Friday, September 21, 2007


Still remember my post on all the yummy goodies my Hubby brought all the way back from Tokyo? Among the goodies is a packet of bonito flakes which Hubby said is used to make soup. I consulted Boolicious and she too told me that together with seaweed and some other ingredients which I could not remember, bonito flakes is added to make Dashi, a very delicious stock used to cook Japanese dishes. Without any recipe to follow, I didn’t do anything with it till I watched Ratatouille. Inspired with Remy’s ability to whip up dishes according to his sharp senses, I headed straight to Jusco supermarket after the movie to get ingredients for sukiyaki. At one point, I was at lost as I couldn’t recall the essential items in a good bowl of sukiyaki. So Hubby came to my rescue as he said “Be like Remy, just put whatever ingredients you like”.

Tada…although I try to be as creative as possible, I still think that I should stick to the basic ingredients for a ‘normal’ bowl of sukiyaki. The ingredients I bought were Japanese leek, carrots, enoki mushrooms, tofu, chicken breast, udon and finely sliced beef meant for shabu-shabu. Since I have Hotate lying in my freezer, I dumped it in as well.

For the soup, I used three big pieces of chicken breast (actually it’s for Pea and Pumpkin) to make chicken stock. For extra sweetness, I added into chopped carrots as well as the stem from the Japanese leek. Boil for an hour, add in the bonito flakes and simmer for another 15 mins or so before sieving it to get a clear soup.

I remembered that the soup is supposed to be light brown in colour. But merely adding in soya sauce would not taste as good. I got to praise myself here for having such great talent *blush*, I decided to caramelized some sliced onions with tiny bits of sugar and soya sauce before adding it into the soup. The smell was amazing!!! The wonderful whiff of aroma from the caramelized onions, the bonito flakes and the leek combined was just so so good.

As for the other ingredients, I actually prepared it while waiting for my soup to be ready. Pretty simple, all you have to do is to soak some shitake mushrooms, shred the carrots and leek and cut the tofu into smaller pieces. Blanch all the veggies and udon in hot boiling water and arrange it nicely on a bowl. As for the beef, I did it the shabu-shabu style where I dip it into the boiling soup for just a few seconds and take it out while it still slightly pinkish in colour. The hotate was boiled in the soup to further enhance the flavour of it.

Once all the ingredients were nicely arranged, pour the delicious soup over. Mmmm……there you go, a delicious bowl of Sukiyaki with Udon ala my style!

Soup was fantastic…..I find it almost similar to the real thing. However, I was quite upset with the Udon. The imported Udon from Japan costs RM15 for 2 packets where the locally made Udon costs RM 8 for 3 packets. I thought the local version would taste just the same and how wrong I was. It was like eating normal fat noodle, just like those used for Hokkien noodle. Flour-ish and lack of texture. Total disappointment! But the rest of the ingredients were good…and enough to fill my stomach even without finishing the Udon. Will I cook it again? Well, maybe not cos the whole meal costs us almost RM50 (the beef was already RM25), not exactly cheap for a home-cooked meal for two. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole process and the sense of achievement for the end results. Three cheers for myself!


Jackson said...

dun wan to friend with u already... cook such good food also didnt invite all yr "kaki"

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

argh! overflowing..should have asked me to help you slurp up soon 1st..

actually need a bigger bowl..wahaha..
i think the beef could have been put in rare while u pour the soup in..lagi sedap i think..

Live2Talk said...

It looks like ingredients more than soup :P err can I copy the recipe but substitute the beef with chicken coz my house cannot cook beef la ...

Big Boys Oven said...

Thought you would had invited us over for your tremendously delicious sukiyaki....&*(&&*$$%@()(*

Precious Pea said...

jackson: Don't like that ler...first time only ma, don't know jadi or not so how to invite you leh? Furthermore, you can't even take beef.

NJoe: wasn't even a bowl, it's more like a plate, and the only white plate i got. As for the beef, i actually wanted to get Wagyu beef but can you believe it that 1Utama Jusco don't sell it? I did tot of pouring hot soup over but since i dunno how long the beef have been lying in the fridge, better kill off some bacteria first.

live2talk: Of course, you can even put in seafood, sausages, REMY for the day. Let me know if it tastes good or not..hehehehe.

bbo: First attempt, cannot invite taster...malu only. Hehehe.

barbie said...

Wow, *clap* *clap* *clap* *salute*. U're good. If i put together anything from my head, i'll have to throw it away. Er,i don't see the udon??!! :p

fatboybakes said...

haha, flourish.... took me awhile to figure out what you meant.

Precious Pea said...

barbie: Thank you thank you *taking a bow*. Udon was hidden underneath the ingredients. Like Joe said, OVERFLOWING! Hahaha.

fbb: Oppss...amended. Just dunno the term to describe something that taste like dough.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Pea just told me she can't cook. Does "I decided to caramelized some sliced onions with tiny bits of sugar and soya sauce before adding it into the soup" sound like someone who CAN'T cook? ;-) hehehehe

~Christine~Leng said...

you're really good! *impressed* love sukiyaki and with own style? definitely tasted better! haha... Cheers to you!
Cook again lar... Then i can have some! ;P

tigerfish said...

I'm eyeing at those hotate.....errrr...can I ?
Today cool weather here, this is so inviting :)

wmw said...

Unlike Jackson, I take beef. Mmmpphhh....turns head away

wenching & esiong said...

wow, that looks delicious with so many fine ingredients! adding hotate in is definitely a good choice! good work!

IronEaters said... looks good. lov to eat sukiyaki! did i see something look like cockles in the soup?

MeiyeN said...

just like da real one! *applause*
how come didn't invite us to taste your yummy sukiyaki? :( sobzz..

teckiee said...

Yorrr come back from lunch to see this.. making me hungry again. I want to taste that soup mannn

boo_licious said...

brilliant addition of caramelized onions - saves loads on adding the usual mirin, soy sauce and sake which is what they use for sukiyaki broth. Lucky Hubby to have his own "remy" in the kitchen.

Precious Pea said...

Nigel: I didn't lie should see my steamed egg yesterday. So horrible..overcooked and full of air bubbles. :(

christine: Homemade always taste so much better. At least you know that no MSG added.

tigerfish: Am sure you can whip up something even better ;) You are the true Remy than me. Hehehe.

wmw: Hehehe..don't like that lerrr. Next time when i cook can i invite when I dun even know if it will turn out good or not leh?

wenching & esiong: Hi! Thanks for dropping me a comment. proud of my creation too.

Precious Pea said...

ironeaters: Cockles?? You mean the creamy looking shellfish? That's hotate aka Japanese scallop.

meiyen: Next round yah...provided if i can make back the same soup. Hehe.

teckiee: Err..if i invite you to my house, don't go near my precious pea and pumpkin yah? ;)

boo: Hehehe...the caramelised onions really enhanced the taste of the soup. Yah...i also told Hubby the same thing, that he is so lucky to have me. ;)


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