Friday, March 30, 2007


I really ran out of ideas on how to cook Chicken. Due to time constraint on weekdays, I usually opt for the fastest way to cook my chicken with the simpliest ingredients. However, it came to this point that the thought of having steamed/soya sauce/oyster sauce/black bean sauce puts me off. Forget about roast or grill since I hate the oven-cleaning process. And so, I did a bit of research and found this is Kuali, Steamed Herbal Chicken Wings recipe by Amy Beh.

Went home, searched high and low for wolfberries (kei chi) and red dates. Aiyah....I have used up my supply during Chinese New Year and didn't replenish my stock!! I guess substitute with dried longan should not be too vast different. How wrong I was cos dried longan is sweet! Luckily I just put in few pieces, if not, my steamed herbal chicken wings got to renamed as Sweetened Herbal Chicken Wings!

Ingredients used were Tong Kwai, Tong Sum and Dried Longan
A mixture of sesame oil, water, fish sauce, pepper and sugar. Pour the mixture into the bowl of chinese herbs.
Steamed the ingredients for about 20 minutes. I think if you have time, steam it a little longer so that the herbs can release its taste.
Once boiled, add in oyster sauce, soya sauce and more sesame oil into the herbs.
Place the chicken nicely on the aluminium foil
Pour the mixture evenly on the chicken wings
Seal it real tight and steam for about 30 minutes.
Garnish with parsley and served with piping hot white rice

The chicken wings tasted not too bad, however the herbal taste was too mild. I took some leftover for lunch the next day and surprisingly, it tasted so much better. Perhaps I need to leave it overnite for the herbs to release its flavour. Very determine to try my 2nd attempt soon.


Kay said...

I love chicken wings... is that some herbal soup??

boo_licious said...

Amy Beh has a new cookbook, looks interesting. Must get a copy soon as her recipes look quite simple.

tankiasu said...

Salute!! For your gargantuan effort and fiery passion for cooking! ;)

So much work...even for a simple meal like maggi mee also I malas to cook. I definitely need a cook like you. Are you for hiring? :P

Kay said... ...for now i'm not setting it protected yet.. so still viewable..

Precious Pea said...

Kay: It's not herbal soup, for soup you have to boil for a few hours. This is just like normal steamed chicken with herbs added. But the gravy is really nice. Will check out your blog soon.

boo: Oh yes, her recipe is quite good too. Her beef rendang recipe is fantastic!

tankiasu: Actually cooking to me is fun, maybe psychologically I felt am in control of everything when i cook. You wanna hire me as your personal cook? How much you paying? If attractive enuff, i quit my job and work for you..but then cooking 3 meals a cleaning job!

girl_girl said...

HI....I always drop by ur blog n i find there's so much dishes u prepare. the chicken wings look delicios ... but if u boil the herbs the taste would be better.. i usually put the chicken in the salt water for a while then boil the herbs n not putting the soy sauce n others coz tis will affect the taste.. i hope u dun mind i comment here... :)

Precious Pea said...

Hi Girlgirl, thanks for visiting my blog and hope that you will continue leaving me comments!

I did boil the herbs first but i guess not long enough, that's why it couldn't release its flavour. Will try your method during my 2nd attempt. You like to cook too? Do you have a blog?

tankiasu said... deal, no deal! I luv cooking too...but the very reason I malas to cook is because of the washing up part! :D I will only hire you if you do the cleaning as well.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Remember to get red dates and wolfberries for the 2nd attempt!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Amy Beh's recipes are great...when I do find the time to cook! hehe. Your chicken wings look really delicious!

malaysianfoodguide said...

Precious Pea: The combination of the herbal are quite heaty, not suitable for guys,can substitute the red dates with black will neutralize the heaty effect or you can use rock sugar to replace the dried longan...:)

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: Then you invest on a good dishwasher, then I will consider. Hehe.

Jason: Okie, i will get it this weekend.

lyrical lemongrass: Thank you! You don't cook often?

malaysianfoodguide: Issit? Thanks for the tips. No wonder after the dinner, Hubby was heaty 1 whole week.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Precious Pea, I work for 6 months and cook for 6 months. What I mean is, I have 6 months peak period. Sob!

Live2Talk said...

Aiyah I on leave la so didn't get to try out ur chick wings :( Err so now u kno why our twins like to eat overnite food eh?

team BSG said...

how about adding some super red rice wine( from Jln Pudu) nex time into your oredi steamed chicken wings ! Sure make you turn pink ( with dreamy satisfaction...)

KampungboyCitygal said...

i very pandai in honey chicken and ginger paste chicken..both method also wrapped in aluminium foil and throw it into the rice cooker to be avoid kampungboy sien face, i'll try ur method..wish me luck!!

tigerfish said...

Wah, this is also known as Emperor Chicken right? I like I like but I don't have those herbs leh. I only have wolfberries and honey dates. Wonder if I could make this dish with just these two?

BTW, I just tagged you for "10 things I want for my kitchen" in my blog...if you have some time, maybe you can share with us your wishlist that makes your kitchen. Don't be obliged though. I also kena tagged, so just passing it down.

girl_girl said...

hi....i'm girl_girl... i love to cook very much and always dine try dishes in restaurant.. but i dun have any blog :( if u dun mind i'd love to share my recipe with u... :)

girl_girl said...

so sorry to leave a comment again as i dun c carefully of the herbs u r putting in.... i usually boil the 'dong kwai',red dates,wolfberries (kei chi). the quantity of the dong kwai u measure it with ur taste buds coz i used to put a lot. then u pour it in the chicken n cook it. i cook it with oven. :)

Jackson said...

wow.... i love herbal chicken so much!!! Again, when i hv a chance to try yr home-cooking a?

Melting Wok said...

wow, bet the longan will lend a really sweet taste to the chicken wings eh, good one :) However, I usually "tun" in a ceramic pot w/e'thing, and IMHO, I only add the soy/other seasonings when its about done, otherwise it might kinda ruin the herbal flavors.
p/s: thx for linking me, have added u, could u kindly remove the and just, thx PP hehe :)

Tummythoz said...

I do my steamed chicken pieces with similar herbs in aluminium foil like you but without the mixture of sesame oil & such. Very easy cleaning indeed.

Precious Pea said...

lemongrass: Wah....busy working woman (lui keong yan).

live2talk: No la. How can I offer overnite food to people? Not nice ler.

teambsg: I put in VSOP (20 years old)...put me into deep sleep. Haha.

Kampungboycitygirl: Honey chicken? Can share recipe?

tigerfish: Am not too sure if it's called Emperor Chicken, as i tried the pre-mix before and doesn't taste the same as herbal chicken. Aikss..kena tagged! Ok ok..shouldn't be too difficult for me since am moving new house soon and the kitchen is my territory. Haha!

girl_girl: Thanks for sharing your method. You baked instead of steam? I dare not put too much tong kwai as my body developed rashes the last time i had too much tong kwai, so normally i try to cut down the amount.

jackson: As soon as you invite me to your shop for food tasting. Or you wanna employ me as chef?

meltingwok: Double boiled? Won't it turn out soupy?

tummythoz: HMmm...ok, i will exclude the sesame oil next time, kinda ruined the taste also.

KampungboyCitygal said...

marinate the chicken with soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cloves of garli and sugar/honey. wrap it in aluminium foil and steam it. if ur not lazy, swipe a layer of honey on the cooked chicken and leave it in the oven for 5 - 10 minutes to get crispy skin.

Hope u will like it. Lazy people recipe for lazy people like me!


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