Thursday, April 12, 2007


I have been patronising A Little Dim Sum Place since their former outlet at Sri Hartamas, and now they have relocated to SS2, the same row as KTZ Dessert and behing Ee Yan Sang. With a bright red and big signage, don't think you will miss this shop. In fact, I think business in SS2 is so much better as compared to their former outlet. You won't find people carrying trays of food or pushing carts here, so all you have to do is to study their menu, tick the quantity you want in the order sheet given, pass it to the waiter, wait for your dim sums to be steamed or fried, attack when served and walk out with a big satisfying smile. The dim sums here tastes good too, fresh and tasty while the place is clean and air-conditioned.

A must-order is their Phoenix Eyes (RM4.60) which is really tasty. Wrapped with an almost translucent skin, the fillings of prawns, pork and mushrooms are generous with a hint of chinese parsley. My all-time favourite!!
How can we miss the Prawn Dumplings (RM4.80) should not be missed too. I just love the springy prawns..yumzz!

Ohh la la....this is the King Shiu Mai with a big prawn on top. They have the normal version as well...but why opt for normal when you have King? Be royal for a day for only RM5..definately worth it.

Hubby's favourite.....Steamed Fish Balls (RM3.40)....springy and bouncy!! We ordered 2 servings of this as my dad loved it too.

Loh Mai Kai aka Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Mushroom (RM3.80), a favourite of mine since am a big fan of glutinous rice. The taste was adjusted to fact, I think they put in some ginger juice cos there is a nice aroma of ginger. Topped with mushrooms, chicken and chinese sausages, Hubby also gave thumbs up eventhough he doesn't like glutinous rice.

This is the first time I order their Deep-Fried Prawns with Mayonnaise (RM4.80) and surprisingly, it's good. The skin was slightly thicker but chewy...while the inside was filled with bounchy prawns. This will be my 'must-order' from now on.

Ah-ha...a story to tell about this Cha Xiu Bao aka BBQ Pork Bun (RM2.50). Since it came in 2 pieces, I told my dad to finish 1 while I share with Hubby. Dad refused the offer, reason being he had a roti canai an hour earlier, thus super full. However, he said he will stil try 1/2 of the bun. After popping 1/2 the bun into his mouth, the other 1/2 disappear mysteriously as well. Turned out it was so good...he just walloped 1 whole bun. Hahaha.'s really good as the bun is so light and fluffy. Fillings was great time must order two servings.

Save the best for last......Fried Radish Cake with Egg & Beansprouts (RM5)...another of my 'MUST MUST MUST Order" dish. This dish is really additive, once it was served, 3 pairs of chopsticks attacked it non-stop. Hubby said he loves the crispy skin of the radish too!

Total bill for the 3 of us including a pot of Jasmine Tea came up to RM46. Not too bad isn't it? Place is clean and air-conditioned while the food are tasty and fresh..definately a great place to yumcha with family on Sunday. Just in care you are interested,
A Little Dum Sum Place is located at No.12 Jalan SS2/63, 47300 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03-7873.1876


wmw said...

Use to eat at Sri Hartamas, haven't tried at SS2. Looks like I should make it a point to pay Little Dim Sum Place a visit soon!

mama bok said...

Aiyoh.. PP..!! so cheap..!!! so envy lah...!!
All my favourite dim sum.. you had..!!! i must definitely join you .. when i come home.. ;)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've tried this place once before and enjoyed the dim sum there. Looks like I hafta make a repeat visit to check out the stuff u recommended.

tankiasu said...

Wah, quite pricey don't you think? But have to admit it does look very good.

Pink Elle said...

Looks good! It's easy to find dimsum nowadays but not easy to find good dimsum! Btw, I heard Tai Thong's doing their special dim sum promo again - RM2.80 and RM3.80 per basket! Could be only applicable on weekdays and Sat, I think!

UnkaLeong said...

Har Gow...Shiu Mai..Yee Tan...Lo Mai Kai...Haiyo. Drooling all over keyboard again :) But it's close enough to my place to warrant a visit when I'm next back ;)

MeiyeN said...

very seldom that we eat "dimsum" but your review... arghhh!!!!! make me so so hungry now!!!! :(

Precious Pea said...

wmw: I think quality still the same but quantity wise, I find it smaller oledi. Even the Cha Xiu Bao, used to be 3 pieces now 2 only.

mamabok: Again, when are you coming back??

lemongrass: Remember to try Phoenix Eye ok?

tankiasu: Pricey meh? Err...I thought it was kind reasonable since their shop is air-conditioned and clean. I used to patron another shop, always sit by the roadside and enjoy the aroma of the drain, pricewise not much difference.

pink elle: Oh yes...heard about the promo but yet to go. Last year,the did a RM1.90 per basket for all dim sums. I guess that they are not making much money from that promo, hence the increase in price. Heard Selangor Dredging branch da best.

unkaleong: drooling over dimsum? I drooling over the pig's trotter in Bangkok err...wanna swap for a week?

meiyen: Hahaha...why not have dim sum for lunch today?

Melting Wok said...

aiyo, aitel u, the crispy shrimp dumplings here we've to order as soon as we sit our butt down, otherwise, don't have :( eee..the lo mai kai, I'm so making for this w/end !! :PP Gonna put waterchesnut, quail eggs somemore yeehaaa :) hey, do M'sians fancy seafood rolls w/mayo dip over dimsum, its a hit here, what bout fried durian rolls ?

team BSG said...

these things are dangerous u really will put on 8 kgs otherwise yr money back !

Melting Wok said...

sorry, not waterchesnut, ter-excited lu..its chestnuts hehe :)

FoodieLianne said...

i was there just two weeks ago, i agree with you, they are good and reasonably priced. i tried their mango pancake (not good), and their banango prawn fritters too (fusion a bit mah) and not bad leh. Will go and tryout their glutinous rice as you've reviewed, sounds very yummyyyy

malaysianfoodguide said...

Passed by the shop few times but nvr went in...thanks for the review, will give it a try.

jason said...

Pheonix Eye... sounds so interesting :P Darn lor... see all those yummy stuff before dinner *argh*

Someone who is constantly craving said...

looks damn cheap la..should hav seen how prince hotel treated my wallet..the siu mai looks like the one in concorde hotel..must b copy cat 1..wah..i wan to eat dim sum now

k.t.x said...

dont forget to turn this weekend yours into a THAI one yeah?? LOL.! u wat i mean? lol.

suk san wan songkran!!! happy songkran!!! lol.

Precious Pea said...

melting wok: You making Lo Mai Kai?? Wahh.....can't wait to see your post on that. Speaking of durian pancake, the Chinese restaurant at Mandarin Oriental serves the best in town. Tried once, VERY NICE!

Team BSG: Oppss....i put on 9 kgs wor..where did the extra 1 kg came from?

Melting Wok: Hehehe...who knows? Maybe waterchestnuts taste great with loh mai kai.

FoodieLianne: Harlow there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I tried their banana prawn fritters..not too bad. But don't ever order the fried scallop lily bulb something something..taste horrible.

malaysianfoodguide: Try's nice.

Jason: Hehehe...they should have Dragon Ball also hor? When you come claim your lo-lo at KTZ from me..i bring you for dim sum also..since it's a few shops away.

Constant Craver: I don't go for dim sum in hotel cos the price and I have to behave myself more.

k.t.x: Tap tap tap (on your shoulder)


Hehehe...Happy Songkran to you TOO! Haha!!

MeiyeN said...

dimsum for weekdays lunch? O_o too heavy... me on diet :(

tigerfish said...

Your MUST MUST MUST ORDER dish so special, got tow-gay wan!
The Phoenix eyes really look like Phoenix eyes, after I stare at the pix...but 3 eyes? :O

Tummythoz said...

So hard to find good loh-mai-kai. Most are iether too dry, too oily, too sweet, too salty or too plain (tiny bits of ingredient). This looks like it'll satisfy my cravings.

jason said...

Precious Pea: Yor, thanks in advance! ^^ Am still organising my timetable to see whether I can attend for the floggers gathering.

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: You sacrifice your super luscious hotel buffet dinner for a dimsum lunch lor. Hahaha. If you need diet, I got to fast for MONTHS oledi! Haha!

tigerfish: The phoenix eyes really nice....must be the coriander stem they put aromatic. Yumzz!

tummythoz: The lohmaikai here very well steamed, but ermm..i think it's slightly oily.

Jason: Really? You might come? Good good....I will be going with Hubby, so hope to see you too. Hmm..wonder can bring precious pea or not since he is my trademark now.

Bito said...


Star Papers just reviewed her (A Little Dim Sum Place) on 17 April 2007 , can it on this website

Look at her Mango Tong Yuen!!! It was marvelous ! I tried it on that day Star paper review, it tasted yummy!!! Make a trip there!

And also don’t forget to try this Ramen with Har Kao, you will want to re-visit her real soon !!!


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