Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant with Hubby

During my 1st visit to New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant weeks ago, I was actually tempted by two dishes in the menu which we didn't order; Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup and the Szechuan Braised Beef Tendon. We didn't order the soup as the waitress told us that the Bamboo Prawns we ordered came with soup and also one of my friend doesn't take beef. After scratching our heads on where to go for dinner tonite, I suggested this place to Hubby who of course as keen as I was especially after I mentioned beef tendon. (Pam, sorry yah dat I go without you, but I do the food tasting first mah, don't upset ok?

The waitress recommended to me the Sour Plum Juice (RM2.50) which I find very thirst-quenching and refreshing, especially after taking a long nap. Actually it tasted exactly like the sour plum juice I made at home, using the fresh sour plum in jars. All you have to do is to make some sugar syrup, mash up the sour plum, mix with water and put in some ice cubes. Simple eh? Another favourite dish of mine using the sour plum is Steamed Spare Ribs..really yummy especially if you add in some chilli padi too! Dat reminds me to get a jar during my next visit to Carrefour.

Picked cucumbers as tidbits! Nothing much to say about it but definately a healthier choice as compared to salted peanuts.

The Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup which came with a small bowl of black vinegar if you want extra ommphh!! Hubby was so-so about this soup as he finds it too hot! I agreed that it's hot, probably due to the amount of pepper they put inside but I kinda like the ingredients they put inside. Lots of soft tofu, sliced pork, crunchy shredded wood fungus and salted veggie. If only they put in shredded bamboo shoots. I quite like the soup..but definately not the best I tasted so far. My brother in law's Hot & Sour soup is so much nicer.

Next came our big disappointment. We couldn't find any tendon at all!! This was just a typical Braised Beef Brisket dish which Hubby said that One Noodle's Beef Brisket and Tendon is so so much better. I agree though. Once again, my brother in law cooks much better than this, yah, he is the best chef in my heart! See Pam, luckily I try it first, if not you will be disappointed too!

We also ordered this dish which I forgotten the name. It's a stir-fry dish which came with enoki mushrooms, sliced pork, prawns, shredded wood fungus and best of all, shredded pork stomach. Ooo..i loves pork stomach!! I find this dish quite appetising.
When I entered the restaurant, I was captivated by a banner at the side of the wall, recommending their 3 specialty dessert; Yam& Gingko Pudding, Caramel Custard Pudding and Honey Gwai Ling Go. We decided to skip the Gwai Ling Go and ordered the other two. The Yam & Gingko Pudding was served hot! From the picture, I thought that it would be cold, smooth and soft like jelly/pudding. To my surprise, it's exactly like sweetened mashed yam topped with gingko as garnishing. Hubby took one spoonful and showed me his yucky look. Ok ok..I got your message, I will finish it all by myself. It was not too bad but you can really feel like stuffing yourself with carbo.

Caramel custard..yummy, my all time No. 1 dessert. While I was stuffing myself with mashed yam, hubby was busy with the custard, which I demanded him to save half for me. See how glutton am I?? The custard was good, smooth and not too sweet. Thumbs up!!

The most memorable of this dinner was the big disappointment over the beef tendon which then triggered Hubby to plan for a trip to Hong Kong during Christmas next year for a week! Especially after my constant reminder that I have been to HK during Spring, Summer and Autumn but not Winter. Finally he got the message across. One thing leads to another, we are even thinking now of flying off to Tokyo or Osaka and then stopover HK (I did my research oledi, Cathay Pacific do offer such package). So anyone out there with any suggestions on how to trigger my Hubby to bring me to Hokkaido are kindly welcomed to do so, and if your idea works, you will sure get a nice souvenir from me, all the way from Hokkaido of course!


Pam said...


Thks for your WONDERFUL sms that u'd updated this morning!!!

wa liao.... still abit bleh cos u both went wifout me ler... sniffff huarrghhh!!!
I wud've loved to try out the two dishes....

So now how? we're not going there again to haf the soup ? aiyaa... then....?? ok the nex place u find out got those, WE HAF to go together gether ok ???

Hubby said...

The proposed trip to HK, well, still in planning stage la. But, it did sound nice rite? Spending X'mas and New Year in HK/Macau?

Precious Pea said...

Pam: We can still go mah...soup can order but skip the tendon la. Not nice.

Hubby: As long as it came out from your mouth, i take it as confirmed yah?


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