Friday, April 20, 2007

Emperor Chicken, Claypot Brand

After my first attempt in making homemade Steamed Herbal Chicken, I chose an easy way out by buying those pre-mix herbs and spices. I spotted this Claypot Brand Emperor Chicken Herbs & Spices Mix at Tesco and the instructions are as simple as ABC. So I decided to give it a try...who might turn out super tasty right?

Ingredients were simple, a packet of Claypot Emperor Chicken Mix and of course, the chicken itself. This time i use a whole chicken instead of wings, as per their instruction.

In the packet, you will find a packet of the herbs and spices mix as well as a piece of aluminium foil to wrap the chicken. I think my chicken a bit too big so I wrapped some of the exposed parts with my own aluminium foil.

Apply, Wrap and Steam. See?? Simple isn't it??

Supposed to be steamed for 2 hours but I just couldn't wait so long since we were super hungry and i thought 45 mins will be more than enough. Turned out the chicken just ngam-ngam cooked...if a bit longer, the better.

Tastewise, I think my homemade version are much better cos I find the pre-mix a bit too strong, thus bitter for me. Or maybe I should use only half packet of the pre-mix next time. Since it requires 2 hours cooking time, this seems like not a perfect choice for a weekday dinner.


Tummythoz said...

Thot of trying this before as d picture on d packaging looks good. Your end product looks like 'ayam rempah'. So verdict is not worth it?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Normally i dun steam the whole chicken...take ages for it to be fully cooked. But the end product looks yummy (?)

tankiasu said...

Wah so canggih oredi the world. Didn't know they have pre-mix for Emperor Chicken!

girl_girl said...

hi... i think u can go to the medical hall (yuk choy shop)to buy such ingredients.. they make tis mix herbs depends on ur requirement. but i dunno whether they sell herbs like tis in ur area or not. but in ipoh some shops do like tis. tis is just an opinion. :)

Someone who is constantly craving said...

haha..steam 2 hrs..the chicken mah hai sap sap lor.. looks ok only wor..i think your cooking skills should yield a better result

chiaza said...

Wow, nice blog with lots of food and recipe. I'll slowly check it out. the chicken look yummy to me!

Kay said...

Hey, the chicken looks pretty good, though I usually avoid getting a whole chicken... :P Don't like chopping the beast up.. :P

Precious Pea said...

Tummythoz: If you like heavy Tong Kuai taste, then you should try.

Xiu Long Bao: Normally i steamed chicken for 20 - 25 minutes only. Probably cos it was wrapped, so takes longer time.

tankiasu: They have another flavour also, cannot remember what is it oledi.

girl_girl: I usually buy all the chinese herbs separately and then i use the desired amount as I want. I guess next time i should use my own recipe than shortcut.

Constant craver: Don't think so it will be hai sap sap cos it was wrapped. Cos even 45 minutes, the chicken only ngam ngam cook.

chiaza: Thanks for dropping by and do drop by more often.

Kay: We didn't chop it, at the beginning we use fork and knife..but halfway we decided to use our hand to shred it instead. Hahaha..this is what i called BACK TO BASIC!

Pink Elle said...

Oh I love this mix. The gravy that collects from the chicken is also really good! Comes out just like the herbal chicken you get in the restaurant.

team BSG said...

you are very adventurous V love that ! ( thou shall never go hungry !)

Yummyking said...

Whenever I am back in KL, I always buy BKK, Curry, etc bags. Most of the time, they will endup in the bin as they will normally expire before I can find the time to cook.

The 2 hours steaming is far too long...and I will try 1 hour at 100 deg Cel. which I believe should have the chicken properly cooked!

wmw said...

Eh, like not enough gravy??? I usually love drinking the gravy, drink it like soup!

jason said...

I'm agreed with Tummythoz, it looks like er... roasted chicken! The chicken look small from the last pic.

Precious Pea said...

pink elle: Did you follow the instruction and cooked for 2 hours? Mine was a bit dry, not much gravy.

team bsg: Hungry??? Is that a new word?? Hahahahaha!!

yummyking: Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog. Where are you now? I also think 2 hours a bit too long...but probably becos i didn't steam long enuff, no gravy came out.

wmw: Chicken belum release the stock...maybe that's why i find it so bitter. Maybe when cooked for 2 hours and more gravy, it would taste good. Hmm..let me try again.

Jason: Actually not small since that night only Hubby and I attacking the chicken.

crabbit said...

I stay overseas and always bring this back to cook. I use chicken thighs or drumsticks only - about 4-6 thighs. Actually, you only need very little of the mix, enough to just cover a thin layer on the chicken and then put about 6-10 pieces of tong kuai, steam for about 25-30 mins and wala, you get tong kuai + emperor chicken, can be quite soupy dish. The tip is, don't dry your chicken before you put the mix... in fact, the "wetter" the chicken, the more soup u'd get.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find out more about "tong kuai" in cooking. Is there an English term for it? I have an Chinese market nearby that I can probably find it at (hopefully), but for those folks looking for info could you tell us more about it? :) Thanks!

Precious Pea said...

Dear anonymous,

Tong Kuai is called Angelica Root. Can get from Chinese medicine shop, even grocery shop should have. But take different quality. Cheap ones can be really bitter.


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