Monday, April 23, 2007


Last Saturday, Boolicious, Lyrical Lemongrass, WMW and myself got-together for a food crawl…destination: Klang. Our ulterior aim was the I-Po Roasted Duck which I have heard wmw raved so much about. All of us met in Glenmarie, in front of Meng Kee Char Siu (Roasted Pork) was such an irresistible temptation to have a dose of char siu before heading to Klang but at the same time, we wouldn’t want to spoil our appetite for the duck.

Meeting Boo and Lyrical Lemongrass was really exciting for me, since they are the 2nd and 3rd blogger I met so far…and certainly more to come this Friday at the Floggers Gathering. Oh my, after all the chit chat and laughing, I was certainly very very hungry when we reached I-Po and saw all the luscious glowy shiny roast duck hanging side by side at the back kitchen. Of course, all of us took out our cameras almost instantly to snap snap snap. Even took a picture of the trade secret in making the duck skin so crispy and upon request, it would not be posted up.

Yumm..mouth watering oledi...yumzz...

Since most of us skipped breakfast, we ordered one whole duck as well as a bowl of sour veggie to share. The duck was very good indeed, skin was crispy meanwhile the meat was still juicy. Although the duck are poured with hot oil before being served (that explains the crispy skin) the duck was not oily at all. The dipping sauce was good too. I packed 1/2 a duck for Hubby to try and he loved it too and said that he could easily finish a duck by himself.

One whole duck for 4 of us
Another photo of the duck from a different angle

The Sour Veggie was sour and spicy, after first bite, my tongue and lip was slightly numb but that didn’t stop me from having more. Definately a great combination to go with the roast duck.
Hot & Sour Veggie

Since we were already in Klang, we were so keen to try the famous Tong Yuen (Sweetened Glutinous Rice Ball) in Bukit Tinggi but no one seems to know the address. Boo called Citygal for direction and apparently they only open at night. Sigh…anyway, we still head to Bukit Tinggi to search for the shop and somehow we ended up at Leo’s for Gelatos. I never heard of Leo's before but apparently they have outlets in USJ, Sri Petaling and Carrefour Kepong. We were told that all the ingredients for the Gelato are imported from Italy and made in their factory in Sg Besi. I did a quick search and Leo's and found this.

Their menu is quite interesting especially the beverages section. And so, each of us ordered a colourful drink, so that we could take some nice picture of it.

Top Left : Glory of Gold Cup, Top Right: Top Ten Award, Bottom Left: Hard to Resist, Bottom Right: First LoveLook at my cup of First Love, the mango flavoured Nata de Coco is in lil'star shape. Cute eh?
Our Gelato aka Gang of Five: We had Tiramisu, Chocolate, Cookies, Mixed Berries and Strawberry

Time to go home....we headed back to Glenmarie to drop off Boo and Lemongrass…and oh no, the temptation to have Char Siu at Meng Kee had won us over this time. We ordered a strip of char siu to share. According to Boo, the Char Siu here is not as sweet as their KL outlet near Jalan Alor. Although wmw commented the meat we had that day was a little bit hard, I find it very good standard as compared to many char siu shop and since it was AGES since I last went to their outlet in KL, certainly I couldn’t even have a benchmark to compare. Anyway, still a good plate of char siu for me, especially with great companies.
My dad mouth-watered when I show him this photo
Thanks to Boo for holding up the Char Siu for me. Can you see the layer of fat, followed by meat, then fat, then meat, then fat, then meat, then fat??

The Addresses:
Restoran I-Po
No. 180, Jalan Batu Unjur
Bayu Perdana 1, Klang

Leo's Bukit Tinggi
Lorong 2-0 Batu Nilam 4B
Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Meng Kee Char Siu
20 (Ground), Jalan Pekedai U1/36
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park Shah Alam


k.t.x said...

LOL. crazy! oriental, western oriental!

how do u rate I-Po to sunrise or loong foong?

u can also get real good charsiew at jln ipoh opposite the karmotors showroom near the junction of raja laut. succulent!

MeiyeN said...

my god...... salute you gals! must had lotsa fun..... ;)

Live2Talk said...

I always love roasted duck :P so which destination next?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Actually, tankiasu left me the address for the tong yuen place on my blog under a totally unrelated topic! :-P Unfortunately, I forgot to write it down and bring it along with me. Tankiasu, next time, leave your mobile number oso, okay! heehee.

Anyway, our mini-gathering was worth skipping work for. I had to work extra hard on Sunday, but it was worth it. Next stop...korean food place with cute korean guy? *wide grin*

Precious Pea said...

k.t.x: The last time i had loong foong roast duck, the gravy tasted funny. Like chinese medicated oil..big turn-off. Sad to say, although i live in SS2 for past 2 decades, yet to try Sunrise.

meiyen: was fun, hope you can join us next time.

live2talk: Next destination? Korean guy, opppss...i mean Korean Food. Blink blink to wmw.

lyrical lemongrass: We go again for tong yuen, and also the romantic settings nasi lemak nearby. Yah, can't wait to meet the cute Korean guy.

Tummythoz said...

Sounds like a superb outing - good food, better company. Looking forward to see all of u this Fri!

tankiasu said...

Calling all male food bloggers out there. We shall have our own Alpha Male Makan day. ;-)

lemongrass - You wasted my effort/goodwill. Grrrr....

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

tankiasu: sowwy sowwy sowwy sowwy! I only remembered the Batu Nilam part. ANYWAY, they're open only at night, and we were there in the afternoon, so your effort has not gone to waste....we will go there somehow, tankiasu m'boy! Wei...pls msn precious pea ur number so that we can call u next time!

wmw said...

Yeah, glad you enjoyed the food and the outing, having a chance to meet LL and Boo. Next time bring your hubby to eat the duck there.

jason said...

The 4 "Mousie-keeteers"! Argh, double doses of roast duck... I want I want! And the gelatos too! Can't stop myself from laughing on how you describe the char siew ^^

Kenny Mah said...

Oh the glorious makan that I missed out on... I should have just FFK-ed my gym buddies and joined you that day! :(

T.c said...

Nice nice food! lucky it is dinner time for me now or else...Heh.

boo_licious said...

Yeah, so much fun and lots of good food too. Guess we have to go back there again for tong yuen and nasi lemak.

Kay said...

I like the colorful drinks, very eye catching, the ice cream looks yummie, how do you guys share that? Abd the char siu looks very different from what we had here but it looks very fresh! I am amaze at what kind of food you guys got there!

Precious Pea said...

tummythoz: C u on Friday :)

tankiasu: forming your all male makan gang ar? Can't wait to see your review..make sure it will be more than 3 places at one go.

lyrical lemongrass: I promise i will get tankiasu number.

wmw: Yah...must bring him there to try the crispy skin.

jason: Wahh...not Fantastic 4 meh?

kenny mah: Hi, welcome to my blog. missed the duck! Never mind, always next time yah :)

t.c: Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a nice dinner.

boo: Yep yep...must go for another food crawl in Klang soon.

Kay: The drinks are so nice isn't it? we share the ice-cream? All of us just dig in at the same time.

Kenny Mah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenny Mah said...

Yeah, I'm definitely counting on the next time. Guess I won't join you people this Friday --- the KLUE people didn't call me back and boo_licious already warned me that they may be fully booked.

Next month, perhaps? :)

P.S. Added you to my Bookmarks page. Now my links list is more "precious" :D

Pink Elle said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic outing :) Glad you had fun! Wish I could meet all of you at the KLUE event!

Precious Pea said...

Hi Kenny, I heard the Klue gathering is fully booked too. sure there are plenty more chances to meet. Oh yah, thanks for adding me into your bookmark :)

pink elle: You not going? Oh yah..phuket trip isn't it?

babe_kl said...

how did u girls find the gelato? i bought once for my boiboi in carrefour kepong. the gelato was oredi in melting stage when they scoop up and we asked if their fridge temperature was not cold enuff. all they said was its like dat one since its gelato. wahhsehh i dun remember lecka lecka was like this!

jason said...

Precious Pea: Ops, that word didn't came across my brain that time :P

Julian Si said...

Would u believe this Klang Native has NEVER been to Bayu Perdana's I-Po. I am so going this week, drooooooool ;-)


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