Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Raju's at Jalan Gasing

Hi guys, I am back from Bangkok oledi!!! It was fun...food, food and food. Took almost 160 picture within 3 days, 80% were food related, 15% were on puppies and remaining 5% were misc. Too tired to sort and select pictures now, but I promise to do it a.s.a.p!

Let's rewind back to last Saturday. After a salivating session while looking at
masak-masak's post on Raju's last Friday, I vowed to visit this place for breakfast the next day before heading to the airport. I heard about this place many times but never took the initiative to check it out, probably I wasn't that gluttony back then.

Hmm..shall I have Roti or Thosai?

There are huge selection of fresh seafood for you to choose; prawn, squid, crab, various types of fish, quail and chicken. Hubby and I opted for squid and ikan bulus as recommended by Boo.

Aiyooo...too many to choose from!!
Hubby's Teh Tarik and my Teh Tarik Ais

Thanks to Boo's tips, I ordered their Roti Canai extra garing which they served on banana leaves. Really light and crispy and not oily at all.

Hubby ordered Roti Telur which he said not as nice compared to Sri Saravanan (next to SS2 New Paris). I took a bite and I agreed with him.

The roti was served with dhal, onion sambal and coconut chutney. Don't quite enjoy the dhal and sambal as it was lack of salt. We both agreed that Sri Saravanan sambal sardin is da best to go with their delicious rotis.

Our deep-fried squid and ikan bulus was quite tasty and goes well with banana leaves rice. However, I find it a bit dry to go with Roti.

I couldn't remember the price of each dish but the total damage came up to RM20. Well...I was hoping that this meal will last me till I reach Bangkok at lunch time. *wink wink*


Jackson said...

wow, i think i must try out the extra garing Roti Canai. PLSsssss......review r BKK trip faster as i really can't wait to see all BKK fod!!

UnkaLeong said...

Aiyak...Missed you when you were in town. Managed to find suckling pig?

boo_licious said...

Glad you made it there. Must admit I've never tried their sambals much as I eat my roti canai plain. Must go try this delicious sambal sardine you and wmw talk abt all the time. Can't wait to see yr BKK pixs as I'm sure food must have been super good.

Tummythoz said...

Todate I've not found any roti telur that deserves mention. Good ones at Sri Saravanan? A must try then.

Precious Pea said...

Jackson and Boo: Please be patient yah....will post as fast as i can. Too much food, still digesting leh!

unkaleong: Saw some restaurant serving it but pricey. We heard it's cheap in Bangkok though, so didn't try.

Tummythoz: Yah yah..go early morning before their sardine sambal all walloped by gluttons like me. Heheh...actually i went this morning for their roti canai.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Noted! Next time will order roti kosong garing, tak mau telur!

wmw said...

I still haven't posted on Raju's though I have taken pics on two occasions. Precious Pea, come, we do breakfast at Sri Saravanan! When???

wmw said...

Oh, I must say Raju's onion sambal is lovely!

Precious Pea said...

lyrical lemongrass: Bingo!

wmw: Good idea. This Saturday??

wmw said...

Can. I meet you there? At what time....like lyrical lemongrass say, like blind date! Hahaha...

Precious Pea said...

wmw: What time you wake up? Say, 8.30? or 9?


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