Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I was craving for something which I have never crave before; Chicken Rice. To satisfy my craving, Hubby brought me to this famous New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in Jalan Gasing. I have been here once long ago and I remembered this place being old and pricey and that also explains the reason why it didn’t manage to squeeze into my “must revisit list of restaurants”. I wasn’t feeling too good (am down with flu for the past few days), so I guess anything will do.
To my surprise, the shop recently renovated and now it’s so sparkling new and clean. It was quite crowded so we were seated outside the shop which I didn’t mind all because I got a good view of all the activities in their open kitchen.

I normally don’t pay much attention to the chilli sauce as they are usually loaded with lots of chilli seed and vinegar. However, the chilli sauce served here was blended to perfection and the taste? LOVELY! The sourness and the spiciness was so well balanced…even with my cough, I finished off two plates. *cough cough cough*

The rice was quite good too. Garlicky and gingerly aromatic. Best thing is, it was cooked to perfection. Can you see grains after grains of rice? The rice is priced at RM1 for big and 80 sen for small. They even have porridge and noodle if you don’t fancy rice.

We order 2 portions of steamed village chicken (RM10). Not the best I have eaten but certainly very satisfying. I simply love village chicken as the texture is more chewy and it release more chicken flavour with each bite. The gravy was quite good too especially when mixing it with the rice. Even Hubby asked for extra rice.

I wanted some hot and boiling soup to soothe my itchy throat and so we ordered the Pork Ball with Soup (RM2). The pork ball was nothing special, I suspect they bought it from the market. I expected clear chicken soup, however the pork ball was floating in a bowl of lukewarm ikan bilis stock which tasted quite funny. It’s sweet!!! Luckily I didn’t opt for noodle soup….phew!

The last dish we had was totally beyond our expectation. A portion of suckling pig (RM15) which I find really good. Skin was crispy while the meat was ‘young’ and tender. The dipping sauce was slightly diluted and different from the normal hoi sin sauce but nevertheless tastes as good. Thumbs up from me and Hubby!!!

Total damage for the dinner for 2 including 2 herbal tea and 3 plates of rice came up to RM32.40. Not too bad huh? I spotted next table having stir-fry lala (clams) and Hubby told me that they even offer 'tai-chow' dishes. Totally changed my perception towards this place and now I know where to go when I have cravings for chicken rice and suckling pig.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice is located at:
107 Jalan Gasing
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7956.0958


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..suckling pig!..reminds me of el cerdo..yeah i remember this place also..heard the corner shop is better? no? i always opt for the hor fun though..

Live2Talk said...

I had dinner there once. Never had chick rice for dinner b4 as i always thought it's more suitable as a lunch meal. Totally changed my perception after tat .. love their meat balls and siew yuk :P

Big Boys Oven said...

Cool another chicken rice shop in PJ.... there are so lovely.

the team said...

we used to frequent this place for its fat and crunchy bean sprouts but must say the quality is up and down due to the now overwhelming Burmese influence where they cut the chickens like a golden Triangle slaughterhouse. They are quite adventurous tho in their new ever changing menus but remains we think a priceyier place than most others ( reputation rules ! ). we vote their meat balls no 1 , outside Burma except HK / China /Ipoh

FoodieLianne said...

Was there not too long ago, did't know they have suckling pig. Looks good! Must go try soon!

UnkaLeong said...

Suckling Pig and Chicken Rice :) Always a good combo in my books ;)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Suckling pig looks yummy!!! It's on the way home. must drop by some time soon. thanks for the tip.

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: El Cerdo? How can you compare this with El Cerdo? LOL!! you make me crave for Werner's super yummy Ox Tail Stew :( I heard nowadays must make 1-week advance booking.

live2talk: people have bak kut teh for breakfast, roti canai for lunch and dim sum for dinner. I didn't try the siu yuk, but next time i will order it together with roast duck and char siu.

big boys oven: Oh yes and why oh why i didn't revisit this place earlier!!???!!!

the team: It might be a bit pricey but then again, as long as it's good, don't mind paying. Last time i paid much much more for a lousy meal at one of the famous chicken rice rip off leh. At least time one i left the restaurant with a satisfying grin. :)

foodieliaane: I also didn't notice it but Hubby got sharp eyes. Hehe!

unkaleong: I want to have the braised trotters with ham choy and egg, eerrr..wat issit called again? Anyway, i want i want i want!! :(

lyrical lemongrass: If you drop by, can pls ask for me how much they charge for half a suckling pig?

sooyin said...

my parents used to bring me there really often when i was a kid! the suckling pig looks good, will try it next time we go...=)

hope you're feeling better!

boo_licious said...

Ah, this place. It used to be the nearest place to eat whenever we were at the hospital, I remember the meatballs well. I've not eaten here for years and years. Will go check it one day. Thxs!

KampungboyCitygal said...

the suckling pig looks reli gooooooood..u must have more cravings so tat ur hubby will bring u to more new places

mama bok said...

I want to go there too..!! thee chicken looked so yummy lah...!!

Jun said...

hey precious pea, try the chicken rice at the corner coffee shop next to this place. it's only open in the day, and the chicken's reli smooth and the beef balls are reli nice too!

tigerfish said...

I thought flu cannot eat chicken? :O
What is chicken rice without chili sauce...right?

MeiyeN said...

been here when i was a little gal.. omg, so long ago! your post is a reminder to me.. :D

Precious Pea said...

sooyin: Thanks, am much much better now. :)

Boo: I saw the girl next table kept picking on the char siu and from her look, it seems like quite good. Maybe you should try and let me know if good or not.

kampungboycitygal: Hehehe,actually hor, he got more cravings than me.

mamabok: Mari mari mari...i bring you there.

jun: Issit? My hubby was talking about the corner shop too and so pitiful, it was quiet that nite while this one we went too was super packed. They open for dinner too cos i saw many chickens hanging at the stall. Hmm...ok..maybe i should go try to make a comparison.

tigerfish: dad always say, if got medication, you can eat anything. That is why last time he kena teruk-teruk from my mum. I was coughing and he went to get cough mixture for me and the other hand was ice-cream for me as treats if i take my cough mixture. :)

meiyen: Now big girl oledi, bring your mum and dad there soon. But then, this place changed so much after the renovation.

tankiasu said... fav chicken rice place in PJ for years. I still come here sometimes for lunch, via Kerinchi Link! :P

ling239 said...

wow... chicken rice shop serving suckling pig ? o_O
looks so delicious ~ tks for sharing ^_^

wmw said...

Suckling Pig??? *faints*

Precious Pea said...

tankiasu: Hehe..not surprise since you love chicken so much. Hmm..ya hor..can go via Kerinchi the lunch crowd big?

ling239: I was surprised too that they offer suckling pig and not too bad somemore. A great discovery!

Precious Pea said...

wmw: U take suckling pig or not?

jason said...

My friend told me that they serve pretty good chicken hor fun. Now his words are confirmed!

Jackson said...

OMG! I didnt know they hv suckilig pig! I kinda love their steames chicken breast!!! nice nice!

Precious Pea said...

Jason: Issit? Hmm...ok, next time i try but hopefully the soup is not the same as the one they served with the pork balls.

jackson: Eh?? Chicken breast? I like drumstick!


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