Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kuala Selangor - Lunch (Part 1)

Wow...3 more weekends to Chinese New Year!! Time to stock up the fridge with seafood from the source! Where else? Kuala Selangor that is!! Hubby and I, together with his two frens headed to Kuala Selangor early morning. We reached the fishing village at 11 a.m. and was told that the boat is coming back around 3 p.m. Not complaining the long wait though, cos if the boat is coming back late means lots of catches today. Since we got to wait for so many hours, we went to have lunch first at Hai Chun Restaurant, our favourite restaurant. It's quite packed today, I think everyone is coming to stock up for the Chinese New Year, guess we are not the only kiasu one after all.

The 3 hungry men....
Aaahh....refreshing coconut drink!!
We enjoyed eating here as the price is very very reasonable and food is tasty and fresh (you don't feel thirsty at all after the meal). In fact during my first visit, I was shocked with the prices that I blurted out quite loudly that "How come so unreasonably cheap?". Read on and you will know what I mean. This is what we ordered;
Stir-fry Clams with Ginger and Spring Onions (RM10)
Fish Maw Hotpot (RM15.00)
Steamed Assam Stingray (RM13.00)
Deep-fried Baby Squid (RM10)
Deep fried Prawns with Salt and Pepper (RM15)
End of Round 1!!! Waiter, menu for round 2 please!!
Kung Po Snails (RM8)
Another version of deep-fried baby squid (RM8). This is nicer than the first plate.
Guess how much is the lunch altogether??? 7 dishes, 4 rice, chinese tea and soft drink..all for only RM86!!!
The itemised bill
Burpp.....excuse me..hehe...ok now..stay tuned to my next post on the fish shopping!


Hubby said...

Quality not as good as before, but still not too bad. Price still cheap. Always enjoyed the food there though.

Pam said...


I'm coming over during Chinese New Year!!!!

Live2Talk said...

Price is extremely cheap and food look delicious. Err can I tag along next time ;P The yin and yang in your sek san group not balance la, must add few more girly members.

wmw said...

Ha ha....can add me too, since we live in the same area???

Precious Pea said...

Hubby: Yah..quality a bit drop but I still like it a lot a lot a lot. Got my message?

Pam: Welcome welcome!!

live2talk: Hahaha! Lesser Yin means I get all the good stuffs lor!

WMW: Can can, a foodie trip down to Kuala Selangor after Chinese New Year?

team BSG said...

aha, K Selangor. where I caught my catfishes beside the rest.after talking to those silverleaf monkeys up in the hill.

Good food good price.

wmw said...

Cannnnn.....BSG is suppose to arrange the food bloggers gathering. Guess after CNY would be good.

Precious Pea said...

BSG: And not forgetting the freshness of the seafood too!

WMW: Cool..looking forward to that!


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