Saturday, March 24, 2007


Hubby was required to chair a meeting this morning in Seremban, and so I decided to tag along and wait for him since I don't get much chance to drop by at this town. Actually, there is a reason for me to follow along.....FOOD, what else???

Luckily Hubby's meeting only took about an hour and off we went to search for this beef noodle stall at Pasar Besar Seremban, which apparently quite famous. Hubby been to this place once, so finding the market which is located right in the heart of the busy town was not a problem at all.

The 2-storey market is quite big and divided into sections. The ground floor basically is a wet market where you can find veggies, groceries, seafood and all kind of meats. Quite errmm....strong smell even from far. Gulp!! How to eat and breath at the same time?
Thankfully, the smell only travels outward and not upward. Phew! The first floor reminds us of Warorot Market in Chiang Mai where you can find small shops selling clothes, bags, flowers, toy and FOOD!! Almost 1/3 of the floor is occupied by food stalls!

Tada...this is the place we were looking for...Sin Yee Kee Beef Noodle. You can check out here for detailed information about this place (Thanks Boo). There is an old man sitting right in front of the stall which I believe is the owner and each time a bowl is served, he would jot in down in a note book. I think he is the financial controller and he also in charged of keeping the money. And with business as good as this, am so happy for him.
To quench our thirst, I ordered the sugar cane while Hubby had coconut water. REFRESHING!

Here comes our noodles. We ordered the same thing; Dried Beef Noodles (RM4). The dark sauce was quite thick and I wasn't too happy when I found it's not Lou Shue Fun (Rat Tail Noodle) but Lai Fun (assam laksa type). However, once I put on spoonful into my mouth, am totally amazed!! Just couldn't describe the gravy....but it goes so well with the Lai Fun. Served with beef brisket and tendon, they also sprinkled sesame, peanuts and salted veggie. And the chilli sauce....oooo...super spicy and goes so well with the noodle. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! 2 thumbs up!

I spotted a picture of their Mixed Beef Soup with Tripes, Tendon and Briskets with Radish (RM&) in their menu and I knew this is a MUST HAVE!! Not exaggerating here, but the beefy as it absorbed all the beef flavour...and the soup......sniff's sooo good errr. And the serving was quite generous too. Again, 2 thumbs up but this time, another 2 toes too!
How can we leave Seremban without having the famous Seremban Siew Pow? And so we went to the most famous Seremban Siew Pow (behind Bank Simpanan Nasional) which we can also easily find their franchise in Klang Valley. But I still want to get some home from the source, just to see if it tasted better...hehe..excuse of a glutton.

While the front of the shop offers pastries and buns, the inside of the shop is actually a cafe. I took a peep and seems cozy to me.
Ah-ha...spotted the Siew Pow I wanted. I want pork!! 6 pieces pls!
Wahh.......I saw this printed on the box, The Malaysia Book of Records! Anyone can translate what it says in Chinese? For those interested to take up their franchise, the contact is at the bottom of the box.

Yumz....luscious looking Siew Pows...let me make a cup of Aik Cheong Kopi-O to go with it!

OOooooo......this is SO good!!! I dunno whether am bias or what, it does taste better than those bought here. Practically melts in your mouth and Hubby was amazed too.

I also bought this, Biskut Telur (Egg Biscuit) as printed on the box for RM4. I have no idea what it is called in English as I call it 'Sat Keh Mah'. My Hong Kong friend told me that they call it 'Mah Jai'. So would appreciate if anyone out there know what it is actually called in English.

Quite different from the Bidor version, this is more fine with lots of sesame and crushed peanuts. Dunno how it tasted yet since am still waiting for the beef noodle and siew pao to digest.
I will be making a trip down to Seremban next month (another meeting for Hubby)...and if you happen to know of any great place to eat there, would appreciate if you could drop me a line. MANY MANY THANKS!!


jason said...

Aiyor, the Dry Beef Noodle looks so good! And the Siew Pow too, I think it's bigger in size compared to here. Luckily I just had my lunch b4 I read this :P

jason said...

Sorry, I mean dinner! ^^"

KampungboyCitygal said...

haha..i tried it once and i can still remember how good it is..i feel lucky to have a Seremban housemates..I can have the wah si fu siu bao whenever i want!!

aretha said...

heyaaa my parents are from seremban so i do knw quite a few good places to eat.=) As for the seremban market, there are 2 other stalls which are really good. The first being the shop called 'ching kee' which serves excellent 'lou shee fun'..sells out very quickly!so u must be there early..usually they will be sold out before 12. The other stall 'tow kee' just a few shops away sells hakka tai pou meen which is really good too! must try! every night in front of the cinema somewhere downtown is this stall selling 'yau char kwai' and 'ham chin peng'..very good and expect quite a long queue. but its well worth the wait. Another place is temiang(not the hawker stall area)..along the road to the temple is this mini shop selling 'lou shee fun' as well. It is ran by an old couple. Its pretty good too. =)

anyway i do hope u'll get to try these places out..

tigerfish said...

This pasar looks like the Chinatown market in Sg.
Those beef noodles look great but portion seem small (or maybe it's just me...kekekekk)
BTW, you asked for my doggie pix.I finally downloaded them here :D (since you are one dog lover)...thks to you I created a blog for my doggie.

Precious Pea said...

Jason: The siew pow looks big cos it was a close-up shot. My dad, who didn't know we bought it in Seremban asked me how come it tasted so different. See?? Proved that it really better from source.

KampungboyCitygal: both are so lucky!!!

aretha: Hey, thanks for the tips! Will try Ching Kee during my next trip. How about the roast duck/chic rice (corner shop)opposite the market? Hubby said it was quite good too, have you tried?

tigerfish: Portion in Malaysia are indeed very small. But with so much great food, I don't mind since that means I will have more space for other food. I went to your doggie blog and your doggie is soooooo cute!

Jackson said...

wondering is the Seremban Siu Bao taste better than those selling in KL??? U so lucky, get to try so many Seremban food!

jason said...

Precious Pea: The siew bao in your wide angle shot also look bigger than here leh

Missy 6ft said...

PP: the siew pau translation said : you sik, sik zheng pai, fu yong siew pau... the words aledi telling us is different from elseway...

KampungboyCitygal said...

there's squat-by-the-roadside economic rice, hakka mee, fish head noodles, charcoal char kuey teow..all these stuff are real good!!

boo_licious said...

Yummy, that beef noodle look so good. Can also imagine that yummy Siu Pao melting in my mouth. I heard the other famous thing is Hakka Mee in Seremban. Will try and look for it for you sometime this week.

tankiasu said...

The brother of this stall owner actually operates another one called "King's Beef Noodle". Personally I think its better than this one at Pasar Besar. Maybe you would wanna check it out yourself. ;)

Address: 17, Jln Dr.Krishnan, Seremban.

Precious Pea said...

Jackson: Answer is YES!!! Seremban Siew Pow taste much better.

Jason: Issit?? I thought it was around the same size.

Missy 6ft: Hehehe..nowadays so many counterfeit around.

Kampungboycitygal: Location? Location? Location?

boo: I saw the famous Hakka noodle shop but Hubby who is a Hakka told me that Hakka noodle not nice. I have no idea how Hakka noodle looks like. What they put inside?

tankiasu: Thanks..hope to try it during my next trip to Seremban.

UnkaLeong said...

Can one of you please air-mail a box over to me at Bangkok? Care of Unka Leong.Hahah..

Pink Elle said...

Oooh that beef noodles look good! I've heard of the famous Hakka noodles too but the last time i was there, the stall was closed. Hope you get to try it!

p/s I tagged you..hope you don't mind!

Precious Pea said...

unkaleong: Airmail sure busuk...DHL better.

pink elle: What they put inside Hakka noodle?? Thanks for tagging me, and have been tagged in return. ;)

jason said...

Precious Pea: Er... The Hakka mee in Ipoh use the noodle similar like wantan mee but a bit thicker. It's usually served dry with sautéd minced pork and varieties of mixed meat balls. Does it served the same way at other places? Anyone care to share?

KampungboyCitygal said...

the yummy hakka meen is just opposite the pasar besar..u need to walk across the main road from pasar's also within walking distance from's open for breakfast and lunch

the charcoal char kuey teow is open at night's in front of the pasar besar with a lot of neon lights..

the location for fish head noodles is a bit hard to describe..

Precious Pea said...

Jason: You snap a photo of Ipoh Hakka Mee to show us la.

KampungboyCityGal: I think i know which hakka mee shop oledi, hubby pointed to me but that time too full to try. I think need to stay overnite to explore the place.

liang liang said...

yes! tankiasu, i totally agreed with you! king's beef noodle is better than the market one!
pea, try out in your next trip and share with us your comment!

jason said...

Precious Pea: Need to wait leh, maybe next month since I'm working on Sundays, no ppl can accompany to Hakka mee on my off day which is Wednesday T_T


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