Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sure Pizza at Plaza Damas

After our dinner at Sungai Buloh, Wong (hubby's fren) suggested we head to Plaza Damas for the second round and of course, no objections from us. Haha. So glutton isn't it? Anyway...he said he found this Italian Restaurant which serves good food. Knowing him when he said it's good, it means really good.

Sure Pizza is actually next to Sao Nam Viet Restaurant, opposite to Kimgary and is owned by an Italian and he himself is the chef! Da place is cozy and the front door greeted us with very aromatic Italian know, the pungent garlic and onion with a mix of Italian herbs like basil and rosemary. Mmmm....mmm...

I had the Ice Blended Strawberry and Peach with Italian Soda (RM8.50)...nice nice! Very refreshing and most importantly, it's not too sweet for me.
We ordered the Liver Pate (RM13.95) and it comes with a block of pate, some bread and salad. I don't take liver cos of the texture and taste but somehow I am able to accept this.

Next came the soup which definately doesn't look like soup to me. It's called Zuppa Di Pesce (RM17.95) which actually looks like Stewed Seafood with mussels, clams, octupus, fish and prawns and lots and lots of olives. Believe me, it tastes awesome! The gravy is so good and flavourful.

We also ordered a Seafood Pizza (RM25.95) to chew....and it was very very good too. Their tomato paste is very flavourful, thanks to the herbs! If only they put in some squid and mussels...lagi best! Haha!

For dessert and the very last piece of food for the night is their Tiramisu with alcohol. Tastes good...level of sweetness is just right. It's really light eventhough we were (at least i am) so full.

Definately a great place for authentic Italian food with reasonable price too!


Live2Talk said...

how bout we go to celebrate new year there during lunch time ... tat fei kwai not in

GUZZEBO said...

i brought my fren, his wife and his italian fren there, everyone gave a thumb up...yes, the zuppe is fantastic. I am a fan of the classic spaghetti, ie. aglio olio but found that its too blend..not was good...will go back again for other choices. bon apetite.

Precious Pea said...

guzzebo: Glad you like it but i was told that they are closing down soon, so better make your 2nd visit fast!

Julian Si said...

Simply exquisite ... brilliant clams pasta, and incredible pizza. Moist, tasty, and fantastically fresh ingredients. So glad I finally made it to SURE PIZZA last nite!!


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