Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 4 in Bangkok

Today is our last day in Bangkok....sigh....why good times always passes by so fast? Didn't do much today since we need to check out at noon. We hanged out around our hotel till noon, then we check our and had lunch at a small restaurant nearby. The restaurant is patronised by the locals so price was reasonable and food was good too.

Catfish & Mango Salad
Noodle Soup
Mussels cooked with Basil

Oh great...flight home was also delayed for almost 2 hours! Talk about efficient service. Grrr!! Well..might as well take a walk around the airport and spotted something interesting. There is this small shop selling local pastry and kuih. I was attracted to the big platter of colourful fruits made from Mung Bean. It's so beautiful and actually as tasty as it looks!

Too good to be eaten
I bought this small box as souvenir

Luckily I managed to reach KL in time to fetch Pea back from boarding. Look how happy he was posing with the goodies we bought in Bangkok. So cheap. RM3.50 per packet whereas Pet Shop here selling at RM7.90. Now we now where to stock up.

Mine, it's all mine!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 3 in Bangkok

Today's highlight was the Floating Market (Damnoen Saduak), which is about an hour drive from Bangkok city. The half-day tour package we took also includes stopover at a coconut farm as well as Snake Farm. No big deal about the coconut farm, but i took a few shots of nice orchids at their small orchid farm.

The boat ride to the floating market was free...however, once inside the floating market, you can opt to either walk on your own or fork out some money to rent another boat to go around the market. Well..since we came all the way here, it make no sense to save the RM50 for a boat right??
Row..row...row your boat, Gently down the stream...

Arrived at the Floating Market Fruits on Boat What's dat??
Auntie Auntie, 2 coconuts please!
Traffic congestion...
from a bridge above the river
Noodle seller
Mussels Tako Balls
RM2 for 6 pieces
Hubby spotted something interesting fav grilled chicken wings!!
My was soooooo good!!!

If not mistaken, we have to pay for the entrance fee to enter the Snake Farm. Since we already there, so we just paid and went in for the Snake show. Quite interesting, highlight of the show was kissing the cobra. Scary. There was a few times I screamed and felt like moving towards the seats behind. You see, I was seated right in front!!!

Kissing the Cobra Extracting venom from the cobra

Once we got back from the half-day tour, we were so tired and couldn't resist from going for foot reflexology. relaxing...zzz..zzz.zzzz. My dad's skin too coarse and thick, so they scrapped off some of the dead funny! It was like peeling orange skin.

Dat's my hubby's feet My dad's peeled skin

While walking back to the hotel after the foot reflexology session, we spotted a stall grillling skewers and skewers of yummy looking meat. Of course, Hubby and I made a pit-stop at the stall. Each skewers only cost cheap!!! There were drumsticks, pig's tail, gizzards, liver, pork and many more unidentified meat.

Grilled Pig's TailHubby, wat's dat you are eating?
So yummy looking drumstick...RM1 only leh!!!!
Oooi...hubby, save some for me ok?
Chicken, Pork and Beef Skewers!

Day 2 in Bangkok

After having breakfast provided by our hotel, we headed to visit several famous temples or locally known as 'Wat'. After being conned by the tut-tut driver yesterday night, we decided to take the metered-taxi for the rest of our trip.

Entrance to the Emerald Buddha Temple and Grand Palace
Emerald Temple
Tall Statues
Sprinkle Sprinkle....for blessing
Knock Knock...for blessing...hehehe
Royal Palace
Once we got out from the Emerald Buddha Temple, several tut-tut drivers greeted and offered their services to us. We wanted to go to the Reclining Buddha Temple which is just behind Emerald Buddha Temple. The tut-tut driver told us that the temple is closed and will only reopened after lunch and therefore offered to drive us to some other places. Luckily we read from to be careful of these tut-tut drivers. So we walked about 15 mins and finally arrived at the Reclining Buddle Temple and right in front of the temple is a sign that says "Open All Days". DUH!!

Reclining Buddha

Hubby managed to arrange for canal ride...yippee...and also before boarding the James Bond Boat...i was given two big bags of bread for fish feeding later. exciting. Papa thought the bread was for him to eat during the ride, luckily I stopped him from finishing the fish food. The ride took almost an hour and along the way, we saw people selling noodles, drinks, souvenirs and even orchids in their boats. The river is actually very polluted, full of rubbishs and ermm....things we flushed out from the toilet. To our horror, we saw people washing their clothes, washing pots and pans and even rinse their mouth using the water. YUCKSSS!!!!

All ready to go....
Lookout!!! There is a boat in front!!!!
Orchid seller
Haunted House?
Caught in the act! Can you see what the old man is doing?
Feeding time!!!! Steamed Patin anyone?

The boat stopped us at the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), my favourite between the 3 of the temples I visited today. Wat Arun is a 79 meter-high pagoda decorated with ceramic tiles and fragments of multicoloured porcelain. Magnificient!!

View of Wat Arun from our boat
Can you see my hubby?
Tall and Elegant

Hungry hungry!!!! It's time to fill-up our tummy. Saw a noodle stall and immediately we ordered and sat down, waiting anxiously for our noodles. Their soup noodle is really good....especially when you add a dash of fish sauce.

My Meehoon Soup with Sliced Duck
Papa's Fish Ball Noodle
Hubby's Beef Balls Noodle

After our afternoon nap, we were fully recharged and headed to Suan Lum Night Bazaar at Pathuwan district. It has vendors selling gifts, clothing, jewellery, fruit, bags, hand-made products and fine arts, such as paintings and sculptures. There is a large beer garden, with an array of food available, and live entertainment too! But sad to find out that the lease on this property ran out in 2006 and the market will be closed in 2007. Such a waste!

Thai Papaya Salad
Oyster Omelette
Mango with Glutinous Rice
Karaoke booth..goodness! I thought it was phone booth!!


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