Monday, December 25, 2006

Shin Nichi Japanese Buffet (Closed Down)

After our 1st visit to Shin Nichi last month, Hubby and Pam couldn't stop craving for their sashimis and oysters.

Da Entrance
Da Inside

The selection of sashimis and oysters are really good and very fresh too. My favourite is definately the white tuna! Their sushi corner really puts the two well-known sushi chains to shame. The sushi here is really nicely presented..but too bad they don't allow any photos to be taken.

My First PlateMy 2nd plateShark Fins SoupMy 3rd PlateDesserts...Mochi

Hubby didn't manage to break his previous record in Melbourne in eating 40 oysters at one go! He had only 30 pieces this time...hahaha...and hubby complained that the guy at the sashimi counter kept staring at him.

Definately a great Japanese meal to complete the year.

1 comment:

MeiyeN said...

wow wow wow!!!! will definitely make a stop at this place soon...:D


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