Saturday, December 30, 2006

South Pacific Seafood Restaurant @ PJ State

Whenever we drove pass this South Pacific Seafood Restaurant at PJ State, we noticed the huge crowd patronising this place. I also read a review on this restaurant sometime back about the sauceless satay and their crab dishes. So Hubby and I decided to try it out tonite.

This is the place....

When we sat down, the waiter recommended us to try their Canadian lobster (RM138 per lobster). Am not a lobster person so we settled for sweet and sour crab instead. The crabs (RM35 per kg) were meaty with lots of crab roe...which really flavoured up the sauce.

Sweet & Sour Crab

We tried their Penang Chicken Satay (RM7 for 10 skewers) and it doesn't come with any peanut sauce. It tastes like grilled chicken cubes..quite nice but we still preferred to have something to dip with.

Penang Satay Chicken

Next came the Kam Heong Clams (RM12). The Kam Heong Sauce was very aromatic but the clams were overcooked though.

Kam Heong Clams

Lastly, we ordered Stir-fry Baby French Beans (RM8). I don't quite like french beans but the baby one is nice! Crunchy!!

French Beans

Friday, December 29, 2006

Mille Crepe from Food Foundry

While I was driving home from work, my mind was somewhat focused one 1 thing, MILLE CREPE from Food Foundry. I don't know why, since I tried their Vanilla and Chocolate Flavoured Milly Crepe, I somehow tempted to try Strawberry flavour. Since it's on da way home, why not satisfy my craving tonite?? (No no, am not pregnant!) I thought of grabbing a piece of their famous apple which was sold out that night i went for dinner. Guess what? It's sold out again!! And it's not even dinner time yet. Grrr...maybe next time I should go during noon. In the end, I bought the Strawberry as well as Ocha (Green Tea) Mille Crepe.

Due to Christmas season, takeaway crepe is packed in a special box which I find simple yet attractive. Couldn't resist from taking pictures of it.

The front
The side

The back

The crepe is actually a few layers of fluffy and thin pancakes filled with vanilla custard are stacks together to look like a cake. heavenly. Light and not too sweet!!! But among the 4 flavours, I preferred the Strawberry the most, followed by Choc, Ocha and lastly Vanilla. Mmm...Yummy!!

Ocha Mille Crepe
My Favourite...Strawberry Mille Crepe

Review for the year 2006

Today is my last working day for the year. No mood to might as well review what I have achieved this year. I got to say that year 2006 by far is one of the best year for me in terms of health, relationship, work and wealth.

No major illnesses this year, except occasional flu and a few times diarhoe due to food poisoning. Food poisoning was my entirely my fault..cos I loves eating cockles at those pasar malam lok-lok van and each time sure ended up with bad diarhoe. But nice leh!!!! And very lucky that my migrane didn't attack me this year! Phew!

Don't want to sound boastful here, but I got to admit that I made a great choice in choosing the BEST husband! Haha...hubby, don't blush ok? My relationship with hubby is getting better and better, day by day. I guess that is because he is also very patient with me, especially at times i can get very unreasonable. As for my dad, i think our father-daughter relationship is becoming like mother and son. It's true that as one gets older, they are much kiddier. Needless to say, my relationship with my sis, bro-in-law and Nathan has always been strong. Although they are in Melbourne, we keep in touch almost everyday through SMS, emails and phone calls. As for my colleagues and frens, as far as I can recall, no cat fight, only occasional dog 'barking'. Hahaha...seriously, as far as I am concern, I feel that things are going great.

Work and Wealth
There was a big uncertainty in terms of work during the mid-year. My manager resigned and I was torn between following her and staying back. I was too comfortable here to change to a new working environment but at the same time couldn't resist the higher pay they are offering. Finally, my boss gave me a promotion with a much higher pay. Hehehe...luckily I haven't tender my resignation yet. So my wealth is somehow related cos am now RM1,000 richer.

Memorable Moments
Got to say, Hubby and I travelled the most this year. We went to Beijing in May, Bangkok in July, Macau in Sept, Bandung in Oct and Melbourne in Dec. We also managed to explore few eating places such as Tanjung Tualang, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Langat..just to name a few. All the trips were fun and memorable. Well, dat's because I got my hubby, who is a great companion and also most importantly, we got the same interest and taste!

Something New
Firstly, Hubby and I now owns a semi-d in Setia Alam and hopefully we would be able to move in by end of next year. Secondly, am now taking Guzheng classes and is progressing well.

Snowpea is getting more and more handsome..with a rounder body too due to my tender loving care. There were also some new addition to the family...hermit crabs! Altogether i think i had about 10 but don't know why they keep dying one after another, so ended up with a lone ranger now. Sigh.

Greatest Regret
I think what shocked me most this year was Leon's demise. Especially when she passed away on the day I am leaving Melb for home. Whether she waited for me or a pure coincident, one thing for sure, am glad I was there to see her for the last time.

Enough said, I wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope 2007 is another blessed year for me and of course, yours too!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Seo Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant

For the past 2 months, we noticed that 2 Korean restaurants were opened in SS2 area. Good good...we don't have to travel far when we have Korean craze (definately Korean food and not tv series)! Tonight, we decided to try out Seo Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant which is on the same row as Eu Yan Sang, above King's Confectionary.

This is the place!!
The set-up of the place is quite cozy. Each table comes with a long, adjustable exhaust fan to suck up all the smoke while the meat is being barbequed. No smelly clothes, no smelly hair!!

Smoke Sucker..haha!

The exhaust fan

I don't know who called but one thing for sure, this person pisses my hubby off !

I ordered Iced Citron Tea which was really refreshing! It tastes like pomelo/grapefruit; tangy and citrusy. Hubby ordered Iced Green Tea in which the tea bag was soaked in a cold glass of water. Stupid isn't it? How could the tea flavour released itself in cold water??

My Citron Tea

We ordered two meat dishes; Sliced Pork Neck and Marinated Spare Ribs. Well...we found nothing great about the meat, for the same price, we get bigger portion and greater taste at Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant at Sri Hartamas.

Sliced Pork Neck

Marinated Spare RibsOur dinner being barbequed

Is it cooked oledi?? Can I eat now?

The variety of Kim Chi was ok....but of course, Nak Won served double the amount here.

A variety of Kim Chis
Close-up of the Kim Chis

Total damage for tonight's dinner was RM74. Enough said, we definately will satisfy our Korean crave at Nak Won next time.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Shin Nichi Japanese Buffet (Closed Down)

After our 1st visit to Shin Nichi last month, Hubby and Pam couldn't stop craving for their sashimis and oysters.

Da Entrance
Da Inside

The selection of sashimis and oysters are really good and very fresh too. My favourite is definately the white tuna! Their sushi corner really puts the two well-known sushi chains to shame. The sushi here is really nicely presented..but too bad they don't allow any photos to be taken.

My First PlateMy 2nd plateShark Fins SoupMy 3rd PlateDesserts...Mochi

Hubby didn't manage to break his previous record in Melbourne in eating 40 oysters at one go! He had only 30 pieces this time...hahaha...and hubby complained that the guy at the sashimi counter kept staring at him.

Definately a great Japanese meal to complete the year.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sure Pizza at Plaza Damas

After our dinner at Sungai Buloh, Wong (hubby's fren) suggested we head to Plaza Damas for the second round and of course, no objections from us. Haha. So glutton isn't it? Anyway...he said he found this Italian Restaurant which serves good food. Knowing him when he said it's good, it means really good.

Sure Pizza is actually next to Sao Nam Viet Restaurant, opposite to Kimgary and is owned by an Italian and he himself is the chef! Da place is cozy and the front door greeted us with very aromatic Italian know, the pungent garlic and onion with a mix of Italian herbs like basil and rosemary. Mmmm....mmm...

I had the Ice Blended Strawberry and Peach with Italian Soda (RM8.50)...nice nice! Very refreshing and most importantly, it's not too sweet for me.
We ordered the Liver Pate (RM13.95) and it comes with a block of pate, some bread and salad. I don't take liver cos of the texture and taste but somehow I am able to accept this.

Next came the soup which definately doesn't look like soup to me. It's called Zuppa Di Pesce (RM17.95) which actually looks like Stewed Seafood with mussels, clams, octupus, fish and prawns and lots and lots of olives. Believe me, it tastes awesome! The gravy is so good and flavourful.

We also ordered a Seafood Pizza (RM25.95) to chew....and it was very very good too. Their tomato paste is very flavourful, thanks to the herbs! If only they put in some squid and mussels...lagi best! Haha!

For dessert and the very last piece of food for the night is their Tiramisu with alcohol. Tastes good...level of sweetness is just right. It's really light eventhough we were (at least i am) so full.

Definately a great place for authentic Italian food with reasonable price too!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh Joy!

I was at Plaza Damas for second round of dinner after my first round in Sungai Buloh...totally forgotten about this Gathering to support Joy, the black doggie I blogged about 2 days ago. When I saw so many people gathering outside a cafe, I somehow knew immediately that it's JOY!!! Many people were there to give their love and support.

I just couldn't believe it. Joy is so small, timid and so harmless...wat did he do to deserve such cruel treatment???? But am glad to see he is getting well now and am sure his new owner will take good care of him.

I also managed to grab the doggie calendar which part of the proceed goes to charity. least there is something i could do to contribute.

LYJ Restaurant at Sungai Buloh

Hubby's fren discovered a new place for great food in Sungai Buloh. It's actually in a small village and quite good business too. Lots of newspaper cuttings about the restaurant were pasted at the glass door. And the specialty here is Pun Choy!

The dishes we ordered tastes good! And this are what we had:

Mixed Seafood Pot (RM18)

Stir-fry Spinach with Shredded Mushrooms (RM9)
Salted Egg Prawns (RM27)Roasted Duck (RM9)

Claypot Grass Carp (RM12)

Price was reasonable, RM99 for the 4 of us including tea, a bottle of beer and service tax.

Christmas Buffet Lunch

Surprise Surprise! This year my big boss decided to throw a Christmas gathering at Bankers Club for the staffs. Why is it a surprise? Cos this is the first time a gathering among staffs was being organised. Actually, it's a very good way to foster closer relationship which of course, benefits our office working environment. Thank god someone finally realise this theory. was above average but i treasured the chatting and yakking session more.

Roast Turkey, drumstick satu!!

Selection of Salads and Appetizers

Pumpkin Soup

Seafood Pasta and Stewed Chicken
Lamb and Stewed Turkey
White Tuna Curry and Poached Seafood
Slices of Roast Turkey
My Plate
Cookies and anyone?

Looking forward to such gathering with my dear colleagues trip maybe??



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