Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Taste of available @ JUST HEAVENLY PLEASURES

First of all, a heartiest congratulations to Nigel and Allan on their opening of Just Heavenly Pleasures at Epicure, Damansara Heights.

Ever since I saw the mouth-watering display of ohh-so-good-looking cakes in WMW 's blog, I was so captivated with the picture of the Chocolate Durian cake. Being a true fan of Chocolate and Durian, I told myself I got to make a trip to Just Heavenly Pleasures this weekend. Then Lyrical Lemongrass also blogged about it 2 days later and she gave affirmation on how good the Chocolate Durian was! That's it, I can't wait till weekend and I must go on Thursday after work. Heavy thunderstorm around 4 p.m. so I was rather upset being so unlucky. However, clear blue sky as I left my office...YIPPEE!! Called Nigel that am coming but then he told me Chocolate Durian all SOLD OUT!! Can you believe it??? I mean, it's good to hear business is good but but but...sigh. Anyway....told Nigel that I will be coming the next day and requested him to save me a piece of it.

So after work yesterday, I was full of determination..although am unsure where the place is but I didn't care cos I just can't wait to savour this beauty. After several phone calls exchanged between me and Nigel, I finally found the place. All the cakes look so yummy..told myself that I shouldn't be too greedy cos I will be the only one eating the cakes.

My my, which one shall I bring home???

I spotted only 1 piece of Chocolate Durian left...and thanks to Nigel, he saved that for me eventhough his earlier customer requested for it. Lucky for him, otherwise, he got to deal with a cry-baby stomping her feet in front of him. Hahaha!

Nigel packing my cakes

On the same night, I attacked the Chocolate Durian since I have been craving for it. Although I didn't feel like sharing, but my dad was at home, so I offered him 1/3 and he said it's yummy and rich. Hubby is Durian-Phobic + Chocolate-Phobic but he was so brave and took 1 bite since I was raving about it. Erm...he didn't like it as expected. Funny thing was, I had it in our room and I didn't realise the aroma was so great. My room was filled with durian smell after that and Nigel, Hubby wants to know if you are using D24....SO POWERFUL! LOL!!
My colleague requested for a picture of the durian inside the cake. I didn't know chocolate could go so well with durian. Perhaps I should make durian fondue next time. Very rich and each bite was so heavenly sinfully good!!!

I saw my favourite Creme Caramel and I knew this is a must have. Wonderfully eggy and smooth.
Dunno if I should complain on the generous amount of caramel...a tad too sweet for me so I tried not to scoop too much caramel with the custard. Mmm....I enjoyed this very much.

I had this for lunch today...Death by Chocolate which is so deathly rich!!!! A must-try for chocolate lovers.

Using chocolate cake as base, the middle was filled with chocolate mousse and then covered with a layer of rich milk chocolate (Nigel, pls correct me if I am wrong). I made myself a cup of English tea to go with, ooohh la la!!

I also bought a piece of Chocolate Cheese which is still lying in the fridge. My body is so overdozed with chocolate now, and I don't think I can handle anymore chocolate for the day. Tomorrow!! Tomorrow I shall attack you, my dear chocolate cheese, so please enjoy your last day in the fridge cos tomorrow, you will be on a my stomach!!!! Hehehe...see? The effect of too much chocolates...making me HIGH!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by to experience some heavenly pleasures soon. Oh yah, please contact Nigel before you go to avoid disappointment cos the cold cakes are selling like hot cakes!!

Just Heavenly Pleasures is located at:
Lot 1.05 & 1.06, Ground Floor Epicure
No.1 Jalan Medan Setia 1

Damansara Heights,50490 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours : 11am -6 pm
From June onwards 11 am - 9 pm (Closed on Sundays)


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hey Precious. Thanks so much for stopping by and making such a huge effort. Where would we be without your guys? Thanks so much. Am glad you enjoyed it all. Do try and stop by again and try the NON chocolate stuff.

Death By Chocolate; You're right except instead of milk chocolate, we use dark chocolate folded into whipped cream. Slight difference. But really in the real world, no diff lah. :-)

Thanks again.

Precious Pea said...

Wow! You reply really fast!!

Anyway, saw your carrot cake recipe in Flavours and Hubby actually so excited when he saw it's from you guys. Will try it out myself impress him a bit. Err, you dare to try or not?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Precious pea ar, you make me want to go to Just Heavenly Pleasures for more cake lar since I've already finished my stocks. Next time I'm gonna try the Death By Chocolate. Looks really yummy.

Precious Pea said...

My dear luscious sister, i suggest we go to Cafe & Brew for a cuppa of tea and order a few slices of heaven to savour there. What you think?

Neko Hime said...

I am drooooling after looking at your pics......... gonna recommend this to my dessert crazy best friend and drag her along with me!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sista, you're on! Must warn Nigel first. Or else, we'll clean him out by 11.30.

Precious Pea said...

neko hime: Oh yes, do pay them a visit..they have many more great cakes which I yet to try.

Luscious sister, that would be a good news for Nigel, can close shop early becos of us. Lol!

k u k u j i o a m a n said...



Got map ar?? Me new in town?? Sry!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

aisheh...i made my way there one day after work but it was closed...but nvrmind, nxt week onwards i will start work @ damansara can cabut there during lunch time!

boo_licious said...

Sigh! I have no luck. Went on Sat after our brekkie session but not opened yet. I think I must give them a call before I go as everytime I pop by they're closed.

wmw said...

Hee hee...Got JHP gang forming!

Jackson said... lat u got to try their cakes! Really good rite? I visited them last week but still do not have a time to blog about it.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh ask me along ler when you guys r going to raid his place..omg precious pea i cant imagine ur fridge!!..haha ur cravings seems to be out of hand..well the things cakes do to us..

Live2Talk said...

Ha now I finally can see how's the inside of that Choc-D cake :D Looks really really rich err I bet from now on u'll be one of the regulars at JH?

Precious Pea said...

OoiSeng: Do try, it's nice. for the map, i think WMW's blog got it.

xiu long bao: Better call in advance to ensure those you want are available.

boo: You got Nigel's number rite?

wmw: We are super fans!!!

Jackson: Yes, very good indeed. Am so intoxicated with chocolate now.

Constant Craver: Where were you last Sat? I tot you wanna go for the cakes after nasi lemak?

live2talk: Good thing cannot eat too often....hahaha. Need to send to the lab to see how much calories per one cake. So sinfully rich.

tigerfish said...

Cannot handle chocolate anymore, pass some to me lah! The durian smell so strong, your pea and pumpkin did not woof for any ? Is that why you eat in the room?

Anonymous said...

i just called their bangsar outlet to enquire abt the chocolate durian just a small piece to try it out and maybe to packed other cakes as well....a chinese guy picked up my call...sounded soooooooo rude!!!

at first he said left 4 pcs then said no more already...then he said normally customer have to place an order 3 days in advance i mean come on lar...i merely wanted to try a SMALL piece of chocolate durian cake...then i said o...1 small piece also need 3 days for booking? he raised his voice and tell me 1 small piece also need to do, right? *in a soooo unfriendly tone* i told him this kinda tone ar? he then blah blah abt ingredient is fresh etc.......still in his unfriendly tone :(

i'm sooooo puzzled by this guy as i heard from my friend of their high nose service didn't know i get it too.... :((((

i told myself there u already lost a customer here..pls change your attitude whomever that chinese guy is or u'll will lose even more customer!!!

i wonder why barbara engaged them recently? hmmm....maybe because of food but attitude...haiz

p/s: why should i choose u...there's plenty of special and unique patisserie around...

cake addict

sc said...

wanted to pop over yesterday when i had the urged for some dessert..then recalled boo said that it's closed on sundays :(.. oh, btw, glad to finally meet u on sat :)

fatboybakes said...

you mean those caramel glasses are sold like that? get free glass with the dessert? wow.
i am surprised at anonymous's complaint. i cant imagine nigel or allan being rude to customers.
that choc durian cake looks darn good. i had to satisfy my craving a bit by biting into a lindt dark choc bar....

Jackson said...

anonymous : Well, through my experience, i got a really great service from them since the first they i bought cake from them. They are even so friendly and willing to explain on the ingredients of making those cakes and teach us (jason n i) what's the different btw "toffee" and "coffee" ..haha..

jason said...

Death by Chocolate!!!! I swear I'll munch you someday! Yeah, someday :P

Anonymous: Well, it's hard to believe that Nigel or Allan being rude to their customers. Jackson was right, Nigel actually explained to us in detail the difference between "toffee" and "coffee" although he's on the rush to prepare his stuffs as he's having an important function the next day.

Anonymous said... too is sooo surprised by that...i didn't ask for that guy's name though.. so not sure who that rude fella is >:(

yeah lor....i also love cakes alot too and will even travel some distance just to fix my craving....canele in singapore is one of them :)

Anonymous said...

maybe they know who u blogger are lor.....

but seriously i'm so sad on what he answered's unacceptable even for a happy go lucky person like me and my friend too...only god knows how this guy answered me :(

not just me ar my friend also kena the same type of service over the phone leh...

i'm not gonna talk more on this guy lar...wasting my time only and not to mentioned he really spoilt my mood today *sob sob*

cake addict

Tummythoz said...

Another killa post. That choc durian cake. Again. I will survive. I must survive. I must find time to get it soon. Very soon.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hey guys, thanks for your understanding. Jackson, Jason, much appreciated for your comments.

Anonymous; I'm truly sorry that you were hurt and offended by the person's tone. I've asked permission from precious pea to reply here as it is her blog after all.

1. We try very very hard to be polite to customers! You guys are our lifeblood. If at times we fall short we are very glad to hear your feedback and complaints. Even the bad ones. If I only wanted to hear good stuff I wouldn't be in business today. ;-)

I would sincerely like to rectify the situation and show you we're really not bad people. hehe ;-) Like everyone else we do have bad days and rush days and there are young fellows who work with us who sometimes don't know how to control their tone as much as we old folks (meaning, me) do. And even then, sometimes we screw up. We don't claim to be perfect. We do however, claim to be a work in progress and we will always strive to make sure that the customer experience is optimal.

2. The chocolate durian is NOT sold in individual servings at Bangsar as we are in the process of differentiating the two shops a bit. We are going to be selling WHOLE cakes in Bangsar. And INDIVIDUALS will only be available at the outlet.

If you do call Bangsar, pls do expect to be told that there is a 3 working day policy on cakes. Large or small. It's not how small they are but the time taken to assemble them.

For example, if you place an order for choc durian we would have to make a chocolate sponge, allow to cool (1 day), strip the durian and then fill, and then coat with chocolate ganache (2 days) and given that we are quite busy these days,we ask for 1 more day as a buffer. Hence the 3 day policy. That way you get as fresh a cake as possible. And where durians are concerned, you know that's very important. There are however, cakes which are available on the spur of the moment. Do ask us about those.

However, if you came to the outlet in Plaza D'sara we will be able to serve you subject to availability.

I hope you understand and will give us an opportunity to do right by you.

Also, do please introduce yourself to me by name and what problems you face as we would be, as you say, losing customers right left and centre, if we did not attempt to put into place systems that would work to minimise occurences like this. I won't say we will eliminate them entirely, (being humans, we realise that imperfection is what we were born with) but we can certainly do our best.

Again, thank you for your comments.

As for Barbara Lim of Tiffany, I believe she was pleased with what we did for her and we were certainly very grateful for the opportunity to work with her and such a renowned brand. Since you make mention of her, it sounds like you know her, and she is available at KLCC for your questions if you choose to ask her what she thought of what we did. I will not be calling her to brief her so you will have an objective viewpoint. I stand by our service and products on that day.

So please anonymous, do email me at or you can call me on my handphone which you can get from my office at 03-22879866. I hope you understand if I don't give out my handphone here as it is also my private number and it could be personally dangerous to do so in such a public arena.

Thanks again.

Nigel of Just Heavenly

Precious Pea said...

Anonymous, sorry to hear about your bad experience and hope that you will give Nigel a call. You will understand what Jackson and Jason means once you speak to Nigel..he is really friendly and wonderful person. Since you are a cake addict, you should really really pay them a visit at their new place..give Nigel a call first ok?

Precious Pea said...

tigerfish: Nigel told me, they are using D24, hence that explains why so strong aroma. Scare they will think it's a stink bomb if i mail it over to you. LOL!

sc: Nice meeting you too. I was suggesting maybe one Saturday we go Cafe & Brew for tea and savour some cakes.

fbb: Oh comes with the small glass and it's heavy too. Btw, Nigel, you want the glass back so that you can use it again?

jackson and Jason: I agree with you guys. I haven't met with Allan yet so can't comment but Nigel is absolutely a very warm and friendly person.

tummythoz: Hahaha...go soon ok?? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i was sleeping ahah..refer to my blog..but yes i still want to raid nigel haha not him but his cakes! hahah

sc said...

sounds good precious let me know when you ladies are going again, will try my very best to join :)

myCoffee said...

Ok, now it's officially "die, die, must go"! ;p

wmw said...

Anonymous, I know Nigel before my blogger days and he is a very friendly chap! So, the hospitality extended to me doesn't have anything to do with me being a food blogger. Allan too is the same. So, give Nigel a call and speak to the man himself. :o)

Precious Pea said...

Constant Craver: Don't be too overly greedy like me, am now too intoxicated with chocolates.

sc: No problem, probably one Saturday for tea. C u soon!

mycoffee: Before you go go, remember to call call first.

wmw: Agree with May Wan, first time meeting Nigel already he gave me a very warm and friendly impression. So anon, do give Nigel a call ok?

Pink Elle said...

Woah, chocolate overload! Do drink lots of water! :)

Precious Pea said...

pink elle: Hahaha.....yah..makes me HIGH!

Anonymous said...

we were in just heavenly, epicure late afternoon yesterday after the phone call...guest what? i saw 3 chocolate durian cake on display which he told me is not available anymore?

i understand yr baking process but do we have to bare with it too? if we are talking abt full cake 6" or 9" it's fair about placing order in advance...but i'm talking abt individual serving that u serve everyday in epicure..

there are a few things that you can avoid being rude to your customer...u should have told me that your outlet in epicure do have the cake and not by telling me that i have to order 3 days in advance or u can even tell me that you can reserve one for me tomorrow or something like that since your outlet in epicure do sell individual cakes everday...hmm..maybe i was just expecting too much on your highly acclaimed "providing good service to your customers!"

also there's only one tel no. to call which is off your bangsar i do not know what's the tel no. in your epicure i depend on your guys in bangsar to tell me what's the future pls explain it clearly to your customer so this kinda misunderstanding won't happen again

p/s: i bought a few cakes from you yesterday which i think is way toooo sweet, honestly..especially death by chocolate and my hubby is complaining abt the durian flesh in chocolate durian is very rooty or u know those hairy fiber thingy? being a durian lover he think the durian is not of a good gred...i have yet to try others lying in my fridge..hmm

sorry, precious pea that i posted so many comments in your blog..normally i will just keep quiet but this one is getting on my nerve...this will be my last comment...thank you sooo much, dear! :-D

sylvia gan

Precious Pea said...

Hi Sylvia,

As explained by Nigel earlier, the individual cakes are available at Epicure wherea the bigger ones are available at Bangsar and need 3-day booking in advance. He told me that they will have a word with the person you spoken to that day.

As for the cakes, am surprise cos i love their choc durian, probably different tastebud.

Anyway, hope you feel much better now. :)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Sylvia, thanks for airing your frustration. I understand and sympathise. I can only apologise.

However, I must admit to feeling odd to replying to you on precious pea's blog.

If you would like to email me and tell me what I can do to make reasonable restitution, I would be glad to. I can also hope that you will be generous enough of spirit to be able to forgive a young company who is, at the end of the day, trying their best. We've made a mistake and you are justifiably obviously very annoyed.

I must say though that while we try to cater to every taste, there will be some who will not find what we do enjoyable. And well, it is unfortunate, but we are not miracle workers. We are only human beings who can try our best and at times we do fail. So please forgive us.

What we state in all our literature is an ideal which we strive to achieve. As human beings, we will make mistakes and I can only depend on your good heartedness to understand and forgive.

If you do choose to speak of this again, I hope you will do so to my email address at rather than on poor precious pea's blog. ;-)

Thanks again for airing your frustrations. And again, my apologies for your less than pleasant experience at Just Heavenly.


Honey Star said...

OOOOOOOooooo...I must ! I must check out Just Heavenly Pleasure soon. Im already wetting my keyboard. :D

~ S a m m y ~ said...

Hi, I tasted/tested ur chocolate durian cake today while popping in at Chef & Brew!
While I agree that the combination is ingenious, the D24 came off a tad empowering!
Moist Banana Cheese topping was seriously yummy cause the slightly sourish sweetness went well with the banana cupcake. But the cupcake was a little dry despite me having thawed it. Should be fluffier & more banana-y!

catsndogs said...

waaaaaaaaaa.... the pic u took at chocolate really makes me hungry. anyway, will drop by Nigel place this week for sure... :P

pam said...

wow will definitely go and try soon !!...there is another place i use to go for durian cake...that place is somewhere along tong shin area..kinda near to max's kitchen and wine..bijan restaurant serves good durian cake too : )


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