Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sri Saravanan Corner @ SS2

Sri Saravanan Corner have been around for quite some time but until recently, Hubby and I decided to give it a try and we have been hooked to this place every since. So far, we have only tried their roti and thosai but on weekdays, they do offer nasi briyani and banana leaves rice. Am not too keen though since my 2 previous banana leaves rice experience ended up with bad diarrhoe.

Last Saturday, I met up with wmw for breakfast at Sri Saravanan Corner, located next to New Paris Restaurant at PJ SS2. Nice meeting you wmw and just can't wait to meet again for nasi lemak soon.

Nothing special about their drinks here, I normally order Teh Tarik Ais which I find too diluted or maybe the next time I should ask for Teh Tarik Kau Ais.

Ok, what is so special about this place that makes me keep coming back for more? It's the Sardine Sambal! I even tried cooking it at home but somehow, my version (picture attached for reference) doesn't taste the same at all.

Sambal Sardine from Sri Saravanan
My failed version....

Hubby loves their curry chicken and now that we are frequent customers, one of the Indian chap will personally scoop for him all drumsticks.

If you don't fancy roti or chapati or thosai for breakfast, they do have a variety of fried noodles, meehoon, kuey teow, fried rice and I just discovered yesterday that they do serve nasi lemak but too late since my fried noodles already packed. According to Hubby, their fried meehoon is quite tasty especially soaked with the curry chicken gravy. Mmm....took a bite and 100% agrees with him.

As for me, it would either be Paper Thosai or Roti Canai. I always order my paper thosai with a dash of sugar. Crispy and perfect on its own......even more complete with the sardine sambal, dhai, sambal ikan bilis, fish curry and chicken curry. Oh yes, I normally take all the curries and sambals they have, all nicely lined up at the side. Greedy isn't it?

While waiting for me to finish, Hubby finally cannot tahan and ordered roti telur. Gosh....such a big eater. I never like roti telur cos the egg tends to harden the roti a bit but this one, believe me, superly soft and fluffy. The egg was cooked just right! Totally changed my perception over roti telur. I brought my Indian colleague here before and she also agreed that the roti telur was very well made.

Just can't wait for my next visit and nasi lemak will be in my top list!


wmw said...

Yah! Yah! Nasi lemak next....the sambal sardine from this place is good stuff!

boo_licious said...

what a coincidence, we tried this place last weekend too since you raved abt it. The roti telur is very good - fluffy and the egg cooked rite. I didn't like their roti canai though. The sardine sambal was good but slightly too sweet for me. We both liked the creamy potato and vegetables they also served the roti with which is very unusual. Sounds like the nasi lemak is good, will try it again.

Tummythoz said...

U've been going on & on about this Sardine Sambal like an obsession. Hmm.. it may be 'dangerous' for me to try as I dun stay nearby. =P
*Hi-5* I'm greedy too when it comes to curries for my rotis. Like to all campur-campur.

Precious Pea said...

wmw: Glad you like it.

boo: Hubby also said roti telur is best here but roti canai at Raju's is better. Oh yes, their potato dhal very nice!

tummythoz: Probably cos I like sardine and sambal so the combination excites me even more. "Hi-5" back!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I usually can't resist a good sardine sambal. Next time you go with wmw, call me! :-)

Precious Pea said...

lyrical lemongrass: Sure, no prob. wmw got your number rite?

Pam said...

whey.... our nasi lemak date leh? apa ni...???

Live2Talk said...

Err the food look similar to that lousy Bistari place we go every week! Say when can we go and try some roti?

jason said...

Precious Pea: Must bring me for their sardine sambal when I'm in KL, k? :p

Precious Pea said...

Pam: Errm...i didn't know you were keen for the nasi lemak. OK ...which saturday you free??

live2talk: You arrange with Kavi, am ok anytime.

jason: No problem, call me once you settled in KL.


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