Saturday, February 10, 2007

Modesto's at Sri Hartamas

Modesto's is currently having a promotion of 50% off their normal price for all Pastas and Pizzas which is really a good deal. And good deal like this normally attracts low income earner like me *sob sob*. If you notice, I never blog about my office lunch, hence I don't normally carry my camera with me. Aimed with my new handphone with 2mp camera, it's a good chance for me to try out the camera features.

The Appetizer came free. It's actually like salted corn chips but i think they overdo with the salt. Very very salty. Water please!!!

5 of us ordered a plate of pasta each and the price listed is based on after the 50% discount. Ms CO ordered the Spaghetti Vongole (RM12.75) which she happily finished off so I guess it was good.

Ms Membership and I ordered the same thing, Spaghetti Cabonara (RM15). I find the spaghetti too hard for me and I was a bit worried of indigestion. The sauce was too it got a bit glued together when it's cold. A bit jelak actually...definately not a very good decision.
Meanwhile, Ms Accounting ordered the Fettucine Salmone (RM14.75) and the serving was surprisingly small. It was almost half of our portion but she insist it's enough for her although we offered her some of ours.

Ms Events had this tomato-based Spaghetti Arrrabiata (RM13) which if not mistaken, is a vegetarian dish. She also happily finished off her plate so I guess no complains from her.

We also ordered a pizza to share. The pizza we ordered was called Dragone and according to Ms Membership, the waiter told her that the pizza was supposed to be in a shape of a dragon but because we are sharing, they have to serve it in round shape so that easy for us to divide. Dunno whether it's true or if she is pulling my legs. Anyway...the only special thing about the pizza is the egg in the middle. Well...Ms Events prefers Pizza Hut than this...and ermm..I kinda agree with her.

The total bill came up to exact RM20 for each of us...not too bad with the 50% discount. By the way, the quality of the photos not too bad hor??


Pam said...

ehhh got Modesto's ar? kewl!

Looks like wise to avoid the carbonara....

NICE PICS... great investment in the phone :))

Anonymous said...

Errr is "bai ser"-shy to take other ppl food.... I m not Ms CO!!! Remember LOL

Ms Accounting

team BSG said...

yr pixs appetizing enough lah !

so cheap ah ? If in Labodega Bangsar cost 10 times more , for less...

Modesto Bangsar closed long time ago, so wasted, otherwise rush there now

jason said...

The food presentation looks so cincai leh... The Spaghetti Vongole look like flooded!

Precious Pea said...

Pam: The camera is good, using Sony Cybershot technology.

Anon: This is a different scenario. Taking without being offered and taking after being offered totally two different thing lor ;)

Team BSG: Maybe you should try their Spaghetti Marinara (RM35 for 2 pax after 50% off) which is baked in aluminium foil.

Jason: Haha...50% i guess they couldn't be bothered with the presentation.

Live2Talk said...

The cheesy taste keep on lingering in my throat even when I reached home that day! No more Cabonara for me!


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