Wednesday, June 27, 2007


After a short nap, we felt much energized to go for food hunting again. Our next destination was Teo Soon Loong Chan TeoChew Restaurant, a place highly recommended by Wong. The front portion of the shop is the kitchen, yes, it's an open kitchen concept while the back portion is the dining area. It's a very small restaurant with limited tables (if not mistaken, only 7 - 8 tables), so to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to call them beforehand to make a reservation.

Kitchen in front of the shop

At one corner of the dining area, there are selections of meat, seafood and vegetable for you to choose from. Wow...everything look so fresh! Ordering was an easy task as Wong already pre-planned on what to order. So we just sat back and relax while Wong did all the work.

Clams, prawns, soft shell crabs, sea cucumbers, oysters, froggys, bamboo name it they got it!
Assorted green and fresh!

TeoChew Soybean sauce was served instead of normal cilipadi. Tasted almost like soya sauce and Wong said it goes well when stir-fry with seafood.

I found a tub of chilled sambal ikan bilis on the doesn't look appetising until the uncle waiter came over and told us it's good stuff. Ooo...turned out to be really good stuff. Wong wished for a plate of fragrant coconut rice at that moment while I felt it would taste well with Hokkien noodle,

Wahh.....wish came true...first dish served was Oyster Noodle and it does resembled Hokkien Noodle as it came with dark and thick gravy. Tasty on its own and even tastier with a dash of black vinegar. Oysters were really juicy and fresh! Yumzzz......simply delicious.
Lucky Hubby! Look at the size of the oyster.

The Clams was one of the star-dish of the night. Gravy was so good until Hubby couldn't resist from ordering a bowl of rice (we divided it into 4) to go with it. Sweet and spicy, we suspect they put in spoonful of the sambal ikan bilis for extra ommhpphh!!! Very unusual clams too, never seen this before in KL. I will definately go back for this..2 thumbs and 2 toes up!

The TeoChew Steamed Pomfret came next. I was too busy attacking the lala and fish being my least favourite meat, I only took a bite or two. Texture was like frozen fish and confirmed frozen by Wong. What to do? We have been getting our fresh supply of pomfret from Kuala Selangor, so our tastebud also getting sharper. The soup tasted ok, but not sour enuff for hubby's liking.

The Stir-fry Baby Spinach tasted good. I spotted bits and pieces of ikan bilis so perhaps they use ikan bilis stock? It was cooked to perfection, not too soft nor tasted green. A good plate of plain veggie to neutralise our tastebuds before other dishes parade onto our table.

Sorry for the blur picture. The soup was really hot, thus created a very mystical effect. It's actually Herbal Froggy Soup. Well...the flavour of tongkwai (angelica roots) and sam sou (a kind of ginseng roots) was really really strong. While I can still manage to bear with the tongkwai taste, my tolerance for ginseng is I only took one bite of the froggy's leg. The three boys happily wallop the whole pot, was a bit concern it might be too heaty for them.

I was waiting anxiously for their Soft Shell Crab cos Wong have been raving about it. To my surprise, a big dish of crab was placed onto our table. Wong told me the waiter recommended this dish instead of the soft shell crab. This whole plate of Salted Baked Crab looks big huh? It's only 1 crab. Boy oh just can't imagine how happy I was. This is my first time trying this style of cooking but suprisingly, it really brought up the taste and sweetness of the crabs.

Look at the claw I meaty and chunky! SF had the other claws which is even bigger. The body of the crab was divided into 4 big chunky pieces and Hubby and Wong each have a portion. So left 2 more pieces ...and guess who had it? ME!!!! in total I had half of the crabs! I was so stuffed after the crabs and we still have 2nd and 3rd round all planned.

I thought we were done after the meal until Wong told me he ordered their famous dessert; Orh-Ni or Yam Dessert. I tried it once in
New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant in SS2 and I didn't like it cos it was too thick. But somehow this tasted different. It was much lighter, creamier and less sugar. Once mixed with the smashed pumpkin and gingko, it's really a great way to end such a satisfying meal. If you are interested to try this yam dessert, it is available at eha Fruit & Vege Bistro.
We were given a complimentary plate of mangoes. Such a generous portion....sweet sweet!
The bill was written in Chinese, thus I can't itemise the price. But total damage came up to RM198.40...pretty reasonable considering the amount and quality of food we had.

Teo Soon Loong Chan Restaurant is located at:

55 Jalan Hang Kasturi

75200 Melaka

Tel: 06-282.2353

Operating Time: Lunch ( they do open for lunch but cannot remember what time)
Dinner (5.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.)

Closed on Monday

So full until I could hardly walk but we decided to give some time to ourself to digest a little before 2nd round. We walked around Jonker Street. Somehow...all the foodstuffs look so unappetising to me, so you can imagine how full I was.
Few weeks back, Hubby and I happened to watch this food programme called Ho Chak and they featured a seafood stall in Portugese Settlement selling unique and exotic shellfish. Of course, we decided on the spot that this is a must try if we ever go to Melaka. Turned out last weekend was the start of San Pedro Fiesta, an annual celebration of the Portugese fishing community. There was a live band performing on stage, fun fair, food fair and games, but we were too busy hunting down our target. Where is it? How come it's not listed in their directory? Oh No!! Closed down oledi??

I was so proud of myself cos I managed to jot down their handphone number and one call to the ladyboss and was told it's a stall with red lanterns which is located along the esplanade and WITHOUT a signboard!! Err...all along I thought it was a restaurant! Hahaha..turned out to be a shack!!!!!!
Seafood on display...take a pick!
Horseshoe crab...scary looking creature. Too much crab for this week so we didn't order it.
Colourful giant shellfish or giant garden snail??? It looks poisonous but must try!
Giant cockles!!!
Look at the size!!!! Very fresh and meaty.
The shell of this scallop is quite unusual....big and long...we were told it's a kind of kapis (scallop). Due to poor lighting, I didn't manage to snap a good picture. :(

Remember the earlier picture of the poisonous looking shellfish/garden snail lookalike? It was boiled and sliced and served with salad. I find it slightly overboiled thus a bit soft and lack of the chewy texture. Definately very satisfying and contented to try something unusual tonite.

The three orders only amounted to RM30, average RM10 per plate. Not bad eh? Only complain was their lousy sauce which doesn't match the seafood at all. Wong concluded that we should bring own sauce during our next visit here.

Fresh Oyster Corner is located at:
Portugese Settlement
Tel: 012-285.4260

After reading wmw's post on the backlane cockles stall nearby the Madam King's Departmental Store, I told my hubby about it and found out that Hubby being a semi-Malaccan boy used to patronise this stall from young. So off we went, from the crowded beach to the crowded backlane. Apparently there are two stalls selling similar items and we ended up at another stall which seems to be much busier. While the stall wmw went to was featured in Astro AEC Taste with Jason, this stall was featured in 8TV.

So lucky, we took the very last plate of boiled cockles. Priced at RM1.50 per plate, the cockles were big, fresh and bloody juicy. Dipped with their special fiery sauce which consist of rojak sauce (shrimp paste), chilli sauce and crushed groundnuts, it tasted absolutely fabulous. At this point in time, i totally ignored my fear of rats which was spotted running around by the girls at our next table.

We also ordered a plate of escargot look-a-alike for only RM1.50. Texture was bounchy and chewy...again, very nice when dipped with their fiery hot sauce.

A plate of rojak lookalike minus all the fruits for only RM3. Lots of tauhu bakar, fried foochuk and cucumber, drizzled with lots of the fiery sauce. so GOOD!

To satisfy Wong's craving for roast cuttlefish, we ordered a serving to share. Priced at RM6, it smells wonderful when served. As you chew, the sweet juices of the cuttlefish just filled up your mouth. Mmmm...perfect snack to go with beer.

Stuffed...really stuffed. Could no longer put anymore food into my mouth. Let's review what we had today:

9.00 a.m. - Breakfast at Meng Kee Foodcourt in Seremban
11.45 a.m. - Lunch at LTP Restaurant
2.00 p.m. - Nyonya Cendol
2.30 p.m. - Geographer Cafe
3.30 p.m. - Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball
6.00 p.m. - Teo Soon Loong Chan Teo Chew Restaurant
9.00 p.m. - Fresh Oysters at Portugese Settlement
10.30 p.m. - Backlane Boiled Cockles

We ended the foodcrawl for the day by heading back to the hotel to sleep..cos we know the next day will be filled with food as soon as I open my eyes.

To be continued ...........


sc said...

i feel full just reading this! ;) woah woman, how did you guys manage to gobble so much in such a short time?!? *salutes*

Hubby said...

To be honest, I was very keen to eat more when we were at the Portuguese Settlement. I was so tempted to order the giant oysters hahahaha... Also, we were having see ham at the backlane, I also wanted to venture to the other stall since we only had a plate of see ham, which were shared with 4 of us.. Well, next time la!!!

Precious Pea said...

sc: I got 3guys going with me so quantity is not an issue at all.

hubby: But like Wong said, we go King Crab to get their cilipadi sauce then only go again. I wanna try the horseshoe crab. When we go again?

tankiasu said...

Gila babi glutton la u all. But I like! much good food. *slurp*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau eh...serious loads of food lar..i wont dare step on the weighing machine for many weeks to come after dieting lor..

wmw said...

Wah lau, so many stops and food*faints*gets up*As for the backlane, the stall you went to is located further inside at the corner, hence the rats! I didn't see any funny creatures over at my side but I don't think I would have ignored it. I would be standing on uncle's table since the stool is still low to the ground! LOL...

myCoffee said...

Wah, so much good looking food. Especially the pumpkin or-nee... Can't take my eyes away! *LOL*

Timothy said...

Aiyoh .. I just got back from Melaka too but unfortunately ...

1. I went only for a day trip and was busy at work ...

2. I don't have my camera with me. Can you BELIEVE that?

Only managed to try Satay-Celup @ McQueks and this 2nd Sister Fishball noodle at 11:30pm.. just before leaving for KL. Sigh. Sigh.

teckiee said...

yes la. wmw, tankiasu and u answer all my makan question. hohoho thank you thank you

xiu long bao said...

dat teo soon loong chan! miss the killer homemade sambal.The owner insisted dat we MUST hav the oyster nudles wiv his sambal...haha...

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: Your style eh?

NJoe: Huh? What weighing machine? The only one i have at home is use for measuring flour. LOL!

wmw: Wahhh...i would like to see that!!!! LOL!!! That would be entertaining!

mycoffee: Hehehe...then you better off your monitor to detached your eyes from the monitor. LOL!

Timothy: I saw this 2nd sister fishball noodle...near the big foodcourt right? Nice ar?

teckie: Welcome welcome!

xiulongbao: Very nice hor...dunno if they sell it in jars..must ask them next time i go.

jason said...

It's like a big wave of food gushing down on my monitor... I just had lunch leh but after looking at those pics, hungry oredi! @_@

babe_kl said...

*tabik* i dun think i can stomach so much in such short period. old d, stomach size (the internal one, external one still BIG) oso shrunk :(

Jian said...

o.o so much *holding a bucket and drool into it* fuyoh....BEst giler lar your food crawl...all seafood...yum yumz...

team BSG said...

must check lah actually how big are you ( sorry ah a bit rude ) but u have eaten more than team bsg combined lah !
...announcing the New Grand Champion(s)from SS2 to Melaka (then soon Tg Tualang also ).
So either u change name or V change ours...

boo_licious said...

Everything looks so good...I love the teochew place. We once had a company dinner there so we occupied half of the place.

Char Siew Bao said...

WoW! Salutations!
I was hungry when reading this blog... after reading it... i'm also stuffed already lor! Really professional gluttons!

Sadly i pale in comparison @_@"

tigerfish said...

Eeeee....the horseshoe crab looks so scary and funny looking too that at some if it's smiling....:O

The teochew food seems all so yummy yummy. I also prefer the lighter orh-nee than the heavier-thick version.

Precious Pea said...

Jason: time read my blog first then only go lunch.

babe_kl: Actually the portion divide into 4, not much.

jian: Love seafood...easier to digest too as compared to red meat.

team_BSG: Hahaha...wanna know how 'BIG' my size is?? Actually you can guess oledi rite??

boo: dinner there? Cool! Company dinner + Company trip!!

csb: Aiyooo, you and xlb also not are progressing very well. Keep it up!

tigerfish: It looks like some kind of aliens or crawly critters that appear in movies isn't it?

Tummythoz said...

Like watching TV pendidikan. So many chapters (A bit pening due to over drooling) and got revision/summary at d end.

Jian said...

ahahahahaha! TV pendidikan! lolz....I luv seafood too but kenot always eat...My pocket will be burning and end up with holes for a long time : P

Alamak...ur post makes me wanna eat seafood, Jackson kor-kor made my sandwich craving datang balik and XLB's Jarrod eat out....aiyoh...habislah saya...

Precious Pea said...

tummythoz: Hahaha..i think I would be a good teacher huh?

jian: Conclusion - Reading food blogs is dangerous!

Jian said...

Indeed dangerous :S I have to occupy myself with other cheaper food...haih...

mama bok said...

Wow..!! i'm coming home.. PP..!!!
Drooling non-stop.. and handkerchief not enough.. had to use a bucket.. ;)


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