Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant @ SS2

Located at SS2/24 and the same row as New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant, this is my 2nd visit to Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant. My first visit was in 2005, I remembered I was sick and coughing my lungs out, but I still manage to persuade Hubby to bring me there for Sweet and Sour Crab. It was not a pleasant meal as the spiciness of the crab irritated my throat, hence I was coughing throughout the dinner. To avoid embarassment (other diners were staring at me), I requested to pack my crabs to be savoured comfortably at home. And so, this place was totally forgotten...until recently I craved for Sweet & Sour crab.

There is also a small stall right in front of the shop, selling snacks such as chicken wings, sotong kangkung, century eggs, fish balls and tauhu bakar. The owner actually owns the stall, so either the kitchen is too small or to attract more customers, they put the snack stall in front instead.

Before we even start ordering, we were served with a plate of fish crackers (RM2) accompanied with a saucer of hot, spicy chilli sauce. Yumzzz....this is so much better than a plate of salted peanuts normally served at other Chinese Restaurant.

I ordered Iced Cincau while Hubby ordered Lime with Assamboi. Erm..tasted normal so nothing much to comment here.

We ordered 2 pieces of Tauhu Bakar (RM2.40) which I find absolutely delicious. The beansprouts and shredded cucumbers were tossed with generous amount of Heko/black prawn paste normally used for fruit rojak. Sprinkled with crush peanuts and sesame, the stuffed Tauhu Bakar tasted really good!! I pour a bit of the chilli sauce served earlier over my more tasty!

Each bite was full of flavour; the sweetness and spiciness from the rojak sauce, the aromatic taste from the sesame and peanut, the crispiness of the perfectly toasted tauhu skin, and the crunchiness of the cucumbers and beansprouts covered with soft and smooth untoasted part of the beancurd. Mmmm....yum yum yum!

Another very very yummy dish I discovered here is the Stir-fry Lala (Clams) with Ginger and Wine (RM12). They also added in lots of cilipadi for extra kicks. The Clams were sweet and succulent and the taste of the gravy was perfect (I ended up finishing all the gravy).

Stir-fry Choy Dam (issit brussel sprouts?) at RM10 was nicely done! Green & Crunchy! Perfect!

AH-HA!!! CRABS!!! The Indonesian crabs, priced at RM39 per kg, were huge!!! Our serving was about 1.8kg (RM70.20) and I was really excited when I saw the amount of roes. Yumzz...since Hubby can't take roe due to cholesterol, so it was my task to finish the roes. However, I was disappointed that the crab was a bit overcooked. A waste for such a big, juicy and meaty crab. However, the gravy deserves a big big compliment. Not too thick nor watery, with the right amount of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness, the gravy is one of the best I ever tasted. Just too pity that the crab was overcooked....sigh.

Cute lil' buns (RM2.40 for 6 pieces), tasted ok but King Crab's bun still the best! Anyway, no complain from us since the sweet and sour gravy tasted so good.

Can you see the amount of roes on my pieces of crab? Mine...all MINE!!

More roes on the shell......but errm....too much for me to handle..jelak oledi. And so, this remaining plate of roes were wasted.

Total damage came up to RM107.10. If only the crabs were not overcooked, then I find the meal really worth it. By the way, something worth mentioning here is that this shop serves Ginger Wine with Vermicelli, so next visit, forget about the crabs, I will try the vermicelli instead.


tigerfish said...

First come, first serve hor? So the unattacked roes can give me ;p
Does the gravy of sweet and sour crab taste like sweet and sour pork- gu loo yok? Was it spicy?

Mama BoK said...

Never had sweet and sour crab before.. i've always asked for the chilli crab.. :) The price is really good.. i must say.. ;) with the exchange rate for Canadian dollars.. one pay less than .. 35 bucks.. ;) Ahhh.. to die for..!!

myCoffee said...

Wow, another crab feast! Looks good!
Btw, do you know whether is the snack stall open in daytime?

Precious Pea said...

tigerfish: Hmm..actually not sweet & sour...cos it was called Suen Lat (Sour & Spicy). Sorry sorry, my mistake..hehe.

mamabok: I think it's similar to Chilli Crab, and they actually put in egg into the gravy to make it smooth.

mycoffee: Yalor...feeling crabby again. Not sure if they open for lunch but will ask them during my next visit.

Pink Elle said...

Wah, seafood feast :) With all these good crabs and seafood here, no point driving all the way to Lumut for it! And Indonesian crabs are the best..always very meaty.

I'd love the keropok they serve as a snack! It's my favourite kind of keropok and yes, like you said much better than peanuts!

tankiasu said...

Yumm...tankiasu loves roe too! But just like ur hubby, tankiasu got cholesterol prob as well. :(

The bun (man tou) at Port Village, Westport is pretty nice too. Me and my friends (9 of us) once walloped 30 of them at one go! Kakaka...

Xiu Long Bao said...

brussel sprouts are mini and not-so-tasty version of choy dam. My aussie college's dining hall alwiz serve dat till i'm so sick of it. Stir fried choy dam definitely tastes bttr!
Btw, the amt of roe looks too scary to me...cholesterol level sure shoot up after eating them :p

Precious Pea said...

pink elle: True true...KL and PJ got great seafood at premium price. Unless am dining with a big group, not feasible for me and Hubby to drive to Klang or Telok Gong just to order the same dish. Toll and petrol also added up to the same amount.

tankiasu: My hubby under long-term medication, but better to avoid it also. U also should take care and monitor your diet. Port Village? Is it near the Star Cruise jetty?

Xiu Long Bao: I tried stir-frying the aussie mini brussel sprouts with lots of garlic...nice leh!! Similar but the mini version more compact. Need to boil for a while before stir-fry. Which uni were you from?

jason said...

Wah, so many crab reviews lately. And you actually have all those crabs yourself??? Keep some for us ma :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The crabs certainly look good! I love crab roe. :-P I'm still hungry for crabs...hehe.

Tummythoz said...

I don't like d way u write. Makes me feel so deprived. :(
So good-lar can still get to eat crabs when sick and also when your hubby cannot. Tabik!

Precious Pea said...

jason: Overnite crabs not nice one...wait till you come to KL, I bring you to King Crab!

lyrical lemongrass: Hubby jelak after this crab dish and said should stop having crabs for the time being. Sigh :(

Precious Pea said...

tummythoz: Why feeling deprived leh?? You come SS2, i bring you there to eat crab. Ask wmw along also.

Yalor..from young my dad oledi spoilt me. Once when I coughed, my dad went to get cough syrup and so on his left hand was another plastic bag...ICE CREAMS!! Mum was jumping up and down, but dad coolly told her that since am taking medication, can take ice-cream also. from this incident, I get what i want when sick as long as am taking medication.

boo_licious said...

Yup, the crabs here are pretty good. Ate here long ago with friends and had good memories abt it.

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, lala and crab, my two absolute favorites...I don't know what to say, but I think seafood is absolutely god-sent, too good. :)

Melting Wok said...

PP, my gawddddddd !!! :PP I wanna hv those crabs !! Did they use mud crabs or what? Why do they call it indonesian crabs ? wow, the portion is so generous, no tipu one, unlike here, 1 lb 1.99 but get charge for 4-5 lbs, dang :(

nicole.koh said...

Heard from them the carb is come from indonesia by flight or first, i wont' believe the crab still alive, but that day i saw they let the client choose the crab, it's really alive..No wonder so freah and delicious.....I so miss their chili sour and salted egg crab, ginger lala and teow chew steam fish...Really miss it!!


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