisfy our Korean crave at Nak Won next time.


MeiyeN said...

hmm... we thought to try this place out any time soon but from your review, it looks like da food not too good? not too worthy?

Precious Pea said...

Meiyen, price was reasonable and food was okay. But i find for the same price i paid, i can get much better quality and quantity at Nak Won. U can give it a try and let me know what you think.

wmw said...

Precious Pea, I agree with you. The prices at this place is higher than usual. I've tried Korean House, along the same side as Teapot Cafe, which is opened by the same owners of Korea House in Desa Sri Hartamas. However the one in DSH tates better.

The one is SS2 is having lunch promo, set lunch boxes of chicken/beef or squid bulgogi at RM9.90. Taste ok, value for money.
I love the Kimchi Chigae at the one in Amcorp Mall!


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