Monday, January 29, 2007

Kuala Selangor - Shopping for Seafood (Part II)

We finished lunch at about 2 p.m...and we went back to the fishing village to wait for the boat to return from the sea. Extremely hot today and the air smelt of salted fish as well as rotting fishes. Certainly not a nice place to hang out for hours during a hot day like today. Finally, the boat came back at about 3.30 p.m. and we waited anticipatedly for them to unload their catchment. Dunno out of a sudden, many people started to hoard the jetty, not good for us though. Luckily, Hubby's friend know the boss well, she reserved all the prawns and pomfret for us. Wuahaha...the rest of the people only get to look.

I managed to snap a few shots while waiting...enjoy!!

Salted Fish....yumzz...
The fishing village opposite, where is the boat???
Is this the boat? It is??? YIPPEEE!!!
Another smaller boat also came back with lots of giant stingrays!!
They have to sort out their catchment before weighing it
The seller weighing the catchment before putting it up for sale. For record purposes I supposed.
Wahhhh...lots of squid!!!!
Giant Siakap! Hubby's friend bought this fish which is slightly below 3 kgs.
My Hubby, being a fan of sharks (but still eat sharks fin) was absolutely disgusted over these baskets of baby sharks. He said he couldn't understand why they catch it...well, you don't eat doesn't mean other people don't eat demand then got supply lor!
Giant Stingray!! Definately not going to buy this as it's so big, how to finish it???Chop Chop Chop!! Lady boss cutting our Kurau Fish into cutlets.
Although it's a long day today but it was worth waiting. Lucky that we came today as the price already gone up from their normal pricing and was told next week will be even more expensive. Oh by the way, most of the seafood we get from KL market are from Kuala Selangor and of course, the prices are doubled and preservative added. Do make a trip to Kuala Selangor, it's really FUN!


wmw said...

I would pengsan! I don't eat fish as I don't like the fishy taste; let alone be surrounded by all those stuff! LOL!

Tummythoz said...

Swore off fins couple of years back. Then again I was never a fan as I felt it is tasteless on its own. Texture oso like grean bean threads only. *run & hide from rotten stuff being flung by d connoiseurs* =P

Precious Pea said...

wmw: I also don't quite like eating fish but I like going there to enjoy the thrill and excitement upon seeing boats coming back with their catches. Especially squid, octupus, prawns and mantis prawns.

tummythoz: Agree...sharks fin tasteless and yet so expensive.

batik kita said...

Hei preious Pea. May I know where exactly is this fish market/ village. Am planning to go there tis friday and am planning to get some fresh fish... Are the fishes still cheap? TQ very much

Prushothma said...

your website on Kuala Selangor fresh fish landing is absolutely priceless. our family is on a lookout for really really fresh seafood and the information is great. btw, do you know what time all the catches land..and also which days. Seeing your pics, we feel like making a trip soon. Thanks!


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