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I have been to King Crab Restaurant numerous times but usually I will order the same dishes over and over again. Even the reviews by fellow food bloggers focus on dishes nothing much more than their famous and also my favourite Butter Crab, Salted Egg Squid, Guinness Pork Ribs and their BBQ Fish. For the month of September, I visited King Crab 3 times to celebrate Jackson’s birthday and also my ex-classmate’s and my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was during Jackson’s birthday that I discovered King Crab came out with menu and only then I realized that they do have lots and lots more to offer. Also thanks to Mr Lew, Group Financial Controller of King Crab and Pathlab whom I have I befriended lately and he introduced me to many great new dishes. So, if you are visiting King Crab soon, do consider these:


Eating at King Crab does not necessarily costs you a bomb. They do have noodles and rice dishes ranging from RM5 onwards depending on the number of pax you ordered. During Jackson’s birthday, we tried the Long Life Noodle (RM12) which is an auspicious noodle to order during birthday celebration. The egg noodle was served with gravy cooked with pork strips, sliced mushrooms and beansprouts. Not too bad.

During my ex-classmate’s birthday, Mr Lew ordered a small plate of Hokkien Noodle for us to try. Priced at only RM5 (for 1 pax), the serving was quite substantial with lots of pork slices and fish cakes. Tasted fairly average but they are really generous with the crispy pork lard, making the dish very aromatic.

The best among the noodle dishes I had got to be the Venison Hor Fun (RM8) we ordered during my mother-in-law’s birthday. The Hor Fun was full of wok hei, a sign that it was tossed in hot wok before the gravy was poured all over it. The soft and tender venison meat was cooked with lots of sliced young ginger and spring onions. Love it!

When Mr Lew told me that Steamed Flower Crabs with Egg Whites is a must try, I know it is a must try! It was indeed very good. The flower crabs was so sweet and surprisingly very meaty too. What I love best was the taste of the silky smooth egg white which has been enhanced by the crab’s juices. Marvellous!!

For something spicy, I would recommend the Singapore Chilli Crab. Personally, I still prefers my crab to be done the simpliest way to retain the flavour. The gravy nevertheless tastes great when dipped with their pillowy soft bun.

Another style of crab which I would recommend is their Marmite Crab. It tasted so wonderful and I had a great time licking the shell all coated with the marmite gravy. MMmm….delicious!

I usually order the BBQ Tilapia Fish which came coated with lots of sea salt. But this time, we ordered a saltwater fish called ‘Hoi Tai Kai’ to be barbequed ‘primitive style’ – meaning no marinade or seasoning added. Can’t remember how much the fish cost (by gram) but definitely a very good quality fish. The fish was grilled to perfection and served with their famous Thai Chilli Sauce. The flesh was sweet and firm. My in-laws love it so much, nothing much was left after the meal, not even the skin!

My friends gave their thumbs up for the Buttered Prawns. The prawns were fresh and bouncy and the dish was not oily at all. I simply love the flavourful butter flakes…mmm…pure indulgence!

The Clams with Superior Stock was good too. I love the stock more than the clams as there was a hint of Chinese herbs in it. I was told that this dish is only available if they have good supply of clams.

I have recently developed a passion for stir-fry lotus roots so when I spotted the waiter serving it to the next table, I want one too. If I ‘ever’ go vegetarian, this is a dish that I wouldn’t mind eating, well, at least for the first few meals. The lotus roots were tossed with snow pea, wood fungus and lily bulb. So healthy isn’t it?

That’s all on my new discovery for now…and I shall be back to try their eels. Yes, life eels are available!!

King Crab is located at:
No. 103 - 107, Jalan SS25/2
Taman Mewah Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangot
Tel: 03 - 7808.2388

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Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, everyone eats at this restaurant. I must go to this restaurant when I go home in Oct!

Jackson said...

President...when is our next round of food tasting... i decided to call u along everytime i go King Crab just because u have the VIP card....LOL

Precious Pea said...

rasa malaysia: coming back for holiday?? Any chance to meet up?

jackson: Another round of food tasting? Can can...we go try new stuff. call me becos of VIP card only ar?? How sad :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ehhh...i still havent try their signature dishes..when is our date to King Crab ar???

wmw said...

Your feature titled Creatures from The Sea sounds like some black and white monster movie from the 60s...hehe

Junkgirl said...

Mmmmm...the dishes all look so tasty. A must-go the next time I'm back home

Kim said...

OMG! So much food! I haven't come across so many pictars of food in one blog just dedicated to it. I'm a food lover and I say you have quite a blog there. Really entice me and my savoury glands. Ooh this is sinful, but then, who cares! Hahaha!

I'll be following your blog from now onwards. Hope there will be more scrumptious-ness to come. :)

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: Maybe we wait for Meena to come back from her UK trip? She has been wanting to go to King Crab. Ok?

wmw: mean like those GIGANTIC sized octopus capsizing the big yacht type??

junkgirl: Better jot it down in your Buku 555

kim: Welcome to my blog! Glad you enjoyed reading it and i guarantee that there will be more food pictures to come. :)

Jessica said...

gosh...precious pea, your pics are making me salivate! i've been wanting to visit king crab for a while now...the crabs look darn yummy! love seafood! will try to drag the bf there this weekend. i think folks at king crab know you've been promoting their restaurant like crazy-lar! lol

KampungboyCitygal said...

whoa im drooling all over! thanks miss president for being so informative :)

Live2Talk said...

The President strike again! Say when is our turn pulak ni? Do we have to book ur schedule in advance?

The Cooking Ninja said...

mmm...yummy Singapore Chili Crab! I have to eat that when I get home in Jan/Feb. The sauce is so good. I also love black pepper crab.

New Kid on the Blog said...

ai yo.... look at the amount of crabs that you've taken??? can I call you ah whenever am in KL, cuz, Jackson said you have VIP card wor!!?? ;P

Timothy Low said...


Errr .... I was suppose to plan for a food tasting session there. Erm ... I totally forgot about that. Would you guys be interested, by the way?

Precious Pea said...

Jessica: Welcome and thanks for dropping by. If you are going during weekends, suggest that you should book in advance as it's usually packed. Haha..i guess my frequent posting on King Crab has caught their attention but then again, i don't promote King Crab, i only blogged about the food I love. :) Do try and i shall wait for your review.

kampungboycitygal: No prob ;)

live2talk: Bila gaji keluar??

cooking ninja: Your home is in Malaysia???

nkotb: No problem, call me when you are in KL. Yes, i have VIP card now.

timothy: I think I have been there far too many times to be eligible for the food tasting session. Hehehehe. My future visits will involve trying recommended dishes rather than their usual favourites. Maybe the rest might be interested though. :)

jason said...

Since I'm developing passion for crab and squid, more reason for me to go back there again :)

Precious Pea said...

Jason, the few of us will be going soon, will keep you informed. :)


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