Saturday, January 20, 2007

3rd Visit to King Crab Restaurant

My 1st and 2nd visits to the King Crab Restaurant were fantastic! The restaurant is situated directly opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT Station. Food is great and price is reasonable and that is why Hubby loves this place so much.

Today we decided to order something different. During my last visit, I saw many tables ordered the Claypot Butter Crab and so I ordered the crabs to be dipped with bread. OOoo....this is the best ever decision I made for today!! I was told that this is their signature dish. The Butter Crabs (RM35.00) was so good. The gravy was so buttery yet so light. SO PERFECT! Hubby couldn't resist the gravy and ordered a bowl of rice to go with it.

Oooo...creamy n buttery

The bread roll (RM3) was very very very nice, light and fluffy. It tastes great by imagine after dipping it into the butter sauce, double heavenly yummy!!Can you see how smooth the texture is?

We ordered BBQ Fish (RM22) which if not mistaken the waitress recommended it as "Flying Fox from Snowy Mountain" (try to translate it into Cantonese). For your information, Flying Fox from Snowy Mountain is one of JinYong's famous Wuxia novel which is so popular until TVB produced the series twice. Well, I don't know about the flying fox part, but I can imagine the Snowy Mountain as the fish was covered with lots of sea salt when it was served. I really couldn't find anything that resembles the fox. Oooo...i know i know...hubby and I were the FOXs!! Hahaha!!

Let the wolverine snap a photo first...
Due to the amount of salt on the fish, the skin has to be removed.
The fish was served with two kind of sauces, Thai Chilli Sauce and Chilli Belacan Paste sprinked with fresh shallots. The sauces alone with white rice is enuff to satisfy me. Wonder if they sell the sauces. Sooooooo good!!

We ordered the Stir-fry Brussel Sprouts-Choy Tam (RM10) with small anchovies which was very nicely done.
The bill came up to a total of RM80.74. Reasonable isn't it?


wai sik Pam said...

aih.... how many times frequent that place hah?

eh.... dun care... me wanna GO!!!! haha! got tapau the sauce back onot...kekekek!!!!

Precious Pea said...

Pam, i foresee more visits in near future. Eh, last time i ask you, you don't seems keen also. I tempted to tar bau the sauce but malu ler. Next time i bring my own tub to fill it up. Hahaha!

Live2Talk said...

reasonable price maybe we shd organize 1 after work trip there since now that Unique seafood place has become Unique pricey restaurant?

Melting Wok said...

precious, luckily I just had crabs hehe, otherwise, you def killing me softly :P Cheers ! :)

ElleAshley said...

Hey PreciousPea, had an extremely disappointing experience there last Friday. It was almost like they didnt want to serve us... :( I wrote a long post about it on my site. U mentioned you were going there too on the same night, did you get better treatment compared to us?


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