Saturday, February 03, 2007

SOHO by Jun at One Utama

After reading Jackson's post on this new eatery called SOHO at 1Utama Old Wing, I was tempted to try it out myself since I always hang out at 1Utama and ran out of ideas where to eat. The restaurant is situated at Ground Floor, same row with Genki Sushi, Dave Deli and San Francisco Coffee.

Look very nice from the outside..very impressed! The Restaurant Signage....dunno what it's called in Chinese..."New Something Something"
Inside also very nice and poshy...very comfy
Tall and Slim Glass of Coke

This is Pomelo Mango Cream with Palm Fruit (Yong Ji Gum Lo) which costs RM10 and I find it's way too expensive for a small bowl of mango puree with a sprinkle of pomelo and palm fruit. A bit disappointed cos so far, I haven't find any restaurant or dessert shop selling the version I had in Hong Kong.

SOHO's Yong Ji Gum Lo

For comparison purposes, I also put in the photo of the Yong Ji Gum Lo I had in Hong Kong...too bad i only recognise the way to this shop instead of its name. This shop is really famous and normally long queue outside the shop. Can you see the vast difference between the Yong Ji Gum Lo I had in HK as compared to SOHO? The one I had in HK came with chunks and chunks of Mangoes with pomelo and sago in Mango Puree. miss Hong Kong!!!

The variety of dim sums are quite interesting. They even have this Pig's Liver Shiu Mai which I heard is a delicacy in Hong Kong as you can only get from those old old dim sum house. Err...but not for me cos I don't take liver. While Hubby wanted to have La Mian with Stewed Beef (stewed beef is a must order for him wherever he go), I was keen to try their La Mian with Hot and Sour Soup..and guess what..hehe...I WON!! The noodle was freshly made and texture was perfect. They have a special glass room where the sifu will perform his noodle making skill when they receive orders. Very nice I must admit. The soup was good too...the hotness and sourness of the soup very well balanced and they put in lots of ingredients such as shredded pork, wood fungus, tofu, enoki mushrooms and bamboo shoots. It's very big bowl too...Hubby and I each had 3 small bowls from this big bowl of noodle for only RM12. Worth trying!

I was salivating at this dish which was featured at Jackson's blog and also one of the reason that I wanted to try out this place badly....tada...Claypot Fragrant Rice with Chinese Sausages (RM16). Ermm...not as good as I expected and probably cos I already full after the delicious La Mian.

Each table has got this....personalised button to press when you need the waiter or asking for the bill. No need raise him and show the bill sign. Hahaha...poshy hor?


Jackson said...

ohhh...the "yong ji gam lou" u took in HK was far more appertising than those at SOHO. From yr picture, looks like they put lots of mashed mango and sago in it... besides, did u follow the step on how to eat the claypot rice? make a big different. Next time make sure u ordered something new, then i will try on what u eat.

Live2Talk said...
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Live2Talk said...

The dessert here can never be compared to those in HK. They are still the best. Err the $16 lap mei farn a bit pricey la :O

Precious Pea said...

Jackson: Yah, definately cannot fight with the HK version. The closest I could get here was from HK Food Culture at Low Yat Plaza.

live2talk: Agree agree. Especially their double layered milk..yummzz!

boo_licious said...

I keep seeing this place from the highway. Looks interesting.

Precious Pea said...

Hi Boo, thanks for dropping by. You should check out the place..their menu quite interesting.

Honey Star said...

Lovely place! Will drag someone to go with me this saturday. :)

Precious Pea said...

Hi Honey Star, welcome to my blog. Yah..nice place, very new and comfy. Can't wait for you to post about this place.

kīlauea said...

Chinese Sausages? No kidding. What is that? Is it `lap cheong`?


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