Thursday, October 18, 2007


On the second day of my KK trip, we decided to take a full day tour to Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park for RM150 per person. It was still raining despite heavy pouring the night before and it really got me worried as the trail would be so slippery. The tour guide came to pick us up at 7.30 a.m. sharp and off we went to pick up another group of 4. It was a long long ride and finally, we stopped at Pekan Nabalu for coffee and toilet break.
After easing ourselves, we walked around the stalls selling all sorts of souvenirs, from handicrafts to handmade bags to Tee-shirts.
Only Missy6ft bought a tee here as live2talk and I made our way to Restoran Tokou located right across the road from those stalls.
As later part of the day requires lots of climbing, it only makes sense to fill up our energy level. Live2talk ordered a plate of fried rice which ahem, seems like rice fried with mixed veggie. She only took a few spoonfuls so I guess I don’t need to elaborate on the taste.

I was feeling a bit cold that morning cos of the rain and so I ordered the Soto Ayam. Smells wonderful, it was basically Vermicelli with Chicken Soup. Tastewise, bearable but it’s so comforting having a warm soup on a rainy day. Oh, forgot to mention that we were already half way in highlands, so it was raining and misty.

My meal was interrupted by this pitiful looking fella. He was staring at me with one of his eye closed. Gosh…with a soft spot for doggies, how can I turn him down? Ended up he had more chicken pieces than me! Well, I didn’t mind it at all as this poor fella doesn’t seems to have many opportunities to enjoy such luxurious chicken meat.

After the break, we traveled all the way up the highland and on the way, we stopped at the roadside to take a look from afar, the waterfall gushing down from Mt Kinabalu.

We continued our journey to Poring Hot Spring by passing the Kundasang valley which offers spectacular view. It was like a patchwork of fields, vegetable plots and settlements along the Kundasang highlands. Sadly, we didn’t make a stop here so no photos taken. According to my food guidebook, this place is quite interesting and famous for grilled chicken wings! If I have a chance to revisit KK, I will definitely make a self-drive trip here.

After what seems like endless ride, we finally arrived at Poring Hot Spring which is one of Sabah’s popular tourism destinations. According to wikipedia, Poring is actually a Kadazandusun word for a bamboo species found in the area.

Apart from the hot spring, there is also a butterfly farm, canopy walkway, bat cave and waterfalls inside. Our first stop?? Canopy walk!

We walked passed a stream via a very short canopy. Beautiful isn’t it?

There were lots of gigantic bamboo trees along the trail. We were lucky that the rain stopped so the air was cool and breezy.

Even though the signboard stated that the distance from the entrance to the canopy walk takes about 835m, which doesn't seems too far for me, the trail up the hill really kills!!! It was steep, slippery and like a never-ending road to me. I was so out of breath till I didn't have the mood to snap a picture of the trail. Gasp gasp gasp! Finally we arrived at the canopy trail ALIVE! YEAH! We did it!!! It was quite a short trail but still worth the effort.

Live2talk, Precious Pea and Missy6ft (picture courtesy of live2talk)

Photo taken from the canopy. So high up that I can't even see the ground.

Coming downhill was so much easier and the trail seems so much shorter too! We made a stop at the hot spring which is famous for its therapeutic properties and sulphuric minerals which is said to ease aching muscles. Highly recommended for those who just came back from the canopy walk.

The water source

You can either go for a dip at the public pool or individual tub. All you have to do is to select a vacant tub and start filling it up with the hot spring water according to your preferred temperature.

I was quite disgusted to see some irresponsible people who didn't bother to clean up after soaking inside the tub. They didn't even have the courtesy of releasing the water after used. Secondhand water anyone??

Lunch was provided but no photos as we were sharing a table with 4 other tourists. It started raining again after lunch but there was still another stop to go, the Kinabalu Park. Armed with an umbrella each, we stormed into the botanical paradise which covers an area of 754 sq kilometer.

OH NO! Have to climb those stairs again????

For nature lovers, this place is highly recommended as you can find many species of exotic plants here. I don't know much about the names so I am just going to post a few photos here.

World's smallest orchid...initially I thought it was some kind of moss!
Don't you think the upper-part of this flower looks like Mickey Mouse head???

There were lots of this berry like plants in the park. Some are blooming with flowers and some with ripe berry-look-alike fruits. I was told it's edible. I tried one...tasted like berry.
Same species as above but blooming with pink flowers. So pretty isn't it?
If not mistaken, it's ginger flower.
Pots and pots of pricey orchids
Necklace flower
Please enlighten me if you know what this plant is called.

And that completes our day trip. The journey back to KK town was again a long long ride but we were so tired, we slept almost throughout the journey back to our hotel.

Now now.....wonder what we had for dinner that night to replenish all the calories burnt???? Find out in my next post ok?!?!


Big Boys Oven said...

So lovely, yet to explore....

boo_licious said...

It looks very nice and I love those flowers. So nice of u to share yr meal with the doggie - I often do that with stray kitties until the whole plate is gone to them.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah u sure did burn alot of calories!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Dogs have such expressive eyes.

a feast, everyday said...

Glad u made it to 2 of our Sabah's famous spots. Know exactly what u mean bout d hot spring tubs, nicely put-'secondhand water' yaks!
Btw if u still looking 4 the nissin noodle from HK - XO, teriyaki, tonkotsu n more flavors u can get them at Tong Hing Supermarket in KK near HSBC bank on ur next trip 2 KK :D.

tankiasu said...

Tonkotsu? Tankiasu? me, available in D'sara Heights, KL! :) Not cheap though.

MeiyeN said...

very nice picsss!!!!!! i wonder if i can make it to da top if i choose to climb mt. kinabalu.. hmmmm

daphne said...

sounds like a very nice place! especially all the nature walk. I think I will be very hungry after that.. hehee

teckiee said...

OMG! SO NICE!!!!! Need to find my KK kaki fast. And the dog picture... made me feel guilty a bit...

Jun said...

the fried rice looks like the cheap, food court-standard ones we get in aus, cooked to cater to ang mohs and poor students :P

mama bok said...

Very adventurous of you gals..! lovely pictures..! too bad .. food wasn't that great.. :(

Jackson said...

i love jungle tracking!!! Oohhh... faster tell us what u had for dinner!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... come u put an ad??

Tummythoz said...

Can I 'tumpang' a link to your post when I finally post my KK trip? *attempting to show watery pleading eyes* I didn't take pic of Poring.

Precious Pea said...

bbo: End of year coming, maybe it's time to take a break? ;)

boo: He showed me such a pitiful face, to say NO?

NJoe: Oh yes....burnt a lot to justify for the dinner on that night, which by the way, will be posted soon.

luscious sista: I agree! My sister's dog used to have watery eyes when she saw me pack luggage. :(

droolteam: Hehehe, imagine all the dirt and sweat in the secondhand water and all the bacteria. Yucks! Aiyah, your info came way too late, but never mind, i will be heading to HK soon, will get my supply there. Oh yah..i will be going to KK again, somewhere end March early April. This time i will conquer the islands.

tankiasu: afraid i don't have that kind of money to buy you lor. Hahaha!

meiyen: Me definitely cannot, no stamina. Maybe you can try.

daphne: Hehehe...oh yes, we were very hungry especially with the not-so-satisfying breakfast.

Precious Pea said...

teckie: Guilty???? You mean...ahem, dog meat? Hehehe.

jun: Hahahahaha...along with those signature dishes like black pepper beef, sweet and sour pork, spring rolls...etc...all you can fit in a tub! Hahaha..i miss that though.

mamabok: Usually can't expect much when food is provided. So we pigged it out when we dine on our own.

jackson: Wednesday, on Wednesday I shall reveal!


tummythoz: No problem, feel free to link. :) Aiyoo...why never take pic?? Can't wait to read your post so i can see where you ate. Hehe.

wmw said...

Nice photos....poor doggie! Good of you in succeeding to make Teckiee feel bad! :o)

Precious Pea said...

wmw: High 5!


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