Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From Caves to Highlands..when there is a will, there is a way!

Before I start, I would like to do a little introduction of Hubby's friend, Wong, who is also one of our Makan Gang and my cooking si-fu. I first met him during our trip to Perth together and sampled some of his culinary skill. Amazed with the way he worked in the kitchen, whipping out dishes after dishes within minutes and all so yummy. Oh yah, I learnt my successful Radish Cake through him too. So meeting up with him is always fun cos it means food, food and more food! And this is what we did when we met up last Sunday for brunch.

Woke up early on a Sunday morning, not so difficult when one is anticipating good food. Picked him up at 10.00 a.m. and off we went to Batu Caves. We heard so much from him about this place called Pan Heong Restaurant in Batu Caves which is famous for its porridge and fried noodles. Wong said we should go early cos it's super packed and believe me, this cornershop restaurant was PACKED and one got to take a number and wait. Lucky for us, we were ushered straight to our table since they have a vacant table for 4.

Although packed, the serving time didn't take as long as I thought it would be. First dish served was their Sang Har Wat Tan Hor (Fresh Water Prawns with Cantonese-style Flat Rice Noodle). At only RM26.00 for 2 big juicy prawns, it's actually half the price charged by Greenview Restaurant at Sec19. The noodle was so full of wok-hei, simply delicious even without the egg gravy. Prawns were bouncy and fresh...mmm..I got the part with most roes. Ooooo....oishi oishi!!!!

Next came the non-halal version of Mee Goreng (RM7.50). Using yellow noodle like mee mamak, this dish is rather unique and it seems like a must-have since I see it in every table. But I would prefer it to be more spicy though. Next time must ask for tambah pedas (add chilli)!

The Nam Yue Pork Belly (RM10.50) is our favourite dish and such a perfect snack to go with beer. The outer layer was so crispy and full of nam yue (fermented beancurd) flavour while the inside was still so juicy and the layer of fats practically melts in your mouth. Each bite were so sinful especially when the juice splattered all over in your mouth as you chew. Ooohh...I must try to make this dish at home one day.

Interested? Do drop by Pan Heong Restaurant at:
No. 2 Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2
Medan Batu Caves
Tel: 03-6187.7430
Business Hours: 8 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

After breakfast, or rather brunch by the time we finished, it was too early to head home. Initial plan was to go to Shin Nichi for Japanese Buffet as we were craving for oysters and sashimi but it's not worth it as our tummies were half-filled. Since already in Batu Caves, Wong suggested to take a slow drive to Bukit Tinggi, Bentong for 2nd round. For your information, Wong proposed this itinerary for the next foodcrawl: 1) Pan Heong in Batu Caves; 2) 126 Restaurant in Bukit Tinggi; 3) Ice-Kacang with Ice-cream in Bentong; 4) Curry Chicken in Raub and finally 5) Tea and Chicken Wings at foot of Fraser's Hill. LOL!! Don't think he just "say say", he is serious!

We stopped at a fruit and veggie stall to grab the famous brown-skinned bananas. Ermm..not a fan of bananas so I didn't get any but Wong gave us a few pieces to try. Still raw so I can't review how it taste like yet.

Local Fruits (Local as in harvested in Bukit Tinggi itself)
Local Veggies
This is the brown-skinned bananas that we looked for...
Also bought a pineapple to ease indigestion

Wong brought us to this restaurant called Remember One Two Six which is quite easily to locate. If you are coming from KL, just turn into Bukit Tinggi exit, at the junction, turn right and follow the U-shaped road to the opposite side of the highway. Go straight and you won't miss this big restaurant located on your left. Seems to be a favourite stopover for golfers as well as those on long distance journey.

First dish we ordered was the Steamed Wild Bullfrogs (RM35) which turned out superb. There is a vast difference between the wild and the reared in terms of texture and sweetness of the meat. Normally those found in KL are normally reared and the texture is much softer. However, the wild bullfrogs are much bounchier (propobly due to their freedom) and sweeter too (due to their natural diet). The frogs were steamed with herbal stock which tasted really good. Hmm..next time I should boil Froggy Herbal Soup instead of Chicken Herbal Soup. Tastes so much better.

I don't quite fancy fish but this Steamed River Patin (RM39 for 1/2 fish) was really really good. Cooked to perfection, this fish was sweet, smooth, soft and bouncy all mixed together. I had an enjoyable time savouring this fish, especially the head. Ohh..not oily at all. Also a vast difference between the river Patin and reared Patin as the latter tends to be very oily, hence much cheaper in terms of price too.

Last dish, and luckily the last cos Hubby and I were really full, Stewed Pork Belly with Bamboo Shoots. Initially I was a bit skeptical when Wong ordered this dish. I used to have this perception that bamboo stinks as much as petai...but I was proven wrong after I tried this dish. The bamboo shoot has a very unique texture to it, really hard to explain, but I simply love the bamboo more than the pork. Quite a big portion for only RM8.

There are plenty of restaurants in Bukit Tinggi but according to Wong, most are craps and at cut-throat prices. So, 126 Restaurant is highly recommended especially if you are fan of exotic food such as turtle. Psstt..i spotted Turtle Yee Mee in their menu. Hehe..who dare to try??

Remember One Two Six Restaurant is located at:
PT3347, Kg Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Handphone: 012-2251894


wmw said...

Wah lau....Your friend, Mr Wong really serious when it comes to food eh? I don't eat bullfrogs.... *runs away far far*

BTW, you have been tagged by me. Fave Food, check out my latest post.

tigerfish said...

Haiz...sometimes I very scared visit your blog...coz make me VERY hungry after reading, and most of the food like these, US sure cannot get wan...haiz....so feel lagi worse.:(

Precious Pea said...

wmw: Oh yes, he enjoys food! Aiks..kena tagged pulak...let me think hard and come back from Hong Kong only I post yah.

tigerfish: LOL..so sorry...but then again, cannot eat but can see also good rite?

boo_licious said...

Wow, what a coincidence as I have been hearing Pan Heong the whole weekend. So many people said you must try this place. Will probably be visiting it soon. Thanks for the review.

babe_kl said...

the mamak mee and fish porridge are our must orders in pan heong! hmm yumyum...

i think tokyo restaurant in selayang serves bullfrog too. very sweet and yummy.

err when r u guys going for that food crawl? haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..sang har hor fun..thats very different wor..shit i hungry d..but for some reason i just put on loads of weight..must b the aftermath of pigging too long.. have to cut.. haha

and that plate of pork...looks like to die for..omg..i think i got pork cravings!

tankiasu said...

Yea, all the food at Pan Heong looks so good. But abit early for such a heavy meal rite? Sigh...how leh?

Precious Pea said...

Boo: Be early cos at 10.30 a.m, this place already very packed. And also if late, some popular items will be sold out.

Babe_KL: I heard their Pei Dan Sau Yuk Porridge also very nice. But 3 of us only, cannot order so many, maybe next trip. You interested in the food crawl?

Constant Craver: Yep, normally people use crispy noodle but this place use hor fun which very well tossed in wok, hence the wok-hei all absorbed into the noodle. Sedap sedap. And that pork...must try.

tankiasu: I see every table also order a lot for breakfast. I saw people ordered steamed fish for breakfast also leh....ehehehe...i thought i stepped into wrong timezone. Hehehe!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

the sang har meen in Pan Heong is to die for. I've never tasted sauce so eggy before! I also like the porridge there.

You're doing a good job, precious sista!

Precious Pea said...

Luscious sista, am so keen to try their porridge as it looks good. In fact, i see a pot at every table...except ours of course.

Pink Elle said...

Wow you guys are a real makan gang *salute* Can those brown bananas be eaten raw or must they be cooked? Looking forward to your next makan trip :D

Jackson said...

pan heong pan heong! I wan to go! Precious pea, pls organise a food trip there! ok? I just had my lunch but i start to feel hungry already after view yr blog

Precious Pea said...

pink elle: It's to be eaten raw. Tonite i will try it.

Jackson: Errmm...you organise seafood and i organise pan heong. Deal?

MeiyeN said...

da brown bananas look interesting! how it tastes i wonder.....

Xiu Long Bao said...

u dun like fish???

jason said...

Ei... I wanna join the foodcrawl! Then you can have my portion of bullfrogs :P

Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! too yummy..!! i really, really envy you ..!! first good food.. and then to disney land..!!!

Rasa Malaysia said...

The fresh water prawns look so sinful with yellow egg roes...so sinful.

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks gorgeous, I got to try the wildbull frog.Do drop by bigboysoven.blogspot.com as we will be laucnching our blog on the 1stJune2007. Hope to see you there.


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