Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ah Yat Abalone Forum

Hubby and I went up to Genting Highlands today for the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards, which I will blog about after this post. After checking into our hotel which took us less than 5 minutes, Hubby suggested that we have a nice nice lunch. Somehow I already knew what he meant, Ah Yat Abalone that is!! It’s quite spooky actually that most of the time, before hubby say anything, from his eyes, I already knew what he wanted and hence, I will complete his sentence for him. Or maybe because I know him so well, I could already read his mind. Hehehe….Hubby, you can’t escape from my fingers you know?!?

Hubby reading the menu attentively...shh...Do Not Disturb!

After reading their impressive menus, we decided to order 1 abalone set meal which costs RM99++ as well as a few dim sums to share. The set meal came with Sharks Fin soup, Braised Abalone, Braised Goose Web, Veggie, Egg Tart with Bird Nest and Almond Soup. I think the set was over-priced. Abalone was so tiny, slightly bigger than a 50 sen coin. The taste was not too bad, score 7/10. If compared to my brother-in-law’s abalone, I got to say, Ah Chung Abalone much much tastier and priceless! Got money also cannot buy...wuahahaha!

Superior Sharks' Fin Soup...the best item of the whole set...slurpz
Just look at the size of the fin!! The soup was clear and sweet. They put pork and chic meat, chinese bacon and scallops. DELICIOUS!! Next time I will only order the soup!
3-in-1 plate. Kinda cheating cos 3 separate dish put into a plate. Braised Abalone, Braised Goose Web and miserable greens. I zoomed in the abalone, actual size is very very small.
Aikss...what's dat?
It's actually Yam wrapped with Bacon and then braised with some sauce which tasted like Hoi Sin Sauce. A bit too salty though. not be fooled again, the Birds Nest Egg Tart actually is very very small. About 50 sen coin. Too small until can't even share with hubby! No enuff taste leh!
Almond Tong Sui....eeww..I didn't touch it and Hubby only took two spoonfuls.

The dim sums were okay....nothing to shout about as we can get better ones in KL. But I guess in Genting, it could be the best dim sums available there!

Traditional Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling)
Char Xiu Bao (BBQ Pork Steamed Bun)
Glutinous Rice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf
Pan-fried Radish Cake
Scallop Dumpling

Total damage....can't remember exact total but it was about RM180 for 2 person. Pricey hor?


Live2Talk said...

The meal is really pricey for 2 persons. I totally agree with you that your bro-in-law's abalone is 100x better ... err from the look of the pix only, never get to taste :(

Hubby said...

Although its pricey, I think its okie since we don't go to Ah Yat often.

I still think its worth every sen when my wife enjoys it...

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: At least you get to see the picture and visualise it. Haha.

Hubby: Ermm...i like the soup only..but i think if go King Crab, i lagi enjoy.

MeiyeN said...

i tried before da one at pj and it costed a bomb and food wise, so so only....


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