Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lou Sang @ King Crab

Chinese New Year already over, and now only I post about my Lou Sang dinner. embarassing! The dinner was last Friday, 2 days before Chap Goh Meh and because I was away to Bangkok the next day, I didn't have a chance to blog about it till now. Better late than never right?

After reading post after post on King Crab, my colleagues suggested to have dinner there, to find out why I have been frequenting this place so often. We reached there at sharp 6 p.m. and was their first group of customers. So determined isn't it? The food ordering process didn't take very long as I was given the task to decide the menu for the night.

First came the salmon yee sang (RM38) was surprisingly good with lots of shredded nutmeg. Am not a particular fan of yee sang but this is one of the best I had. Not too sweet nor sour. According to Ms CO, the sauce is PERFECT!

Our perfect looking yee sang before we attack!
Tossing for good health, good fortune, good luck...and I wish for whatever I wish for will be granted immediately (err...i want to retire now, travel once a month, ever-growing bank account .......)

The Boiled Prawn (RM45) was really fresh since it was scooped out from the aquarium right before cooking. The stock was so sweet and the prawns were so springy! Yumzz!

Ms Membership was still reminisching about the Salted Egg Squid (RM18) this morning. It was done really well that night! Two Thumbs and Two Toes Up!

Another favourite of the night was the Guinness Pork Ribs (RM18). Really tender and well marinated. Ms Events, who doesn't fancy pork loved this dish so much.

Yam Basket (RM20) was good too...specially ordered upon Ms Event's request.

I wasn't too fancy the Veggie Platter (RM30) which is actually Lo Hon Chai wrapped with Beancurd Sheets. The serving was quite big with broccolis, black mushrooms, green mustard, straw mushrooms, baby corns and carrots. Ms Membership commented that this dish was too complicated.

Ah-ha!! How can we not order this dish?? My favourite Claypot Butter Crab (RM38)!! it love it love it!!

And of course, the buns that goes well on its own and even heavenly with the crab's butter sauce.

Lastly, we ordered a bowl of Honey Lemon Sea Coconut with Longan (RM24) as recommended by Boo_licious. So refreshing and satisfying way to end such a lovely dinner.
My bowl of dessert....mmmm...

Total damage including tax came up to RM288.98 for 7 of us and all went home with a satisfying look.


MeiyeN said...

wow...seems to be very reasonable! really can't wait to try it out myself!!!!!!

Live2Talk said...

Ya ya ya the harm tan squid was sooo good and delicious ;P the way the chef control the heat is just nice, crispy on the outside and tender inside and the harm tan also coated very well! My favorite dish!

jason said...

The place sounds so famous.. where it is by the way?

Tummythoz said...

Conclusion:- a best-best restaurant? *scribble on number 1 spot in must visit restaurant list*

Then again cannot visit so soon as need sometime to 'wash/clean away' all the sinful intake during CNY.

Anonymous said...

When is our 2nd attemp ar??
Ms Finance

mama bok said...

Wow..!! i wanna be your friend leh..kekekkekkee!! so many good eats.. ;) next time i come back home.. i have to come find you . ;)

Pam said...


U been recruited as their Marketing manager arrr?? ahhhahahaha!!!!

WEI-Haf yet to go to this place eh?when???

jason - King Crab is just opposite the Kelana Jaya Putra LRT station. if u drive along the LDP U can see it.

wmw said...

*staring at monitor blankly and drooling*tummythoz, came to precious pea's blog tissue habis...

boo_licious said...

LOL! Must ask King Crab to give you discount since you keep promoting them. Must send this to my friend who eats there quite a lot too.

jason said...

pam: ooh... ya, i remember now! Gotcha! :P Thanks for the info..

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Great, since you loves seafood as well. Can't wait to read your review.

live2talk: Well described!!! Need i say more??

Jason: Question answered!

Tummythoz: Hahaha...never mind la..have a feast in King Crab then only wash away the sinful intake.

Ms Finance: Can can, when are we getting salary this month?

mamabok: Fren, don't worry, next time you come back, call me.

Pam: Hmm..i wonder if they are hiring. When ar? Next meet-up session?

wmw: Aikks!! Don't flood your keyboard yah! Cepat go take toilet roll!

boo: are right since i do so much free advertisement for them. Haha..but i hope their quality will maintain cos many restaurants tends to drop after they became famous.

tankiasu said...

Dang, now I'm so tempted to go back there for their Claypot Butter Crab again. My wallet is going to crash and burn!!!

Melting Wok said...

hey PP, I think you're the official guide for the crustacean family -mama crabS hehe, anyhoo, re:safeguard the www children, just blog about it to spread the awareness, thx :) wow..the lo hon chai looks so damn good, and as for the crabs, you know !:)

babe_kl said...

OMG...... everything looked so good, now must find time to go... my dad's birthday coming soon and he loves crabs!!!

KampungboyCitygal said...

drools..everything looks shud ask em to give u some loyalty fren told me that marco's pizza king crabs and path lab are of the same owner..myth or truth u decide

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: Hehehe...try get more people to go and share the bill with you.

melting wok: still trying to conquer the crabby family. Many more haven't try. For your info, I have hermit crabs as pets. No wonder they always show me their claws whenever i peep at them.

babe_kl: Hope he will like this place. Try their Thai BBQ crab too...natural sweetness of the crab!

KampungboyCitygal: Yep, same owner but Marco's Pizza not good. Let me try to email him...hahaha..go 10 times and free 1 dish??

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

butter crabs are my favourite!! Looks so good lah. Need to go there soon before my saliva drenches my office carpet.

Precious Pea said...

Lyrical lemongrass: Then your office carpet will have the spotty look, due to your saliva. Hehehe...good also, new design ;)

tekko said...

think I will like the Salted Egg Squids. Btw, the crab enough for how many person?

Precious Pea said...

We ordered 1kg of crabs equivalent to 2 medium sized crabs cut into 8 pieces.

Pam said...

oi? when arrr ???


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