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Max's KItchen & Wines @ Tengkat Tong Shin

UPDATES!!! (1 June 2009)
Max has been relocated to:
Lot No. 32 Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. No: 603 - 2142.9720
Opens daily from 11.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.
Please click here for details: Max. at iHaus
We have been hearing from Wong, a member of my Makan Gang, how good Max's Kitchen is and after reading write-up about this place by fellow bloggers who said the same, Hubby and I decided to try it out yesterday. And so, the Makan Gang met yesterday at Max's Kitchen, located in Tengkat Tong Shin. According to Wong, he is a regular there (am not surprise) and his highest record was 6 days in a week and this has been confirmed by Max! According to Wong again, Max Chin was once an executive chef of a 5-star international hotel and have worked at hotels overseas too. No wonder so good eh? Max is very nice and friendly, the same goes for his staffs who are mainly from Myanmar, and we immediately like the place.
Whist the upstairs caters more for function, the downstairs is a bit small but cozy. You can even choose to sit outside as well, but since it was raining cats and dogs, we have ourself comfortably seated nearest to the open kitchen.

While I was walking down the stairs, I spotted some framed certificates as well as newspaper cutting featuring Max's Kitchen. IMPRESSIVE!

Max took Hubby and I to his wine chiller room where he proudly show us his collection of wines. The bottle on the photo below is actually one of his high range collection...ranging from RM600 - RM800 per bottle!! Gulp!!

To ensure quality of food served, Max is the only guy in action in his pretty small workstation aka open kitchen. While I was trying to get a good shot of him cooking, he actually asked me to stand on the staircase so that I get a better view. MMmmm...smells so good! And because we were the first customer, we told Max to take his time in whipping our dishes.

We ordered a bottle of Dolcetto d'Alba-Giribaldi Italian Wine (RM90) recommended by Max. A robust and full body wine that goes very well with our dishes. Sorry, no picture of the wine..hehehe. Once seated, we were given a plate of bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. MMm...bread was really soft. Wong advised us to save the bread for later....hmm..why???
Our first appetizer is the Yabby Lobster Tail (RM35) which came with 3 pieces of shelled yabby meat. I caught a glimpse of Max while he was cooking this and I saw him dashing some VSOP into the gravy. Now I know why Wong asked us to save the bread. The gravy is really really good, while the Yabby meat was cooked to perfection!! But sadly, we only get a piece each....I can simply have 10 pieces on my own without any problem.

Another appetizer we tried was the Unagi with Pate (RM60). The gravy once again amazed us, it tasted so good...and lots of mushrooms too! Another serving of bread please?!?!?! The unagi was slightly grilled resulting a layer of crispiness outside, and softness inside. While the Pate underneath is so soft and smooth and Hubby complained one piece for him is not enuff for him and hehehe, I felt the same too. It is quite a unique and fantastic actually salivating now while reminisching the taste!

I used to take lamb when I was in Melbourne...but since I came back, I seldom eat lamb anymore and now, a big turnoff for me cos of the strong smell. But how can I reject lamb tonight since Wong was raving about it throughout our journey from PJ to KL? And the way he describe the lamb was sooooo heavenly good. And so, each of us was served with a piece of loin and cutlet (RM100). But before I talk about the meat, I got to compliment the taste of the gravy again. Very very good with some minty flavour. The pea sprout that came with it soaked up the gravy and very tasty. Back to the meat, no strong smell at all(instead, it smelled so aromatic!), tender and juicy, I loved the loin the most as it was rolled with a thin layer of fats (imagine swiss roll) and then grilled to perfection. The slightly burnt layer of fats really enhanced the taste of the loin and it simply melts in your! What really annoyed me the most was my Hubby who constantly checking on my plate, and saying "If you don't take lamb, so you can give it to me". Grr grr grr....just leave me alone ler!

Ok, here comes the dish that we most wanted to try at Max...tada...Shiraz Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Mushroom Ragout served with Polenta (RM120 for 2 serves). Max told us that he used a bottle of red wine and VSOP to braise this dish. Upon putting the beef into our mouth, Hubby and I exclaimed at the same time "IT MELTS IN THE MOUTH"!!! I love the polenta too...tasted so heavenly when mix with the gravy.

The crowd started coming in and so we told Max to serve his customers and not to worry about us. Suddenly, Max asked me to his kitchen counter...and guess what? He actually asked me to take a photo of a plate of scallops before being served to one of his customers. Aiya...i thought I was asked to do some food-tasting....hehehe..but a photo of it also makes me very happy. This is my must-order on my next visit.

More and more people coming in now...and cos Max is the only chef, it takes quite some time for him to whip up a dish. And so we excused ourselves for an hour. From fine dining cuisine we headed to a roadside stall (just a few walks away), the Famous Ngau Kee for some beef noodles.

Hubby and I shared a bowl of dried lou shue fun (rat tail noodles)...ermm....soup tasted weird as it kinda sugarly sweet.

From roadside noodle, we headed back to Max again for second round..hahaha...we are such terrible gluttons, aren't we? We ordered another bottle of wine, Australian owned Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (RM120). Somehow I preferred the earlier wine, maybe because it was complimented with great food. Liverpool was playing against Arsenal yesterday and Max, being a Liverpool fan treated us with specially-made-and-not-in-the-menu (Max insist I put this in my blog), Wagyu Beef Cheek Sandwich when he learned that Liverpool won the game. Very yummy indeed..thanks Max!

While Wong and another friend ordered a cuppa coffee each, Hubby and I shared a dessert, a nicely decorated plate of White Chocolate Tart (RM12) served with some fruits and chocolate souffle. Looks too good to be eaten, but somehow cannot resist from destroying such nice masterpiece.

And so, our fine dining cuisine ended with a total damage of RM631.35 (including service charge and govt tax). We assured Max that we will be coming back very soon...especially since Hubby is very keen to try his Wagyu Beef Tenderloin and Scallops. 2 thumbs up!! And to Max, we'll be back!!!

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Kay said...

Wow....mouth watering food.... I love the scallop dish, all for scallops...the dessert looks pretty tasty as well! Gosh you guys got good food over there!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Fantastic review, fantastic food! Now I can't wait to go to Max's. U guys sure can eat a lot hor? :-D

mama bok said...

Wow..!! not bad at all.. 200 bucks.. canadian.. for all the good food and wine..!! Ahhh.. i have to visit Max too.. when i come home..!! yums..!!

boo_licious said...

Yums! Am so glad you liked it. Yeah, when we saw Liverpool win the game, we said Max must be happy since he is a huge Liverpool fan. New items on the menu - yippee, can't wait.

We shld be making a trip there this coming wkend. Maybe I shld go ask Lemongrass if she wants to come along since she has been drooling over the food.

cookies_cream said...

Precious pea, you're making me sooo hungry although I just had my breakfast! LOL, I know I MUST go to this place but I'm not sure where's Tengkat Tong Shin...the place in the pic displayed looked familiar..but I still couldn't manage to remember anything...stupid me huh. @_@

Precious Pea said...

kay: Are you Malaysian? Just come for a visit, am sure you will love the food here.

lyrical lemongrass: Looks like a lot, but actually serving quite small. I zoomed in only, dat's why looks big.

mamabok: When coming back? Wanna play with your daughter, can?

Boo: Oh yes, his food are so delicious...we are thinking of revisiting soon too.

cookies_cream: Hi, thanks for dropping by. Ermm....You know Jalan Alor? Tengkat Tong Shin is next row of Jalan Alor.

tankiasu said...

I need to fast for a week before I can splash RM600+ for those fab food!

But wait a min, I'm a Arsenal fan! Grrrr....

myCoffee said...

Oh my, although I have just been to this place not long ago, looking at all these pics make me want to go back asap! Especially the yabby and unagi pate....

tigerfish said...

I also want that Yabby Lobster dish!
So many dishes, still not full arh?

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: The bill was high due to two bottles of wine. Otherwise, the food there quite reasonable for fine dining cuisine.

mycoffee: I was salivating at your post too..hehe.

tigerfish: Not see...all i had was 1 tiny yabby, 1 small unagi pate which is not any bigger than a sushi, a piece of loin and cutlet and 3 pieces of small wagyu beef with probably 2 spoonful of polenta. Not much rite???

Live2Talk said...

So when are you going to try the kobe beef eh?

jason said...

What I like the most of fine dining is the arrangement and garnishing plus the taste of course! Good feast to the eye and tastebuds.

MeiyeN said...

wow.... amazing, yummy food! i wanted to go there last night but somehow ended up somewhere else :( i really can't wait to visit max's!!!!!!

Timothy said...

Incredible ! I've been to Ngau Kee a few times, but fail to notice this place. But thanks to you ... I have a few new places to check out.


KampungboyCitygal said...

you guys can really eat!! i also wana try the yabby since boolicious n u gave 2 thumbs up for that..

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: Kobe beef...yet to explore this meat..perhaps when I go Japan?? Wish me luck!

Jason: Oh yes...masterpiece of the chef..too good to be eaten.

meiyen: Quick quick go with your darling. Am sure he would love the wagyu beef cheef and wagyu beef tenderloin and must try the lamb!

timothy: It's actually next to Sao Nam Vietnamese Restaurant, his signage not that attractive and Max said he is already doing something about it.

kampungboycitygal: Yabby..yumz! The thought of is already making me droolz.

wmw said...

Call me along on your next trip there! Aiyoh, so hungry now....

Tummythoz said...

Where to get application form to sign up 2b in your makan gang?

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...cant believe that u went out for nudles n go bck for more food! Max must be yelling...' are ready, y r u all eating nudles @ the roadside!!!'


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