Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hubby met up with his buddies last night for dinner and left me all alone to have dinner by myself. Not knowing what to eat, I suddenly thought of WMW and so I immediately called her for dinner. YEAH!! She is available to entertain me..hahaha...and thanks to her, she brought me to this place at SS2 Cheow Yang area called Ang Kee Restaurant which is also the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar. I seldom explore this side of SS2 so am so excited to try this place which is so near to my house. Check out WMW's post about Ang Kee here.

WMW highly recommended on their Fried Lala Beehoon tossed with cili padi, dried shrimp and LARDS! No wonder WMW like it so much....her fav lards. Very good indeed, the beehoon was flavourful after absorbing the sweetness of the lala and dried shrimp. Thumbs up!

Another dish highly recommended by WMW was the Buttered Mantis Prawns, my favourite. It seems like WMW and I got quite similar taste and lots in common too. The first bite, like she said, was so heavenly. Rich and buttery. This has got to be my favourite dish of the night.

We also ordered a very simple dish that can easily be prepared at home, the Steamed Beancurd with Fried Eggs. The tofu which was homemade was silky smooth, topped fried eggs with the yolks still semi-raw, it tasted delicious! The 3 dishes including 2 plates of rice and tea came up to RM33. Reasonable isn't it?

After dinner, we walked to Cheow Yang (or was it renamed to SS2 Lim Mee Yoke?) as WMW said there is a Char Kuey (Fried Cruellers) stall which is really nice and famous. Sadly, the stall was closed yesterday. Sigh...perhaps next day. And so we headed back to my house since WMW wanted to snap some photos of my Precious Pea and Precious Pumpkin.

My No. 1 Darling
My No. 2 Darling

Just a brief update: It has become very stressful at home for me cos of Pea's jealousy. While Pumpkin always wanted to come out to play, I have to keep him in the cage so that he won't chase Pea around and give him more stress. Ended up I have to hide my affection for Pumpkin. But know what? Pumpkin is really a smart boy, he knows how to open the cage door with his teeth. Well, he was actually trying to get into Pea's cage to steal his food. Notti notti Pumpkin.


boo_licious said...

Wow, Pumpkin is so smart! Ang Kee food is pretty good. I have a pix of the lala beehoon somewhere too. Only thing was I wished he had fried the lala with the beehoon rather than seperately as the beehoon does not absorb the sweet lala juices.

jason said...

The 3 dishes... *wiping drools* Ahahaha... Pea looks like he's smiling in the pic!

Tummythoz said...

Pea seems to be lol in that picture!
Really have to check this Ang Kee out! Those buttered mantis prawns are taunting me big time.

UnkaLeong said...

When we introduced Yoshi into the family, Sasha; having been around us for a good number of years by that time was extremely jealous!

It took a while, but they finally got along....somehwat. Hahah!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Your description of the butter mantis prawns makes me want to eat it now. Everything looks delicious. So do Pea and Pumpkin.

Live2Talk said...

Pea & Pumpkin I'm coming 2moro to shower my affection and love ;D

Xiu Long Bao said... u noe 2 dogs can't stay under one roof! Just kiddin'...pumpkin is so frenly looking!

Pink Elle said...

The lala beehoon is interesting but what I was most keen on was the steamed tofu with fried egg! It looks so simple yet so good!

Btw, Pumpkin's a boy mah..that's why so notti ;)

Precious Pea said...

boo: They don't fry it together? But it find the beehoon really absorbed the gravy really well.

jason: Yah...he started smiling back yesterday. Day before, all you can see was his frowning upset look.

Tummythoz: Cute hor? I always love Pea showing off his tongue. Mantis prawns a must must try.

unkaleong: How long it took for Sasha to accept Yoshi?

Lyrical Lemongrass: So when are you coming to visit Pea and Pumpkin?

Live2talk: Hahaha..i will bath them tonite. Am sure both of them will be happy to see so many lenglui guests.

Xiu Long Bao: Aiyoo.....i was thinking more than 2 leh.

Pink Elle: You should go try, very nice.

boo_licious said...

Dunno, the one I had - beehoon was topped with the fried lala so it was quite obvious it was fried seperately since it would have been impossible to seperate the lala and beehoon if fried together.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Precious Pea: I thought you'd never ask!

Melting Wok said...

aiyo, ur cutie looks so much like my best friend's pup, dang, ur cutie might hv bump into hers at the park in ss2 or something haha, gotta play match making for ur dogs now hehe..btw, u've killed me w/ur lo mai gai, I finally made it, check it out :) oh my lala w/beehoon..I hate u :PP

tekko said...

another spot for dinner, thanks!

wmw said...

Glad you enjoyed dinner...and I wanna go play with Pea and Pumpking again!

tigerfish said...

Fried lala bee hoon! I want!
What is the gravy-based for that steamed tofu+fried egg dish? Fried lala bee hoon hard for to replicate leh...trying my luck at the steamed tofu+fried egg dish instead. ;p

Hey, Pea and Pumpkin look like brother-brother ler! Same notti cheeky and mischievious look :D
How, they so cute how?

Think you still have to let them get use to each other you know. Fi not, once Pumpkin is older, maybe more difficult.

Also have same problem at my Sg home. The jack rusell that came in much later could not get along with my schnauzer(whisky)...and we were always worried that the jack russell may bully whisky (jack russel fierce mah) So we never let them get use to each other since we sayang whisky so much and scared he kena bullied. Now end up, the jack russell have to be always on leash while whisky is the one that roams around at home. ler...I also dunno know.

Kay said...

hehehe, let me observe you first, before I get a second dog...kekeke :P Give #1 extra attention and #2 attention on different schedule..... Pumpkin got a light bulb on top of his head :P

Precious Pea said...

boo: you mention it, true also. My plate of beehoon also topped with lala instead of all mixed together. Anyway, still very satisfyting to me.

Lyrical Lemongrass: Aiyoo, didn't i invite you in my previous post on pumpkin? Go read my reply to your comment. can also arrange with wmw, she adores the 2P's.

Melting Wok: making loh mai kai?? Slurp...DHL one for me la, and I will DHL one plate of lala beehoon to you. Deal?

tekko: No problem, hope you enjoy your meal there too. I will also be visiting the place again soon.

wmw: No problem, anytime ok?

tigerfish: For the tofu fried egg dish, i suspect the gravy is diluted soya sauce, probably with a hint of sesame oil. As Pumpkin, I think he is a mixed pekingnese with shih tzu although the lady seller said he is a pekingnese. But it doesn't matter he is pure breed or not...cos he is simple lovely, don't you think so too?

Kay: Pea gets more attention now than before. I think Pea just doesn't like to be chase, which is what Pumpkin loves doing. Can see Pumpkin is looking for motherly love from Pea.


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