Monday, March 12, 2007

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh @ PJ Old Town

My all time favourite Bak Kut Teh (BKT) stall has to be Heng Kee at PJ Old Town. Been eating at this place for the past 20 years and the quality still as good as before. That is why I have been going back for my BKT dosage at least minimum once a month. In fact, it was listed as Top 20 best BKT in Malaysia by one of the Chinese press. While I don't fancy the thick version from Klang, those who prefers the clear version should give this place a try.

Operating in a corner house, this place is quite crowded during weekends, so be early. During one of my past visits, there was a huge group of Germans with kids enjoying their BKT and according to the boss, they are his regulars. Not bad huh?

From mother to son and now to the grandsons. I was not aware until Hubby told me the two young fellas busy chopping the meats are actually the boss's sons.

Cili Padi, a MUST when you eat BKT. Used to love raw garlic until one fine day my tummy decided that I should stop raw garlic intake due to indigestion.

Tauhu-pok, not my favourite but I simple love the tauhu pok served here. The texture is very different from the tauhu-pok you buy outside...extra soft and smooth. I think this tauhu-pok would taste really good in curry laksa with extra cockles. Droolzz....Aiks..out of topic pulak.

Hubby's favourite, Char Kuey ala Fried Crullers, best eaten after dipping it into the BKT soup....oooo...sedap!!

The spare ribs here are tender and soft. You can actually request the parts you preferred for eg. ribs or soft bones.

Pork belly which my aunt complained too much lean meat while eyeing on all the skins I removed from the meat before popping into my mouth. Hahaha! Too much fats no good aunty...high cholesterol and fattening.

This is my favourite and must order.......PORK STOMACH! The pork stomach was boiled to just the right texture..soft, yet still a bit chewy. Most importantly, no smelly odour at all which I had experienced elsewhere. You can also order a mix of intestines and liver but I insist of ordering only stomach.

Veggie to balance the meal? I don't think it will quite balance the amount of meat we ordered as compared to one plate of veggie for 6 of us. Better than nothing right?

Wanted to take a nice shot of all the food we ordered but too much obstructions (the hands). As you can see, they were too impatient and decided to start attacking the food. And Hubby's hand, he already scooping the soup. Grrr...can't you guys just wait for another 10 seconds??

This is what we ordered:
2 bowls of tauhu-pok; 2 bowls of spare ribs; 2 bowls of pork belly; 1 bowl of pork stomach; 1 bowl of char kuey; 1 plate of veggie, 1 pot of chinese tea, 8 bowls of rice and unlimited amount of soup.

My dad paid for the dinner since he won some money at Genting and total damage was only RM66 for 6 adults. Can barely walk to the car after such a nice and satisfying meal.


Xiu Long Bao said...

haha, my dining companions always complained that it s troublesome to eat out wiv me cus they hav 2 stick to my rule: no eating until im done taking photos of the food!

Anonymous said...

xiu long bao:Just like my cousin here! But I guess we just ignore her!! hehehe (except her hubby, my dearest paul-piu-cheh-fu)who is all sooooo kind to her needs and wants... hehehe

Precious Pea said...

Xiu Long Bao: I don't have much problem when dining with frens since they also know about my food blog. But my relatives...uggghh...and I already got my camera ready before the food being served, yet my hand not as fast as theirs.

anonymous aka SueG Piu Mui: Yah..and you are one of them! Btw, aren't you supposed to be on a diet? Who ended up tambah nasi, had endless bowl of soup and yet can wallop half bottle of my CNY cookies?

tankiasu said...

Yea I like the BKT here too. But IMHO, they are my personal 3rd after Ban Lee of Jln Ipoh, and Teluk Pulai BKT of Klang. ;-)

Live2Talk said...

I'm never a porky person but I love the BKT soup. Next time can I tag along and just eat the rice with soup loh ;P

Tummythoz said...

I've not been to a bkt shop which separates the different ingredients in bowls. Hmm.. quite hygienic since no chance to 'rinse' individual chopsticks.

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: Heard so much about Ban Lee but yet to try. Hubby hates driving to town and somemore parking a prob, he lagi grumbles.

live2talk: The also have mushrooms and lately, enoki no need soup with rice, so cham.

tummythoz: Hehehe..not only forgot the spoons loaded with saliva. Eeewww.

wmw said...

Yah, I'm not into pork that much...but love the rest of the stuff. Mushrooms, cabbage, tau foo pok and soup!

aretha said...

the tau pok looks good!YuMs!

team BSG said...

these guys r good no doubt! An old town PJ institution altho some say the Indon womenly presence has halalised the bkt somewhat !

Precious Pea said...

wmw: Cabbage?? Have not come across any bkt with cabbage yet, lettuce yes.

aretha: Oh yes, very yummy. :p~~

team bsg: Indons? I tot i saw an Indian woman helping out.

MeiyeN said...

oh's such a long long time since my last visit to this bkt restaurant! i remember that everthing must be ordered in a bowl rather than to mix everything in one pot!

jason said...

The other day my colleague read my blog and then she say she wont dine with me cos she would need to wait for me to take the pics 1st lol.

tekko said...

i like the BKT there too, but too pack at night. you try their mushrooms?

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: I like it this way since you can order the parts you like.

jason: Hahaha, get your camera ready before the food comes. That's my tactic.

tekko: Should go before 7 p.m. Tried their black mushrooms before, nice! BUt will try enoki mushrooms at my next visit cos my colleague told me it's nice.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Yea but sometimes hand respond slow :p then will kena "ngam" liao

Julian Si said...

Finally tried out this place :-)


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