Monday, June 25, 2007


The Makan Gang is at work again last weekend, this time conquering Malacca which we completed with 10 (TEN) satisfying meals within 1 ½ day. Please note that the 10 meals exclude the in-between snacks and drinks. Aimed to maximize the length of our trip, we departed KL at 7.30 a.m. on Saturday (hey, I don’t even leave home for work that early). Wong suggested to have dim sum in Seremban only to discover that the restaurant we wanted to go had closed down. Since Seremban is just a stopover, we decided to have something simple at Meng Kee Foodcourt.

I felt like having something really light and easy to digest since i foresee my day will be full of food.
Ah-ha…what could be better than porridge? My bowl of sliced pork with century eggs with extra fried intestines was surprisingly good. Priced at only RM4, the porridge was really smooth and flavourful. Portion as well as the ingredients was really generous too. Mmmm…..thumbs up!

Hubby’s not too happy with this bowl of tasteless curry laksa. It looks creamy though.
Chee Cheong Fun to share…errmm..took 2 bites as I don’t want to stuff myself.

We arrived Melaka at around 11 a.m. Still too early for lunch, Wong took us to a bee farm. I didn’t know that there are so many varieties of honey and we get to sample all of them. They even make soup and balm out of the honey. Soap? Won’t they attract ants or even bees?? Wong made them really happy by spending about RM500+ there.

Products for sale....I didn't get any home cos we seldom consume honey.
You can sample the honey before buying...err...all tastes the same to me.

Ok…food digested a little so off we went for lunch at L.T.P Restaurant which is located on the way to Melaka town. I was told that it is one of the oldest restaurant in Melaka.

Sizzling Oyster Omelette (RM10) - Quite unique as this is the first time trying oyster omelette served on sizzling pan. Initially it was a bit watery but by the time it stop sizzling, the omelette was already dry. The eggy aroma filled the air...mmm...not bad.
Look at the succulent and juicy.

Stir-fry Lotus with Celery (RM10) - A favourite dish of ours....perfectly stir fry with wood fungus and sprinkled with almond flakes and fried cuttlefish. A very good combination as you get many texture out of this dish; the crunchiness of the celery and lotus roots, soft yet slightly crunchy wood fungus and the crispiness from the fried cuttlefish. All gave thumbs up for this dish.

Braised Duck (RM12) - A big no-no from all of us. Meat was dry and tough while the gravy lack of taste. Hubby suspected that the duck might be from overnight.

Deep Fried Butter Soft Shell Crab (RM20) - Crispy and juicy. Only complain was the shredded butter and egg sauce a bit overcooked. Still find it ok overall.

Stir-fry Fish Maw with Leek and Minced Meat (RM18) - This dish is another favourite of ours. The Fish Maw was so tasty, the texture was like a cross of between fried foochuk (beancurd) with fried pork skin. Leek was young and fresh, thus fiberless...and tossed together with minced meat and mushroom, this dish was really good!

Restaurant L.T.P Sdn Bhd is located at:

251 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang

75100 Melaka

Tel: 06-282.2737


After lunch, we headed directly to our hotel for check-in. We stayed at Aldy Hotel, a highly recommended hotel which is rated no.2 by tripadvisors and is located right in front of Stadhuys and within walking distance to Jonker Street. The hotel even won the "Best 3-star Hotel" at State level in year 2005.
I spotted 2 tourist polices on duty and his motto is PEACE! Hahaha....yah..with the nature of his job, I will definately pray for peace too.

After we checked-in, we decided to walk at Jonker Street which is just across a road and a bridge. While we walked passed the bridge, we were very lucky to bump into this huge monitor lizard, swimming gracefully alongside the riverbank. A Caucasian man who stood beside me watching the monitor lizard proudly told me that it's a crocodile. No's MONITOR LIZARD!

First food shop which greeted us was the No.1 Kopitiam which they claimed famous for its Nyonya Cendol. Each of us had 1 bowl…mmm…ice was well-shaved and the gula melaka was really aromatic. Refreshing especially since it was super hot on Saturday.
RM1.80 for a very small bowl of cendol.
I see these bright and colourful wooden slippers everywhere.
Spotted this Sambal Tamboon biscuit and decided to buy it for teatime. Tastewise almost similar to the normal tausar pia but this is with a hint of dried shrimp and chilli.

Many stalls only open in the evening for the night market so there is nothing much to see during the day. Most of the shops opened are selling arts, antiques, local products and souvenirs. After about 30 mins walk, we decided to have a drink at
Geographer Café. I only realized when I saw a poster on the wall that this is the place where they shoot the movie “Summer Holiday" starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren.

Each of us ordered an Organic Coconut while Wong had beer. The organic coconut tasted like their non-organic cousins, only difference was the price paid. RM4.50 for this not-very sweet organic coconut.

As we were seated next to the dessert counter, I was captivated by their Apple Pie. The apple fillings were filled in a glass while the pastry puff was on the glass. It’s like Dome’s Chicken Pie!

My curiousity got better of me, so I decided to give it a try. I was shocked when they actually pour everything on a plate when served. Well…a big disappointment cos the only nice thing about the apple pie was the vanilla ice-cream that came with it. The apple fillings with a hint of cinnamon tasted quite normal but the puff pastry was bad. It’s just like eating flourish chapatti which could not even be cut using fork and knife. So tempted to shred it using hand.

Geographer Cafe is located at:

No. 83 Jalan Hang Jebat
75000 Malacca

Tel: 06 - 281.6813


We felt a bit lazy after the drink and with such hot weather, we decided to head back to our hotel for some rest. While on the way back, we spotted a very crowded restaurant even at 3.30 p.m. Must be good eh? Turned out it’s a chicken rice shop which is famous for its chicken rice ball. This place was even featured in a popular local food program called Taste with Jason.
Entrance to Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

Am not a fan of chicken rice ball cos it’s just too soft and mushy for me…but somehow this one tasted not too bad. The rice ball was really aromatic and when dipped with the soya sauce from the chicken, it tasted even better. A surprising discovery indeed and only RM3 for 14 pieces.

Meanwhile, the chicken meat (RM8) was quite a disappointment as the texture was too soft and tasteless. Doesn't require much chewing.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice is located at:
4, 6, 8 Jalan Hang Jebat

75200 Melaka

Tel: 06-283.4751

At this point, am super-stuffed and could not even think of food. And so, we headed back to our hotel for a short nap before continuing our food excursion.

To be continued ...........


Hubby said...

Even though I was born and educated in Melaka, it was quite a nostalgic trip for me as it had been such a long time since I last went back and tried the food here (more than 15 years liao, at least). Am glad that we did this trip and thoroughly enjoyed it... Can't wait for the next blog on the evening meals that we had... hahhaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah!!..i want to try the chicken rice ball lar..but i can console myself into thinkin i had a better time with all the other floggers in MAx! wahahaha

Xiu Long Bao said...

huh....10 meals????no way!!!Csb n i only managed to gorge 3 meals in half day...haha

Live2Talk said...

I tried the chick rice ball @ the same shop years ago and don like it. Somehow the chick meat and bone all separated by itself :( I still prefer the fluffy type of rice. Something are not meant to be changed especially not with an ice-cream scoop!

Precious Pea said...

hubby: Yeah, it was really fun. I think I need one week to digest, so i suggest we have plain porridge for the rest of this week. Wah...why are you rushing me to post??

NJoe: Ahhh Max! I missed it! Never mind, Hubby bringing me to Max this Saturday after we go on plain porridge diet this whole week.

xlb: I had 3 heavy meals between 9 a.m to 1 p.m. Gosh...tummy felt like exploding.

live2talk: I think it's an acquired taste. But I agree with you, the chicken meat was so soft until it separates from the bone. But i also suspect they use the knife to flatten the chicken meat before chopping it. It's a way to make the portion looks bigger.

MeiyeN said...

aiks... da chicken rice sounds bad, sorry to hear that! organic coconut... interesting... tastes differently?

Kenny Mah said...

Aiyo, we were in Melaka almost the same time lar! I left with my two Honeymooner friends right after Nigel and Allan's Just Heavenly Launch on Sat afternoon, and was in Melaka till Sunday afternoon.

Just missed each other else can go jalan-jalan cari makan together. I'll post up some pics of our makan trip soon --- we ate at two different cendol places than yours.

What a coincidence! :)

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Well..i guess it's just not for me but Hubby said he had chicken rice ball since small so he is ok with it.

Kenny: Wmw told me you were in Melaka too. Hahaha..i was actually keeping my eyes open to see if i will bump into you. LOL. OOooo..i also had cendol at Donald and Lily..will blog about it in Part 3. Can't wait for your post too.

The Drool Team said...

wow, all those food...yum yum. I kinda like the rice balls but agreed with u 100% about the chicken..

Jian said...

The chendol look different lar...seems thick to me...

If chicken is that mushy, should be frozen chicken lor...

Jackson said...

wow... truly food crawl in Melaka huh! I have the same feeling with u on the Chicken rice ball too.. it's too soft for me..

The Cooking Ninja said...

wah...the porridge looks so delicious and the Chee Cheong Fun ...yummy. I haven't had chicken rice for a long time. I got to make my own soon.

boo_licious said...

Yum, such treats from melaka. Must go down one of these weekends if we're ever free.

tigerfish said...

The curry laksa LOOKS very lemak and so much chili. Pity it was not tasty. The chicken rice balls LOOKS almost like fish balls- bet the rice was already smoothed and mashed to that outer texture.

What a great Malacca trip! Maybe I can keep it and use it when I visit Malacca in future. I think never gone to Malacca before leh :(

wmw said...

10 meals EXCLUDING in between snacks in 1 1/2 days???? *Eyes blink blink wide open*WAAAAaaaaahhhhhh!

Precious Pea said...

the drool team: I prefer those yellow-skinned village chicken. Texture firmer and chicken taste much stronger.

jian: Ermm..don't think it's frozen, probably just normal chicken you get from wet market. Cendol is very good...yumzz.

jackson: Wong actually renamed it as Chicken Sushi!

cooking ninja: Porridge looks good hor? Love's so homemade feel and i was so delighted to see all the goodies floating on my porridge.

boo: Melaka very very near only. We should organise one outstation trip.

tigerfish: The rice was totally mashed and then make into balls. I would like my rice to be fluffy, grains by grains.

wmw: Hehehe...yalor...but we also eat light so that's why got more stops.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

when we going for a floggers outing la..since gathering is normal d..haha we can get a convoy for food!...woohoo!

oh yeah waiting for part 2 d..wahahaha

sc said...

wow precious pea, really makan kau kau kat melaka? *pats PP's back* very geng, very geng! ;)

babe_kl said...

wow 10 meals but if you go in a group and share out the portion, i guess it shld be ok since i did about the same in penang :p

btw i think i saw that monitor lizard in the river before but gosh dat was many many years ago!

MeltingWok said...

PP, this is one of the best of your best post, thanks ! :) Wahh, e'one's on Melaka fever, wahh so in sync with wmw wan. I hope I have enough time to go. So clever of you not to stuff yourself with the CCF first know how those carbs fills you up. After all, we need you to be able to eat the rest of the goodies, in order for you to show us all the following scrumptious meals hahaha :) Anyway, how's the tambun biscuits with sambal ? Is it weird to have sambal in a tambun ? That's new to me hehe, of coz e'thing seems new to me n'days hahaha :P You got me fooled there with the fried fish maw, looked like soft shell crabs. Nevertheless, it looks delicious :)Okay..looking, looking, yeah, the oyster omelette is juicy :PP Don't even go there..cendol, wahh..the green chewy flour strips looks very authentic. My goddd, I'd have choose all the things you've eaten too..sigh, don't think I'll be sleeping well for the next few months, thanks to u buahahahaha :)

~Christine~Leng said...

10 meals?? wow.. syoknya! nice trip! Malacca is indeed a terrific place to get good food... yay~~

Tummythoz said...

*brush food pix aside*. Cute policeman..
Haha very full now. Just caught up on 2 nyonya 'chong'/dumpling.

Mama BoK said...

When i come home.. i wanna join you on these food expedition..!! Yer too tok-kong..!! hhahaha!!

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: Pls be patient...gonna be long post leh.

sc: You also very geng doing north and now south. So i do the in betweens lor. LOL!

babe_kl: Luckily i went with three big can order more to share. Eh..might be the same monitor lizard! Eee, look scary ler.

melting wok: sounded soooo excited! time you come i bring you go makan makan. Sure you don't want to go home after that, or maybe crying all the way home? LOL!

christine: Melaka is food heaven, and actually so near to KL as compared to Ipoh and Penang.

tummythoz: He so cute right? I didn't expect him to do that peace sign for me when i take his photo. So i was super excited when he did that.

mamabok: When are you coming home??

jason said...

Oooo... *eyeing on the spicy biscuit*

Wahsai, the three of you can actually gobble so much food and that's just breakfast + lunch???? *fainted*


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