Monday, January 29, 2007

Kuala Selangor - Fishfull Shopping (Part III and The End)

Reached home almost 6.30 tiring but yet got to unpack the seafood that we bought. Luckily Hubby was so helpful during the unpacking process, doing whatever I demanded him to do, for example, "bring me the plastic bag, hand me the container, put this in the freezer, throw this paper bag away"..etc etc etc. While unpacking and repacking the seafood, I was also busy snapping away some photos. Ooo...i just love seafood!

Our almost-full ice box, let's dig and see what's inside...
Pomfret (Dau Jai Chong) which is very expensive in KL. The bigger one costs us RM52. The 2 smaller ones are RM29 for 2!
We bought 2.7 kg of prawns at RM50 per kilo. And the price will be up to RM60 per kilo next week. So, just imagine how much they will charge in KL.
Comparing the prawns with a fork...big or not???
Ikan Kurau...eerr...anyone know what this fish is called in English???
Frozen Scallops (RM20 per packet). Although frozen, it's still very fresh and sweet.
Scallop Sashimi, anyone?
A box of scallop without shells at RM10 per box. Good for stir fry or seafood hotpot!
This is 1kg of sotong for only RM8.00!!!
Again am using a fork to compare the size of the squid.
My freezer all stocked up with seafood. Wonder how to put in few more chickens and pork. Sounds like preparing for a war than Chinese New Year huh? Well, better to have a fridge full of food than an empty one.
I bought this cookbook specialised in seafood months ago and finally I can produce something out of it. Hmm..problem is, each of the recipe look so yummy, i dunno which to choose. How ar??

Update: Met up with Hubby's fren for dinner 2 days after our Kuala Selangor trip (will blog about the soon) and he told us he cleaned the 5kgs of Ikan Kembong he bought till 10.30 p.m!!!


Pam said...

psst- can I bring KT over... then u cook us the prawns ar??? haaahah!!!

Waaaahhhhhhhhhhh the squid.... fulamak... *droool drool drool...* mmm... hahaha!!!

Paul must haf this worried look on his face when he reads this... hahaahhahaha!!!!!

Hubby said...

Can't wait to try the huge scallops.. Looks tasty n yummy.

Ehh, wife, when are you gonna cook the scallops, for me?

Precious Pea said...

Pam: Who is KT?

Hubby: I thought the scallops are for Chinese New Year??

KY said...

OK Please invite me to your dinner. THANKSSSSSSS!

I'm salivating at the pomphret now.

Precious Pea said...

ky, welcome to my blog. Wah..seems like many people want to come to my place for dinner now. Hope i got enuff to serve! Haha!

wmw said...

I love scallops....but won't ask for it cos you must reserve for your hubby liao! ;o)

MeiyeN said...

that fish!!!!! O_o i remember my mom once bought it back from kg. selangor too and it bleeds non stop!!!!! so scary..... :( anyways, am i invited to your place for a seafood feast? :p :p

Live2Talk said...

Lend me the book and I'll tick which dish and you cook la! I self invite can ah? Sure you cannot finish one let me help you :P

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Maybe after Chinese New Year? I still owe you Radish Cake!

live2talk: Eh? I thought you no like seafood???


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