Wednesday, October 24, 2007


After the tiring trip to Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park, our Sabah branch colleague and her husband came to pick us up from our hotel for dinner. We went to another well-known seafood restaurant nearby called Ocean Seafood Village, which is also featured in my food guide. Turned out the restaurant is located the same row as our hotel, about 5-min drive away. This halal restaurant is popular among the tourists and it could accommodate up to 400 diners. Eventhough it was a Wednesday night, the restaurant was packed.
This place is huge, much much bigger than Port View Seafood Restaurant we went yesterday with one huge corner used to house tanks after tanks filled with seafood. After we have ordered, it's time to do some homework (taking photographs for my blog).
Although I very much wanted to show you how big the place is, it's impossible to fit everything in one photo. So standing on the same spot, the above photo was taken on my right side whilst the photo below is on my left.
The Giant Lobster was huge, afterall, it's supposed to be big since it's named as giant lobster. I wonder how much this fella would cost.
This tarantula lookalike creature is actually coconut crab. The name derived from its ability to crack coconuts with its powerful claws in order to eat the flesh. I heard that the coconut crab is really sweet and aromatic with coconut flavour. So miss my Hubby that moment cos if he was with me, am sure we will order it to try.
A funny creature known as Slipper Lobster. Anyone tried this before? How it tastes like?
Another photo of the Slipper Lobster
A kind of shell fish

Hubby's favourite Kepah aka Clams!Just look at the fiery fella on the middle left? He was all ready to give me a snap when I went near to take this photo. More shellfish: Mussels and Oysters Ugly looking fish with human face. SCARY!

Hungry hungry and food was served when we went back to our table. First dish was the Stirfry Venison with Sea Cucumber. The venison meat was tender while the accompanying veggies were still crunchy. Sadly, it requires a bit of luck in finding the thinly sliced sea cucumber.

A plate of Boiled Fresh can one go wrong with this dish? Tasted wonderful. Sweet, juicy and bounchy! You can give me a plate of this prawns ANYTIME, slurps!!

We also managed to try the famous mollusc found in Sabah water known as Siput Gajah (elephant snail?). It was deshelled and stir-fry in Kung Po style. Again, it need a bit of hunting here cos the plate was full of onions and dried chillies. Barely could find the sliced shellfish. However, I love the Kung Po taste very much and I just love eating the sweet crunchy onions coated with the gravy.

The 7-Stars Garoupa was steamed to perfection. The soya based gravy was well adjusted, not too salty nor too sweet, just perfect enough to bring out the sweetness of the fish.

We specially requested to have the Sabah Veggie which we enjoyed very much the night before. This time, we had it stir-fry with scrambled egg. Very unique indeed, am not sure if the local prefers this version. Tastewise, not too bad but we still prefered the sambal belachan version.

Lastly, a plate of Kam Hiong Crab which didn't get my approval. It's such a waste to have such big, meaty and fresh mudcrabs overcooked. *Shake shake head*
The meal came up to RM300+ for the 5 of us. Not cheap rite? But I guess if you don't have a car and happen to stay in the city centre and yearn for seafood, you may consider this restaurant.

Ocean Seafood Village is located at: 4 Lorong Api-Api 3, Api-Api Centre Tel: 088-269 701 Opens daily 11.30 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.


wenching & esiong said...

Wow, this place looks good. Get to take photos of live seafood and you mentioned that the food is good too. The seafood should taste really fresh right?

team bsg said...

amazing variety, just that hubb.. ah wasn't there s i g h hahaha
no wonder u won with those 3 gluttons in DJ dimsum shop !

were all those other ppl staring at the 4 of you ah ( why not... one so hansome + 3 sexy greedilicious bombs !)

jaw dropping they kall eat

jason said...

Slipper lobster! I think such creature we can't find them here.

daphne said...

wah...all the seafood! Too bad the crab was overcooked but everything else looked good. it sounds a little on the ex side though...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u don't have slipper prawns over there?? we call it 'lai new ha' here, yes, pee prawns but they taste heavenly. they have thick shells so r perfect to throw on the bbq n bc they r fully encased, the meat cooks in its own juice n is very aromatic n sweet.we can hardly buy it now cos restaurants buy them all. scrambled egg with sabah veg is best if its the leafy variety. those shell things are scallops.n tt fish is the titanic!

Precious Pea said...

wenching & esiong: I enjoyed the display of seafood, really wish i could try each and every of them, moneywise sadly cannot afford to do so.

team bsg: Hahaha...actually that day at the Hong Kee dim sum, we only ordered 4 items (after nasi lemak at SS2 BP). We are not that gluttons hehehe. The rest of the dim sums we had were from another visit. am exposed.

jason: I have never seen it before here, not even at Unique seafood.

daphne: I see many tourists and also company dinner being hosted there, so sure pricey. But for convenience sake, no choice lor.

terri: Slipper prawns is 'lai new ha'? I tot it's called Mantis Prawns? I saw a lot of Mantis Prawns, perhaps both from same company. I love lai new ha as it's so sweet, like you said, cos it was encased when cooked. I suspected the shellfish are scallops too, thanks for verifying but somehow, the scallops shell in KL are smooth whereas this one looks like cockles. Maybe Sabah breed? Have you tried coconut crab before?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

A crab that can crack coconuts with its claws? Yikes. I'm staying away from that fella!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

no, i would try it (crab after all) but now tt i've seen how it looks like, no way! it's a huge bug!i shd bring d whole fam there just to see it; ur pic is d first i've seen of these things.Good post!

Precious Pea said...

Luscious sista: So ugly looking isn't it??

terri: Actually it's from the hermit family. So just imagine the naked hermit but only in gigantic size. That night we went left with 2 only and at discounted price. Hopefully when you go, it's still in season.

ai wei said...

slipper lobster?! @.@ the look is not that nice. dunno how it taste ler?! normally those ugly ugly creature taste good. heehe

ekeng said...

Believe me or not.Ocean Seafood Village are not for local,it's just for tourist.It's so expensive and may cost u a lot money. But i love their seafood which fresh and yummy.

Precious Pea said...

aiwei: Ugly but i believe it nice lor. Next time i will try.

ekeng: Pricey but we tourist dunno where got good and cheap seafood so no choice lor.

MeiyeN said...

omg...........omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da seafood.... fuiyoh... i want, i want! how i wish to be in kk right now for da seafood..

sc said...

goodness gracious me...this place is humongous! makes me wanna try everything there..i thot i saw my fren having slipper lobster in her pasta recently (at SS2)..let me check my photos

ling239 said...

that giant lobster is really a giant !! should be very meaty hahahaaaa....

Jackson said... much fresh seafood to choose from.... i wan to go KK. Keep me inform if Air Asia give awat free ticket to KK!! LOL

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: sure will enjoy being there. Abundant of fresh and exotic seafood.

sc: Issit? Issit Greenwood cafe??

ling239: So big..sure heavy...err...sure nice having it sashimi style...sure ended with hefty bill too. Hehehe.

jackson: I have to start charging you travel consultation fee oledi. prob brother...i will keep you informed.

ekeng said...

i will go back KK on April 2008. Precious Pea,are u going to visit KK on Mar 2008?
Hey Jackson,u can follow me if you want. Haha :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job stealing pics from

Precious Pea said...

Dear Anonymous,

Go back to the link you have posted above and READ properly...they took all of it from my blog aka PRECIOUS PEA! Those photos belongs to me and that man in the first photo, it is my friend's husband. For goodness sake, check before you accuse!


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