Wednesday, January 31, 2007

King Crab + Marco's Pizza

We met up with Hubby's friends, thereafter refers to Makan Gang, for dinner at King Crab at Taman Mewah Jaya. Yah...AGAIN!! Since last month, Hubby and I have been visiting King Crab very frequent, 4 times to be exact!! An average of once per week!! After telling the Makan Gang how good their Claypot Butter Crabs and BBQ Fish were, we decided to bring them there to prove it.

Must order dishes of course were the much-talkabout butter crab with bread rolls. Ooo...the bread rolls is so soft..almost like cotton candy, mmmmm...melts in your mouth. Somemore dip with the butter sauce.....HEAVEN! From the way the Makan Gang scraped off the butter sauce from the claypot, I knew that they agreed with me too.

The Yummy Fried Rolls (RM3)...tasty on its own
Amazingly delicious pot of butter crabs! (RM33)

I came across a blog sometime back and he/she recommended this dish called Deep Fried Salted Egg Yolks Squids (RM15). The smell was so aromatic...and tastewise?? FANTASTIC! The salted egg yolks were mashed and then mix with the batter, so each and every pieces of squid were covered with egg yolks and a very thin layer of batter.

Makan Gang very very very dissappointed with the Steamed Frog with Chicken of Essence. As I was too busy with my crabs, I only get to taste it much later while they were commenting on this dish. The Makan Gang very picky on their food, only insist on wild frogs instead of reared ones as according to them, wild frogs meat are much nicer and sweeter. But I do agree with them, this dish which is the most expensive dish we ordered (RM48) definately a big no-no to us. The sauce tasted funny too, furthermore, am not a big fan of essence of chicken.

Next came the BBQ Fish (which they names as Snowing Mountain Flying Foxes) which certainly gets the Makan Gang approval. The fish was fresh and juicy. However, one of the Makan Gang was a bit disappointed that the fish skin which is laden with lots and lots of salt could not be eaten. Hahaha...aiyooo..just take the meat only lor!!
While walking to King Crab....Makan Gang already spotted Marco's Pizza which is just a few shops away. The possibility of having 2nd rounds of dinner with Makan Gang is normally quite high...and true enuff, we decided to walk in to try out a few dishes. By the way, am already full but amazingly can still stuffed myself with 3 slices of pizza!
A little fountain outside the shop. The mascot looks a bit like Mr Potato, don't you think so?

I quite like the beverages served here...lots of choices but not cheap though. I immediately spotted the PassionFruit Italian Soda in the menu (RM8.90) all-time favourite wonder am such a passionate person. Hehehe! The Makan Gang ordered Iced Coffee and Ice Blended Grape while Hubby ordered Fresh Orange Juice.

Ice-Blended Grape, looks yummy!!
Iced Coffee and My Passionfruit Italian Soda!

Makan Gang was curious when they saw this in the menu: Ginger Beef Pizza. Ginger??? Ahem, well..since it's recommended, can try I guess? The pizza turned out a bit funny. They actually spread ginger sauce on the pizza, topped with beef ham, olives and cheese, then sprinkled with diced ginger. Very very odd combination and taste. We didn't like it at all as the ginger taste too overpowering.

After the disappointment from the first pizza, they decided to give them one more chance and so we ordered Marinara Pizza. Again, no big deal as we still prefers the Marinara Pizza from Sure Pizza at Hartamas Shopping Complex.

Last item we ordered was Rosemary Chicken which was served with wedges, chutney and salad. The Chutney was really heavy with capsicum smell which of course not my cup of tea at all. A big disappointment again cos the chicken was really dry and I certainly can't taste any rosemary at all.

Hubby's friend suggested dessert but decided not to as we do not want anymore further disappointment. Couldn't remember how much the 2nd round costs as Hubby's friend paid for it. Probably won't be less than RM100, which I feel would be better spent at King Crab.


Pam said...

KING CRAB again? ?? aih... wei.... I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO this round ?? bleh...

Marco's Pizza is so the bleh leh... Quite a bit of bloggers gone n say 'bo ho jiak...' Hmmm... tempted to go Sure Pizza n try the Bisque u had the last time round..

Precious Pea said...

Pam, sorry la...we go next round ok???

MeiyeN said... many visits to king crab and i've yet to try this place! totally forgotten til you review this place.. hope that i have da time to drop by this place soon :D

team BSG said...

V have heard a lot bout this place. seems to be xtra famous, ever since it became bigger under this new name !

Yr makan gang seems to be bigger eaters than team BSG ! hahaha

Live2Talk said...

Maybe you should re-name the Maken gang as Chiew Kap Moe Tik Wan Yea Sik. Your appetite is really fantastic! My hats off to you :D

Precious Pea said...

Meiyen: Since you loves crab so should really try their butter crab and BBQ crab. Very nice!

Team BSG: Hahaha..yah! Super appetite..can endorse for Appeton oledi!

live2talk: Your suggestion on the name is good but too long. Can translate into english, short and simple ar?


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