Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Xin Wah Restaurant at Queen's Park, Cheras

Met up with my god-sister for dinner last Sunday and she brought me, hubby and papa to Xin Wah Restaurant in Cheras, opposite Queen's Park. We ordered their specialty dishes; Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Wine, Steamed Fish Head and Stir-fry potato leaves. Business was good...the place was packed and many people were waiting for tables.

You won't miss this place as Queen's Park is opposite Carrefour...just walk towards the other end of Queen's Park

After ordering our food, a man came to our table to sell us Fish Crackers at RM3 per packet. Looks good and we bought a packet which i intend to dip with Kampong Koh Chilli Sauce. Then I read their label and couldn't stop laughing until the seller also laughed along with me. If you read the fine print on the label...you will notice this packet of fish cracker is not an ordinary cracker. It's a "Tidak Gatal" (Anti-Itch) Fish Cracker!!! Hahahaha!!

First dish served was the Claypot Chicken Wine (RM13)...the smell of the wine bubbling was so good. They used Kampung Chicken, the best type of chicken for cooking this dish. Trust me, it doesn't taste the same if you used the normal chicken. Cooked with lots of shredded ginger, it's a perfect dish to get rid of wind from your body. Oh, forgot to mention, this is quite a heaty dish, especially for a hot day like today.

Another heaty dish we ordered was the Bak Kut Teh (RM15) which we ordered for 2 pax. Quite a big portion of spare ribs, pork belly, innards as well as fried foochok (beancurd) all floating on top. My first taste of the soup was basically tasteless because the chicken wine overpowered my tastebud. Only till the end I managed to taste the Bak Kut Teh soup which is not too bad at all. Conclusion is, never order both the chicken wine and bak kut teh together as it doesn't compliment one another. [For your information, due to the heatiness of the two dishes, I ended up with a bad nose bleed the next day]

Big disappointment was the Stir-fry potato leaves (RM5). We ordered large portion but it came small. They took it back and came back with a small plate again and we didn't bother to change cos i think they lack of manpower. As you can see, the whole plate was full of the veggie stalks...barely can find the leaves. Luckily only RM5, if not I will sure complain to the lady boss who was busy running here and there.

The Steamed Fish Head (RM19) with superior soya sauce was highlu recommended by the lady boss. Since it's their signature dish, can't go wrong right?? The fish was quite good, fresh and nicely done. However, my god sis complained that the serving was a little too small as compared to her last visit.

The total bill including rice and tea came up to RM62. Thanks to my God Sis who treated us all for the pre-CNY dinner. We took a walk around Queen's Park, a newly developed area which I find so western feel. Some of the shops are still vacant though.

There are a few eateries and shopping outlets like Esprit and FOS at the other side which I didn't manage to explore cos I was attracted like a magnet to this shop:

We went in to check out the petshop and apparently they already have 5 outlets in KL. And you can actually find variety of doggie treats here at reasonable price. While I headed to the doggies' corner to play with the puppies, Hubby was busy choosing treats for precious pea.

Customers will be given a membership card if they purchase more than RM60 in a single receipt. Guess what? Am a member now! Precious Pea is so so lucky!


jason said...

Wah, RM60 for doggie treats?? So good to have you as "mother"!

Precious Pea said...

Jason: Am not 'mother', am 'jieh jieh' to him. RM60 including a bottle of shampoo also.

Live2Talk said...

Err member ada discount if buy puppy from them?

jason said...

Wuakakkaa! I re-read the post about the cracker and laugh till my brother say I'm crazy!

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: I didn't ask cos I never thought of coming back again since it's so faraway from my house.

Jason: Funny hor? Eh? Brother? U not working today?

boo_licious said...

The chicken with wine looks yummy, I love that even though it's heaty esp for this weather.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Nope, I off every wednesday


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