Friday, August 24, 2007


Many many weeks ago, I met up with Lyrical Lemongrass for dinner. Being the President of the Japanese Food Kawan Association (JKFA), as expected she suggested to dine at this new Japanese place in Plaza Damas; Izakaya Ichiban. I only realized at the dinner, I was actually being interviewed since she is recruiting members for the JFKA. I guess Ms President will be so proud of me now because since that dinner, I revisited the place 3 times with Hubby and my Makan Gang.

Hubby is away in Tokyo now and I am excited for him although I didn’t get to go so I guess the best thing to post now is on Japanese food which also serves as my first assignment after being a Committee member of the JKFA.

The Starters
Complimentary dish - Being a big fan of brinjal, I simply love this simple starter. The texture of the brinjal was cooked just right, neither hard nor soft and topped with miso paste. Not too sure if they have it in the menu, will check the next time I go.
Another complimentary appetizer during my 3rd visit - Egg Omelette loaded with shredded mushrooms and carrots. Kinda lack of satisfaction, I wish I was given the Miso Brinjal instead.
Chawan Mushi, something I don't really fancy that came with my Bento set. I simply love wobbling the cup to find out the texture of the steamed egg before I devour it. Mmmm.....smooth, very very smooth. This one, I like! Oh, Hubby loved it too but since it was so good, he allowed me to finish off the whole cup.

The Miso Soup also came with my Bento set and certainly one of the best I ever tasted. I supposed they used good quality miso paste. How I wish I have one bowl of hot Miso Soup to soothe my throat now...ahhhhh.....

The NEMOs!
The sashimis here are really fresh and chunky. My favourite has got to be the Salmon Belly topped with Salmon Roes. Each bite was super packed with OMEGA-3! And when the salmon roes burst in your!!!!
This sashimi platter is actually from my Bento Set which came with rice, chawan mushi, miso soup, salad and fruits for only RM25. Nice nice nice! Very fresh but the only thing I don't really like was the octopus which was quite chewy.

If you order their set lunch, you can opt to top up RM13 for this plate of salmon sashimi. Excellent quality!

Here comes the Octopus which I didn't touch so my Makan Gang happily gobble it down. "Nice?" I asked; "GOOD!" they replied.

Tuna, a fish that I can do without but won't mind having it too when being offered.

I was delighted when I saw this cos I thought it was my favourite Butter Fish but turned out it was white tuna. Definately fares much higher than their 'cousin-in-red'.

The Makis
Totally love flipping their menu on the Makis section. Everything looks so yummy and nicely presentable. While I love their presentation, I got to say their quality was not too consistent. During my 2nd visit, the rice tasted quite bland while the 3rd visit, the rice was too warm and lumpy. As a result, the seaweed was moist and ended up chewy. But in the end, the artistic presentation won my heart as I still return to order their Makis. Now, here are some of those I tasted.

Hawaiian Maki - So artistic isn't it? The salmon roll was drizzled with apple and honeydew mayo sauce. Somehow I didn't quite enjoy it as I find both the taste doesn't match.
Una Cheese Maki - Basically it's Unagi Roll with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. It look interesting in the menu but somehow, it tasted pretty normal. Maybe I expected too much from it.
Dragon Maki - The prawn tempura roll is wrapped with unagi and avocado. Got to say this is one of my favourite. Guess which part I always attack first? The prawn's head of course. I enjoy digging out the roe from the head to go with the roll. Ooooo....cholesterol-laden food always so so yummy.
Dragon Boat Maki - Almost similar to the earlier version but minus the eel. This was drizzled with mayo and salmon roes. If you ask me, still like Dragon Maki better, probably because the unagi gave more flavour to it. This is was too bland for my palate.

OMG, I can't remember what is this! But one thing for sure, the reason for ordering this maki is because of the avocados! Can't remember what is inside, ooooooo.....if not mistaken soft shell crabs! OK, now I recall. I had this during my 2nd visit, the night the maki tasted quite bland and also the same night I had the above Dragon Boat Maki.

The Hot Stuffs
The soft shell crab was done really well. It was not oily at all. Crispy yet juicy as you bite into it. I guess this also contributes to my sore throat after that as I ate it while it was still hot. But then, who likes cold crab anyway?

The Shisamo (Pregnant Fish) was too cold when we finally have the time to savour it. That was because Lyrical Lemongrass and I was busy snapping photos till we neglected our pregnant friend lying the corner with a 'gasping' look.

Wong was eyeing the Chicken Skin Yakitori and so we ordered two skewers. The smell from the slightly burnt chicken skin was marvellous, however, it was not marinated, hence tasteless.

So far, I found two dishes that I would highly recommend. The first dish is the Kaki Mayo Yaki which is actually Baked Oysters with Spicy Mayo. The succulent juicy oysters was baked to perfection and it goes so well with the spicy mayo sauce. I introduced this dish to my Makan Gang and now they are all hooked!

Beneath the oysters, you will discover more hidden treasures. Please-lah, not pearls ok? It's a stir fry veggie dish with lots of enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and capsicums. All I can say is VERY THE ICHIBAN DES-NE!!!!

The 2nd dish that I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND to beef lovers......the Wagyu Beef Don that costs only RM28. The slices of wagyu beef was tender and well marinated. I was quite surprised with the generous amount of beef served. I suspect the wagyu beef falls under the low range in terms of quality since it's so cheap but somehow, it's tasty enough to make me come back for more. Again quality not consistent because there was once they forgot to sprinkle spring onions and sesame on it. But Hubby didn't mind at all cos he was too busy enjoying the tender moments with the wagyu beef.

Ms President was impressed with my performance and hence, am appointed as the Public Relation Officer of the Association. Hope I score high marks on this first assignment. How how..Sista, pass or not?

They are now offering membership card. For every RM20 spent, you will receive get one star. A RM30 dining voucher will be given once you collected 30 stars (RM600 spent). Getting crowded nowadays so do call to see if they accept advance booking.

Izakaya Ichiban (2 doors away from Starbucks)
Lot P-3M, Plaza Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201 5905


Queen of Chaos said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures are great.

Now I am hungry again!

Precious Pea said...

Hi queen of chaos! Thanks for visiting my blog and glad you enjoyed it. Do drop by more often yah??

boo_licious said...

Oishi Oishi! We went recently too and had the oysters plus the Wagyu Beef Don each. Heavenly stuff.

Jaded said...

The food looks yummy. Definitely will put in my list of 'to try' restaurant. Thanks for the recomendation!

Jaded said...

food looks yummy especially the baked oyster. will definitely put this restaurant on my list of 'to try' makan place. Thanks for the recommendation!

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks so devilish....can we be a member too?

Silly Meow-Emily said...

Not sure if you noticed about the chawan mushi photo, it looks like a face - 2 leaves as the eyes, the mushroom as the mouth, branch as the nose!
food looks good here... will definitely give it a try as i'm a real big fan of jap food too...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

And that completes the entire menu at Izakaya Ichiban! ROFL. Well done, PR Manager!! The makis look gorgeous.

Precious Pea said...

boo: I saw next table ordered tempura ice-cream. But each time so stuffed, never got a chance to try.

jaded: Most welcomed. Do try and let me know if you like it or not.

big boys oven: As PR Manager of the JFKA, i will convey your keen interest to Ms President to consider.

silly-meow emily: that you mention it, yes wor..really look like a face with blushing cheek!

Ms President aka Luscious Sista aka Lyrical Lemongrass: No la....still long way to go to cover everything in da menu. Will do my best. ;)

Coketai said...

The food photos is so wonderful! Definitely qualify member of the JKFA.

KampungboyCitygal said...

regret to click on ur link ,have to suffer for another 20 min b4 lunch..the pregnant fish looks scary, i doubt if i dare to take it..haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so u r the organiser?? haha i think u got it spot on..all my fav items..just need to find the moolah to go..whos the treasurer of the association??

Precious Pea said...

coketai: Thanks :) Love my camera that is why hesitate to upgrade it. Hehe. :) Oh yes, am proud member of JFKA now.

kampungboycitygal: Yalor..imagine how many baby fishes sacrificed...aiii

NJoe: Huh? What organiser??

MeiyeN said...

my god, my god......... sashimis so fresh.... da dragon boat maki looks beautiful...and da baked oysters calling me okay.... my god... must drag my fiance here...very soon!!!!!

Precious Pea said...

Hahahahahaha...your expression so funny. Yah...must go, ask Bob to try Wagyu Beef Don.

New Kid on the Blog said...

The shots are amazing!!
The sashimis look fresh too... Is it expensive?

wmw said...

Wagyu Beef Don...when???

Jackson said...

wahlau!! dun tell me 2 of u eating so much!! The Salmon is beautiful!

ling239 said...

so many choices ~
must visit them more often then...
shd i get the member card?
yes? no ? argh......

Precious Pea said...

nkotb: Thanks to my camera! my standard, sashimi is pricey but then, it's fresh and chunky, so worth it!

wmw: Whenever we meet again...

jackson: All pictures were from my 4 visits there lah!!

ling239: They will offer you the membership card after you pay for your first bill. Hope you enjoy the food there too.

k.t.x said...

goshhhh, what hv this ms president do to u man. do u also hv openings for a exco committe members??? u dont hv enuff members to make an impact....yr JFKA

Mama BoK said...

I'm just dying to come home. To have a plate of sushi .. here.. i have to drive up to halifax.. and gas money alone is $100 canadian.. meaning about $300.00 malaysian ringgit..!! so you tell me lah.. how to go eat.. sushi.. ??

xiu long bao said...

ichiban..oishi...!!! Salute to JFKA's new PR manager. Gotta go, the food are calling me...

tigerfish said...


Precious Pea said...

k.t.x: Not sure is Ms President still recruiting or is it the PR Manager's (Me) job??

mamabok: Wow! Serious?!?! That is so so expensive!!! Crazy...aiyah..might as well come back to Malaysia and eat till you drop rite?

xlb: Thank you thank you.

tigerfish: Hehehe...:) Slurps..

The Drool Team said...

Sooo droolicious....

Aaron Teng said...

hey there, i've recently visited the place. love the food. blogged about it too, but your post has more depth in it, so I put a link to this particular post just in case my readers need more information hahahah. good day!


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