Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DELICIOUS by Ms Read @ 1Utama

After watching a silly Cantonese movie last Saturday, Hubby's tummy was growling when we came out from the cinema. Hubby suggested to have lunch at Delicious by Ms Read as he wanted to try the big juicy Steak he spotted at the next table during our last visit there on Valentine's Day.

I suggested to order one portion of Steak and Salad to share. However, Hubby was deeply disappointed when informed that the Steak is only available after 6.00 p.m. Funny...why can't we they serve Steak for lunch? And so we scanned through the menu again to find the next best alternative.

While I had the Rose Soda (RM6.90), Hubby ordered Watermelon and Lychee Blast (RM9.90). The Rose Soda tasted like Rose Syrup....kinda disappointed. Hubby's order was much nicer, very refreshing!

We have tried their Thai Beef Salad and Vietnamese Chicken Salad during past visits and we simply love the freshness of the ingredients. And this time, we ordered the Roast Duck with Pomelo Salad (RM21.90) and once again, it didn't fail to disappoint us. The Sliced Roast Duck I suspect, was marinated with spices since I accidentally bitten on a small piece of star anise. The pomelo and roast duck was tossed with cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. I just love the way they mix and match the Asian herbs and spices in their salad...yumz!

Hubby being adventurous with the salad....Sang Choy Bao (Salad wrapped with Lettuce) but I still prefers big spoonful of salad straight into my mouth. Chomp Chomp Chomp!!

We also ordered a portion of cheeseburger to share, can't remember the price but almost the same as the salad. The beef pattie was really thick and juicy, served with lightly toasted sesame buns and it came with a cup of greens and fries.

The lunch was pleasant until a 'wise-guy' was seated next to us, talking loudly and making nasty comments on WOMEN! Grrr...really wish I have a mirror at that moment and give it to him to take a good look at himself before making such remarks. Grrrr...geramnya.


jason said...

No steak for lunch? Maybe the chef forgotten to marinate them earlier :P The duck salad and burger looks really appetising.. em.. *ops, accidentally licking off my monitor screen*

Why don't you and your hubby retaliate? Tease him back >:) Some sort of "san fan" he is!

KampungboyCitygal said...

I would not hesitate to give such person STARES..drools over the duck salad..something new that i'd never tried :p

Precious Pea said...

Jason: I saw on the menu that their steaks are air-flown, probably still at the Airport custom..hehehehe.

kampungboycitygal: Got got...i was staring at him, rolling my eyes, making faces....gosh...even his friend also ask him to not make such nasty remarks.

myCoffee said...

The burger looks really gooood...! :) The Roast Duck Salad is a fave of mine too, alongside with the Vietnamese Chicken Salad.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Tell the waiter/waitress: I (Your Majesty) wanna have steak now! :P

Live2Talk said...

Say when are we going to try out that place? This month we have not plan for our 'happy hour' yet?

tankiasu said...

The Roast Duck looks good, but I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE star anise! :P

Precious Pea said...

mycoffee: Yes, food at Delicious are really delicious. Haha.

jason: Add one more line..."Bring me the steak now or else I JUE LEI 9 JUK".

live2talk: Can can...we should be getting salary next week rite?

tankiasu: Star anise is nice...but then must be used in moderation.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Wah... kekekeeke

MeiyeN said...

da roast duck with pomelo salad looks huge and very appetizing! i totally agree with you, food at DELICIOUS really delicious! :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Ooh the roast duck salad looks really good. I gotta try it the next time I go there.

About the obnoxious man, I guess everyone's entitled to their opinions, although some should keep them to themselves. ;-)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Thanks to your recommendation, my friends and I went to Delicious yesterday for lunch and I tried the duck and pomelo salad. Absolutely yummy! My friend ordered the thai beef salad but was told that she would have to wait 20 mins, so she changed her order. Anyway, my friends (aka the Makan Club) are all big fans of your blog (and your doggy) now. :-)

Precious Pea said... tried? Glad you like it. Tell your fren that the Thai Beef Salad is worth the wait, and it is still my Hubby's fav. Hahaha...pls say hi to Makan Club and will let Pea know that he got more fans now. Have a great weekend. Woof woof from Pea!


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