Friday, March 02, 2007

Fruity Cafe & Bakery

Just 2 weeks ago, I came across some write-ups about this place called Fruity Cafe & Bakery and I told myself if I ever passes by Shah Alam Tesco, I would detour to grab a piece of their famous apple strudel, recipe acclaimed to be from Perth. Actually I do not know the difference, Perth or non-Perth...who cares as long as it's good right?

And so, it happened that I have to go to the Selangor Police HQ in Shah Alam for a meeting, don't worry WMW, I was not arrested, my job requires me to deal a lot with the police!! On the way back, I decided to go check out the place. Luckily I gave WMW a call, so finding this place was not a problem. I even park right in front of it.

WMW assured me that the apple strudel is very nice and should get a loaf at RM18. Haha..great idea!! Sadly, all sold out so I bought 2 pieces of Apple Strudels (RM4.20 nett) instead. Not bad at all, the light and flaky pastry covers the lightly-sweetened custard cream, cream and chopped apple with sauce....absolutely delicious!!

I also spotted my favourite cream custard puffs (RM1.80 for 3 pieces) and couldn't resist getting a set even I know I would not be able to finish it. But being greedy and glutton, hehehe and so cheap, I just could not control myself.

The puffs were quite disappointing as the pastry was too thin and slightly hard. I prefer the thick and fluffy version. But I love the cream custard as it's really light and not too sweet for me too.

Still feeling very greedy even after I ordered 2 apple strudels and a set of 3 cream puffs. I was staring at their cakes which they currently having a promotion of buy 4 free 1. So tempted!!!! Somehow I was able to think logically and chose the Chocolate Peanut cake which the lady over the counter recommended it. Since it's her favourite, can't go wrong right? RIGHT!!! Definately a good decision. Can you see the layer of brown peanut butter in the middle of the chocolate sponge and chocolate icing?? Yumzzz...the cake is so delicious especially am a fan of peanut butter. And guess how much is this big piece of cake?? Only RM5!!!!

As expected, I overdo it and now sitting in my fridge, a piece of apple crumble, 2/3 of the choc peanut cake and 2 pcs of cream puffs..nevertheless, a very satisfying desserts indeed.


wmw said...

Ha ha ha...all that for yourself? What about hubby??? Anyway, glad you enjoyed the apple strudel like I do. Mmm...cream puff is just okay. But you should try the chic and mushroom pie! Good and only at RM3plus if I'm not mistaken. Oh, yah, forgot to tell you, their cakes are pretty good too and priced reasonably. Too many varieties, haven't tried all! :o)

boo_licious said...

Must give this place a try as we swing by here once a while. Thxs for the tips on what to order.

er, I wonder what work you do that you need to deal with the cops so often!?

k.t.x said...

used to goto 'strudles' but hv not been to a loong time. how is this compared to the strudles?

Live2Talk said...

If you save long enuff and don't feel like eating, don't throw it out umm I know 2 person in this world who will volunteer their stomach ;P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I live in Shah Alam and I don't even know where this place is! Looks like I need to take the car out and explore my kampung! Next time, no need to drive out so far for food... :-P

Tummythoz said...

Wow never thot I'll b tempted to go S.Alam.
Haha boolicious seems like v have d same 'kepoh' streak. So precious pea, what job u do-ar?

Precious Pea said...

wmw: My hubby no like sweet stuffs, dat's why no one share with me. Will try their pie next visit there, which is in 2 weeks time (meeting the police again).

boo and tummythoz: My job? Shhh...a spy! Haha, just joking. Am working in a trade association and handle security issues. Hard to explain, maybe one day we sit down, have a cup of nice coffee, over a nice plate of sinful nasi lemak and followed by apple strudels, then i will start my grandma story.

k.t.x: I haven't been to strudels, they still around?

live2talk: No la...not my style to bring 'un-fresh' food for people. I will grab a loaf for you guys after my next meeting, provided it's a morning session ok?

lyrical lemongrass: Aiyoo....such a waste! Weekend is here, plenty of time for you to explore. Hehe.

Jackson said...

lyrical lemongrass, u live in Shah Alam? Why not we hv dinner sometimes? Hehe... well, their apple strudels was much more better than Strudels

jason said...

Hey, I love peanuts too~ That chocolate peanut butter cake really made me drooling... and so cheap for such big piece!

tekko said...

the apple strudel looks good. price of the cream puff is so cheap (RM 1.80 for 3)? no wonder it's not good then.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

precious pea & jackson: Yes, I'm like a frog under a coconut shell (katak bawah tempurung!)..only know how to go to work and go home one. jackson, sure, gimme a call anytime! hehe.

Precious Pea said...

Jackson: Eh? You only ask l.lemongrass? What about me?

Jason: Hi-5!! Yes, cheap and big!

tekko: I guess cheap means no-good.


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