Friday, October 26, 2007


On the last day of our trip, we had a few hours to spare since our flight was in the late afternoon. While live2talk preferred to sleep in, Missy6ft and I got up early in the morning to visit the markets located at the KK waterfront, just opposite our hotel. We left the hotel at 7.00 a.m. and off we went to explore the markets. The first market was the open-air wet market which offers a lot of strange products from the sea which I have not seen before. I might be wrong, but it seems to me this market caters for the Malays and Sabah tribes. Rarely can find Chinese (except two of us) here.

Paku pakis; a type of fern.
A kind of seaweed
According to Missy6ft, this is called Underwater Grapes.

Next we ventured into the Pasar Ikan Masin or literally translated as "Salted Fish Market". Here you can find all sorts of dried stuffs such as salted fish, dried octopus, dried shrimps, dried ikan bilis, dried abalone, dried scallops, etc. I have no idea if it's cheaper than KL, but since we are here, both of us grab a few packets home as souvenirs. Bargaining requires but of course if you are buying a lot, your bargaining power will be much stronger. Hehehe...thanks to Missy6ft amazing bargaining skill too.

We then proceeded to the indoor wet market. Selling pretty normal stuffs here so it wasn't as exciting for me.

The night before during our seafood dinner at Ocean View, my Sabah Branch colleague told me that since I love hot stuffs, I should grab a bottle of the hot chili sauce which is found in almost every stalls! Brandless, so it depends on luck whether the bottle you grab is good or not. But believe me, it's super duper HOT!!

After we got what we wanted from the market, we went to the Fish Market which is located just next to the indoor wet market. We walked in and were amazed to see the place bustling with people. The catch of the day were all proudly displayed. Extremely fresh since all the fishermen just came back from the sea.

PORCUPINE FISH???? I found some really interesting information about this Porcupine fish which is also known as Blowfish. Here are some of the interesting facts extracted from Wikipedia:

"They are sometimes confused with pufferfish . Porcupinefish are closely related to pufferfishes but porcupinefish have spines on their body.Porcupinefish have the ability to inflate their body by swallowing water (or air) and become round like a ball. This increase in size (almost double vertically) reduces the range of potential predators to those with much bigger mouths. A second defense mechanism is provided by the sharp spines, which radiate outwards when the fish is inflated. Some species are poisonous, having a tetrodotoxin in their skin and/or intestines."
Assorted deep-sea fish....I saw a man paid RM5 for 3 big fishes. Some looked just too colourful to be eaten.

We made a last stop at the Filipino Market to grab some nice seashell bracelets as souvenirs. No photos were taken since both my hands were full with bags of goodies.

Without realising it, we already walked for more than 2 hours. Started feeling a bit tired and hungry already. The night before, our colleague told us that there is a very nice Kuching Laksa place nearby our hotel, situated right behind Le Meridien Hotel. Since it's on our way back, we went hunting for it and EUREKA! We found it quite easily. It's actually a stall inside Kedai Kopi Soon Chuan.

This is the stall. Caters for only breakfast and lunch; big bowl for RM5.50 and small bowl for RM4.50. Hmmm...not cheap huh?

Our bowl of laksa came with coarse vermicelli topped with sliced prawns, shredded chicken, sliced egg omelets and beansprouts. Out of my expectation, this bowl of Kuching Laksa was really good! The curry broth was good, flavourful yet not too creamy and perfect after we squeezed in the lime juice.

We saw a Kolo Mee stall and so we decided to give it a try. Instead of the usual minced meat and bbq pork, we asked for roasted pork. Big big mistake! One bite and I couldn't bring myself to eat more. The noodle was so laden with alkaline, it became so bitter and creates an awful aftertaste. We should have ordered another bowl of laksa instead. Never mind, learn from mistake huh?

On the way back, we saw a bakery and since live2talk was still sleeping, we bought her some buns for breakfast. This bun looks yummy but live2talk said it tasted very normal.

After checking out, our Sabah colleague came over to pick us up for lunch before sending us to the airport. She brought us to Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas to have lunch. While walking towards the shop, I spotted a long queue in front of the chicken rice stall. Throughout our lunch, the queue continued growing.

We ordered a plate of roasted pork and BBQ pork. The roasted pork tasted fairly above average however, I didn't quite like the char siu. I think i have been indulging with too much 'melt-in-your mouth' kind of char siu nowadays, so my expectation for char siu quality has gone up.

Another plate of mixed roasted pork with roasted ribs. The roasted ribs were really yummy. Tender and well marinated but sadly, portion was too little, only a piece each.

Dessert came much later. After we checked in our luggage, we proceeded to the duty free shop to kill time. While paying for a packet of Sabah Coffeemix and Teabags, I spotted ice-cream potong near the counter. They even have icebox for you to carry back and the lady owner claimed it can last for 6 hours! Although am tempted, I was way too lazy to hand carry it so we decided to have one each on the spot instead. I tried the Avocado flavour since the rest such as red bean, cendol, corn, yam and etc were too normal. If not mistaken, it is priced at RM1 each

And that completes my journey in KK. Short but lots of fun. A special thanks to my colleague Stella and her husband for the wonderful hospitality.

So many more yummy places in my food guide not covered so I have decided....March 2008! KK, I WILL BE BACK!!

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

great post again, prejudice aside since i'm sabahan :) yes, we never venture into unknown territory like tt market...d laksa looks yummy. i haven't been there for a long time cos of the lack of parking. n i agree with u about the bbq place. i get exasperated with the guy - why can't he get another person to chop too so ppl don't have spill onto the road. a friend pointed out tt it's a publicity glad u enjoyed urself :)

Precious Pea said...

Thank Terri, glad you like my post and i really enjoyed this trip, that is why am looking forward to next March.

1) So you mean we entered danger zone? Hahaha..ok ok..maybe i exaggerated. I find it odd too cos we seems out of place there and I didn't feel comfortable so we just walk off immediately.

2) So smart of them cos long queue implies good stuff. I saw that they have the thick bread too. But i didn't anyone order it though.

3) As i recall, there is a shop famous for pork noodle nearby right? I tried the noodle during my first trip, not too bad.

4) When I visit KK again, can i consult you on where to get nice and cheap seafood?

Live2Talk said...

Thanks for being such a great travel companion and your sense of good food.

Big Boys Oven said...

Precious Pea, don't worry I will start posting on KK very my next destination after Ipoh at havefood

Love to read of your KK exploration. So interesting.

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: :) No problem!

bbo: Cool! Just can't wait to read your post.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

that was a greata post, precious pea. I felt like I was there in KK looking at all those strange fish, etc!

teckiee said...

wahh interesting facts on that torny fish thing... you should have bought one back ;p ..and that under water grapes thing...i never seen it before...very interesting

ekeng said...

wow...the laksa look delicious..the bun also look cute with the egg..If u wanna visit KK again,u can ask me for the nice and cheap seafood..Maybe i can give u some suggestions.

ling239 said...

avocado ice cream potong !! o_O first time i heard... good ah ?

wenching & esiong said...

Nice post on Sabah. Avocado ice-cream seems new to me. How does it taste like? Good?

Jun said...

haha omg of all places, u went to the coffeeshop i went to when i was in KK as well! *LOL* the one with the laksa and kolo mee. i had the latter tho-- darn! fr ur description and pic of the laksa, shud've ordered tht instead :(

wmw said...

AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh! You remind me why I don't eat fish ...with that pic o the porcupine fish! Hahaha.....

Precious Pea said...

luscious sista: Thanks sista for the compliment! :)

teckiee: back?? I don't even dare to eat it. But so cute looking rite? The underwater grapes I heard is used to boil and drink, cooling effect if not mistaken.

ekeng: Ok time will consult you before i go to KK again.

ling 239 and wenching & esiong: The avocado basically tasteless so the ice cream potong is nothing except sweet and creamy. I should have taken my all-time favourite cendol flavour. But never try never know rite?

Jun: Really? How you find the kolo mee? The laksa was really good, must be famous since my colleague recommended it.

wmw: eaten porcupine fish before??

mama bok said...

Eeeewwwkkk..! the fish looked so ugly lor.. muahahah!! laksa looks really great..! too bad.. the kolo mee sux..!

jason said...

Eh... so fierce looking fish. I saw some Tangs in the fish basket leh.

Precious Pea said...

mamabok: Actually I find the fish so chubby and cute! sad cos i do wonder if anyone dares to eat it. If not, this poor fella died for nothing. The fishermen should have thrown it back to the sea. :(

Jason: got sharp eyes. Hehehe. I also wonder if they could be eaten.

MeiyeN said...

wow...those fish....weirdy look but.. it's cool! thanks for reviewing.. otherwise won't have da chance to even have a look on those fishes... unless i have da opportunity to fly over to kk.. :p

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Glad you like it. Why not plan a trip with Bob to KK soon. Oh yah, perfect place for honeymoon as well ;)

meatball online said...

nice post.. glad u enjoyed the trip to KK... still alot of good food u haven't get the chance to try. sure gain 2 kg before u go back in March 08!

Precious Pea said...

meatball online: Hahahahaah!! I know i know...but i think to really conquer all the good eating places in KK, that would take me around 2 weeks? I will try my best next round.

ekeng said...

i have bought 5 bottles of local made chili sos back to KL. Damn..It's extreamy HOT !!

Precious Pea said...

ekeng: I find that even the fresh cili padi in Sabah is so fiery hot. In KL, i bought once cili padi that tasted sweet. I think they put some booster on the plant for it to grow, so quality distorted.

ben-wed-ling said...

Just discover your blog.
The kolok mee that you ordered was wrong! that's not really kch's kolok mee, that's more to kampua mee =P you should try the kolok mee at wayang street, it is yummy!


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