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UPDATES!!! (1 June 2009)
Max has been relocated to:
Lot No. 32 Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. No: 603 - 2142.9720
Opens daily from 11.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.


My previous experience at the Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting organized by Max! Kitchen was simply unforgettable. So when I was invited once again to a small gathering to sample Spanish seafood and Cava, I knew it was an event not to be missed.

Turned out that the chef for the night was not Max but a Spanish chef, a young and handsome chap, Miguel Zurriaga. Spanish chef cooking Spanish food….hehehe…sounds so promising!

The next two tapas; Mojama with Sheep Cheese and Anchovies with Cherry Tomatoes served together in one plate were my favourite.

In order to capture a clearer picture, I asked for a small white plate so that I could take my portion out to take a close shot. And tada…..a toothpick holding the two tapas together. Never a fan of sheep cheese but when served together with a piece of Mojama (sun-dried tuna loin) on a slice of bread, the combination tasted so good. Just couldn’t help myself to second helpings. But turned out the Anchovies wrapped around the cherry tomatoes was even better! The aromatic sourish anchovies really changed the whole flavour of a cherry tomatoes. Pop it into the mouth and BANG! It was amazing! Again, couldn’t help myself to second helpings even though I know there are lots more of food to come.

Next came a plate of Aioli and Potato Mash with Bacalao to be dipped with bread roll. It simply tasted like Mashed Egg and Potato, such a simple dish but taste great nonetheless. We even asked for more bread to go with the mash.

Another two tapas were served together; Wood Roasted Piquillo Peppers with Scallops and Gratinated Fresh Cod Fillet ala Zurriaga.

My portion of the scallop hidden beneath the roasted red capsicum was huge, juicy and bouncy. Surprise surprise, being not a fan for fish, I find that the Cod fillet faired much better. The fish tasted really good when eaten with the layer of cheese on top.

Served in a very nice glass, the Warm Crab Meat with Green Asparagus Emulsion was very very good! Quite surprised as I expected it to be green instead of red. It didn’t taste much like pure green asparagus puree either but also with a hint of capsicum. We had a great time figuring out the ingredient while savouring this yummy soup.

Once we finished off with the long list of Tapas, the Main courses were served. The first dish was the Rosenberg Sweet Water Prawn with Duck Tongue Clams. The gravy was light orangey in colour, thanks to the cholesterol laden prawn heads! The prawn I had was fresh and bouncy but I didn’t like the duck tongue clam at all. I think it’s slightly overcooked and the flesh shrunk and quite chewy.

For me, the Salsa Verde Braised Venus Clams and Artichokes was the best among the main dishes. The Clams were huge (I should have measure the size) and cooked to just the right texture. Slurps…not a single drop of gravy wasted.

Lastly, the Portabello Mushroom Coulis laced Seabass Fish with Spanish Bell Pepper Salsa which I didn’t like at all. The Seabass tasted muddy hence it spoilt the taste of the whole dish. And probably we were already too full, thus we didn’t take more than one bite of the fish.

Over food and non-stop chat and laughter, I didn’t realize I took so many glasses of the Cavas. Don’t underestimate it ok…the moment I stood up, the alcohol raced to my brain. I can feel myself getting really tipsy ……almost like floating in the air…….wwwweeeeee!!!

Lastly, a dessert to end the perfect meal. Goat cheese with Four Berries Marmalade. Served warm, the goat cheese was semi-melted, thus create a slight chewy texture. Like I said earlier, goat cheese is not something that I fancy but I simply love this. I even had Hubby’s untouched portion.

Priced at RM150++, the meal was well worth it with all the yummy seafood and Cava. When the dinner almost ended, Max informed that it was also his shop 1st birthday that night… that means more toasting, more Cava! Hick! Happy Birthday to Max! Kitchen and many many more to come! Hick!

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Max! Kitchen & Wines
27, Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-21418115
(Do call for reservations - closed on Sundays)

Spanish Passion
B2-3A Astana Damansara
33 Jalan 17/1
46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7957.9404


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i remember u telling me its free flow food and wine..looks like u couldnt even make it in the 1st round haha..

yes i regret i missed this..but thats 150++ saved..but an unforgettable event forgone..sigh

the fish must have been locally sourced isit?

Big Boys Oven said...

Dear Precious Pea...... went you want to bring me along to Max!....:)

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: The tapas already filled me way before main courses were served! Hahaha..probably the Cava was also filling half of my tummy. The fish...i think is local siakap. I never like fish luckily it was served last.

big boys oven: Errr...anytime. :)

team bsg said...

interesting ! this cuisine is so focused and smallish serves, then the wines ooooh ! the highs ! different totally

Jackson said...

i regret now!!! :(

Precious Pea said...

team bsg: Yes, very unique and high indeed!!

jackson: Don't be sad..tonite will ask Max about your request ok?

New Kid on the Blog said...

My dear precious pea, this is gonna kill me soon. The rate that I read everyone's blog and the food that you guys shot ... it's the matter of time, I'll need to visit Marie France soon. :(

Tummythoz said...

OooOOoOooO delicious looking. The food too, of coz.

sc said...

must have tasted divine...looks delish.

mama bok said...

You know what.. have to have your own domain.. for all your post..! i love all your food reviews too much..!!

Donna said...

Whenever I read your precious blog, I am always hungry...hehe:D

MeiyeN said...

very interesting..... especially da crab meat with asparagus!

jason said...

Heh, MAX became your 2nd home!

Precious Pea said...

nkotb: Hahaha...ok, we go TOGETHER!!

tummythoz: Hey, don't drool yah.

sc: Very delicious meal indeed!

mamabok: Awww..thanks! Blogging only a hobby, maybe when i go jobless then i get my own domain and go fulltime on food blogging. Hehehe...thanks for your support too ;)

donna: KL also lots of good food, when coming over??

meiyen: The crab meat and asparagus emulsion was really good. Everyone also gave thumbs up for it.

jason: Errr....that means i went 'home' again yesterday. Hahahahaha!!

wmw said...

Looks like another great dining night at Max!

tigerfish said...

So much food that I don't know which to pick and comment about. Maybe what stands out is that cute chef! :p

Precious Pea said...

wmw: OH YES...very memorable night for me.

tigerfish: Hehehe..dunno which to pick? That is becos you already picked on the first photo? Yes? No?


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