Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AH LIT Village Restaurant @ Sri Kembangan

Last Sunday, Hubby and I together with my Makan Gang was invited to Max’s house in Sri Kembangan as he said that there is a special restaurant which he wanted to take us to. He also invited his wine supplier and his wife, as well as a couple from USA. It was fun meeting them and I noticed we all do have one thing in common; we are all fans of Max! Prior to our dinner, we hang around at Max’s house for wine and snack as well as mingling session. I just realized that I should have taken a photo of all the wines. Aiii…I was too busy enjoying myself to remember that. To start off with, Max served us some cheese platter with crackers. Mmmm….I find myself beginning to develop passion for cheese as I now tend to stop by the cheese section whenever I go grocery shopping.
Apart from cheese, canned tomato tuna was served as dips. Max insisted that it is nothing special; merely canned tuna but yet we all find it so good.

Frank also brought some authentic Hakka Yong Tau Fu (Stuffed Beancurd) made by his mum for us to sample. Done the Haw Por (one of Hakka clan) way, the beancurds were stuffed with minced pork and salted fish paste and then fried till golden brown.

We then headed to Ah Lit Restaurant which apparently is quite famous among residents in Sri Kembangan, Situated in the middle of a row of houses, one would not miss the restaurants as it practically crowded everyday with people standing at the roadside waiting for a seat. We were lucky to have a big table available for us 11 adults and 3 kids.
Although huge crowd, we didn’t wait long for the food to be served. The servings came almost together and within minutes, the whole table was overflow with food! Thanks to Max for promoting my blog, everyone was very patient with me when I took photos and I tried my best not to take more than 3 shots of each dish.
Pork Belly with Yam or well-known as Kau Yuk. I just realized I didn’t try this dish because I was busy with other food, so no comment on the taste.

Curry Fish Head was rich and creamy with generous portion of lady’s finger, brinjal, tauhupok and cabbage.

Erm…Stir fry Choy Tam which tasted pretty ordinary but definitely a very welcoming dish to neutralize the amount of meat we have. Actually the ratio of 1:11 doesn’t sound balance to me.

The taste of the Jit Kong Spareribs was superb. The spareribs were marinated and deep-fried and then coated with caramelized sauce. Each bite was so juicy. A perfect dish to go with beer.

he Kampung Chicken cooked with Rice Wine was quite mild for me. I might sound bias but I still feel that Hubby cooks the BEST chicken wine.

We ordered half portion of Steamed Village Chicken as we spotted almost every table ordered it. Portion was huge and the skins was bright yellow. The chicken meat was really flavourful and the ginger dip further enhanced the taste of the chicken. I was contemplating between savouring and throwing away the thick chicken skin. Max’s wife who seated beside me seems to have the same problem and together we decided to savour it, just for tonight. Although the skin was thick, it doesn’t feel slimy at all but bounchy, almost like jelly fish texture. Mmmmm…I had 2 pieces of the skin. *GRIN*

Everyone’s favourite was their Signature Beancurd dish which came with deep fried beancurd pieces topped with tasty stir-fried minced pork and prawns. The fried beancurd was amazingly crispy on the outside and amazingly super smooth on the inside. Thumbs up!

The next dish is a must order if you like Steamed Belly Pork with Salted Fish. If you notice from the picture, you will see generous portion of salted fish instead of mashed version which normally served at other places. The gravy goes really really well with white rice.

Deep fried salted egg squid was good too. The squid was lightly coated with flour and salted egg before deep fried. I suspect they put in lots of salted egg as each bite was so sinfully full of yolk aroma. MMmm…so sinful!

Another signature dish was their Deep Fried Threadfin (Ma Yau). The flesh of the fish was removed and fish paste was stuffed into the skin and then deep fried. Also another popular dish I spotted in almost every table.

Da inside

Everyone was already full when the Claypot Black Pepper Trotter was served. I tried a piece of the thick skin, ok ok, it was fat, and OMG, texture was so springy, almost like eating braised sea cucumber. NICE! But I decided not to overdo by having second helping.

Lastly, Claypot Buttered Prawns and my very last piece of food for the day. Juicy and succulent! Gravy was good but slightly sweet. Personally, I prefer King Crab’s butter gravy.

I noticed that the portion of the dishes here are really huge and I was really surprised to know that this dinner for 11 adults and 3 kids with 12 dishes only costs us RM278 including rice and tea. I find it so value for money.
Thanks Max for such a great dinner and the rest for such great company.

Was just informed KampungBoyCityGal actually did a post on this. So I extracted the address and direction from their blog:

97,Jalan Sekolah,Section 3,Seri Kembangan,43300 Selangor. 超级搞笑,人体艺术,美女图片O3bt�[?e

South City Plaza in the direction of Serdang --> Go straight and pass a BP petrol station and go straight until you see a Hong Leong on your left --> Immediately go to your right lane and turn right after the traffic light --> Go straight and on your left see a small signboard Jalan SK 3/10 and turn left..its just before a big school..go straight for 10 seconds..Direction from Joe

Opens from 530 pm to 12 am every day except for Wednesday


Tummythoz said...

So that's what I missed! We were there before but due to d crowd we ate at another restaurant. Sayang sekali. *sniff-sniff*

Hubby said...

Its really a wonderful nite. I enjoyed it so much. Its a real surprise to find an eating place which is nice and cheap in KL. Simply smashing!

babe_kl said...

darling, got direction how to get there? otherwise have to call Max for it :p

tigerfish said...

Wah, coming to your blog is like being treated a feast! So much food that I don't know what to comment on. This time, say something about cheese and fish head curry.

Do you like stinky blue cheese? If yes, think you will like almost all types of cheese liao! :p
The fish head curry looks more "milky" white than spicy red hot. I prefer those indian fish head curry.

jason said...

*Tummy rumbling loudly* >_< I didn't see anything... I didn't see anything!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg! how come u never order the snails?? and the yam basket with sweet and sour pork!!?? those are also signature dishes..

crap i always go there but never try most of the above wahahah..

Precious Pea said...

tummythoz: Then you should go again, food not bad and super cheap!

Hubby: Yeah...yumsss...yabbies calling me! ;)

babe: I try to find the address for you ok?

tigerfish: cheese too strong for me. Tried but just couldn't bring myself to swallow it.


NJoe: What snails??? I think need to go few rounds to sample all the dishes. Do you happen to have their address?

fatboybakes said...

you mean you're friends with the famous Max of Max Kitchen and Wines? WOW!!! that's like knowing nigella lawson on first name basis.

tankiasu said...

Wah everything really looks good. Must make a point to try them out as it is not too far from my place.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I enjoyed reading ur blog and happened to stumble upon KampungBoyCityGal's blog too. They did a review on Ah Lit restaurant too and gave a direction on how to get there.HTH :)


Precious Pea said...

fbb: Yep, Max of Max Kitchen.

Tankiasu: Am sure you will like this place. Big big serving and value for money.

May: Harlow and thanks for visiting my blog. I will hop over to citygal's blog to get the address soon.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the directions were given by me i dont have the exact address..

teckiee said...

I had the same Deep Fried Threadfin at a restaurant in sungai buluh many years ago. Do they have a branch there?

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: I just popped over to citygal's and curi the address plus direction.

teckie: I really have no idea.

MeiyeN said...

wow..dining with max? that's real cool :D food looks good but too far away though :(

Camemberu said...

Oh wow, what a great site with fantastic food pics - and lots of em too! I'm bookmarking you! :D

New Kid on the Blog said...

[sigh] pity me... looking at those nice food pictures, but am having biscuits down here..

Can here my tummy sound or not??

wmw said...

Your posts are literally a feast for the eyes! And this is another one of those. LOL...

KA® said...

yeaaash hungry liao .... amazed by the mount of food u sampled .....

Jun said...

Hi there! new to ur blog and i must say that ur food pics look too good for me not to comment that they're making me drool all over my laptop now~ ;p tht said, i nvr reli developed a liking for the "ang moh" style cheese and crackers (the most i'd go for is the soft cheeses). noticed tht u went to hk too! vitasoy rocks my socks! ^_^

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Yah...a bit too far for us. But a great place to drop by if you happen to be in Sri Kembangan.

Camemberu: Hi! Thanks for dropping by and the bookmarking. :)

NKOTB: Wow! Your nick reminds me of those days when i was crazy over Jordan Knight and Joe McIntyre!

wmw: This is eye therapy for you! U don't have much eye problem after meeting me rite????

KA: When i reviewed those photos taken, i was amazed with myself too!

Jun: Thanks for the compliments! Oh yes, vitasoy is my fav but sadly hardly can find here. MY fav is their honey dew flavour. Mmmmm....

Xiu Long Bao said...

president pea, can gimme some tips on how to make fren wiv good chef or restaurant owner oso can.


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