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Although I have many backlogs and would take months for me to finish posting all my collection of photos, there is a need for this post to jump queue as it would be meaningless if I post it after the Hari Raya. I missed the Ramadan bazaar last year and after drooling over Boolicious series of Ramadan bazaar, Hubby and I were very determined to visit one this year. We particularly chose to visit the one in Section 14 last week because according to Boolicious, there is a stall selling fry cockles!!

From afar, we can see a huge crowd at the bazaar and everyone seems to be queuing at the first and second stall selling popiah basah and grilled seafood. Too many people surrounded the stalls till I couldn’t even sneak in to snap a photo. Well, if I do that, I might attract unwelcome stares! Our mission was to hunt for the cockles so along the way, we stopped by here and there to grab some goodies as well as snap some photos. Impossible for me to take photos of everything so here are a few to feast your eyes.

A big wok of bubbling fiery red beef rendang. We wanted to get some of this but since there was a large queue, we decided to get it on the way back. Sadly, we forgot about it when we left the place.

This grilled seafood stall somehow doesn’t have as much crowd. We didn’t get any though as we were much focused. WE WANT COCKLES!!

We made a stop at the Satay stall. Mmmmm…..smells wonderful!

At only 40 sen per skewers of beef and chicken, Hubby bought 15 sticks!

A few stalls away, there was a stall selling freshly made Roti Jala. I also grabbed a packet of Serawa Durian as recommended by Boolicious.

Just few stalls away, we spotted a lot of people queuing at another grilled fish stall. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED as that was the stall selling the fry cockles in a large hot pan. Scooped using a bowl, each bowlful costs RM4. “Abang, kerang satu paket”!! (Translation: Brother, one packet of cockles please).

There were also lots of stalls selling a variety of rice; Nasi Campur, Kerabu, Briyani, Dagang and Tomato just to name a few. Individually packed in Styrofoam boxes, we also spotted flies having party around the food.

Instead, we opted for pre-packed nasi lemak, priced at only RM1 for a big packet.

The wonderful aroma of spices filled the air as we walked by the soup stall.

While I opted for Sup Daging (Beef Soup), for those who are adventurous could try cow’s spare parts like tail, tongue, bones, stomach and lungs. Just take a pick!

What is Ramadan Bazaar without the Ayam Percik right??? Smile!!

After we have purchase the savory, we went hunting for some snacks. Spoilt with choices, everything looked so delicious! See it yourself!

Deep-fried popiah drizzled with chili sauce
My favourite onde-onde
Am very clueless when it comes to Malay kuih, so do let me know what these two kuihs are called.

Probably the only Chinese trader around, this guy was trying hard to attract attention by shouting his lungs out. Boy oh boy….Durian Cendol…..his method proven successful as I immediately walked over to his stall and grabs a packet of it.

A variety of colourful drinks to quench your thirst, err…artificial colouring not good for health, so we bought fresh coconut drink instead.

MMmmmm……we unpacked all the food we bought once we got home. Of course, Hubby could not ‘buka puasa’ or start feasting until I take a picture (or two or three) of all the food we bought.

Our much anticipated cockles, looks good right? Do not judge a book by its cover… It was overcooked and basically, it was stir-fry with grinded chili paste without any seasoning. Not good at all.

The ayam percik was grilled to perfection. However, I find it tastier without the peanut gravy which tasted rather bland.

Satay was good though and again, at only 40 sen per skewer, this is such a good deal. Next to the Satay was a piece of Ayam Goreng Berempah (Fried Spiced Chicken) which tasted really good and aromatic. It was deep fried together with pandan leaves.

Stuffed beancurd, Hubby’s favourite. He happily gobbled down all three pieces so I guess it was good.

The pre-packed nasi lemak was nothing to shout about. I find the sambal not enough kick but Hubby likes it though.

Sup Daging or Beef Soup was good. Sadly, we were too stuff so we just had a few spoonful each.

Looks like Tortoise shell isn’t it? Shall I name it Tortoise Kuih?? Very nice. I love it when I popped the whole thing into my mouth and when I start chewing, the gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) just oozed all over my mouth….mmmmm….sedap!!!

The Durian Pulut Cendol was really really good! Priced at only RM3, the serving was huge! Quite generous with the pulut (glutinous rice), cendol, cincau, red beans and 2 big pieces of durian too. My only complain would be the amount of ice cubes floating on top. Well, can’t blame them as it was supposed to cater for the Muslim breaking fast in 2-3 hours time. To keep the cendol cold, they can’t depend on shaved ice, hence, lots of ice cubes were added into it.
Yum yum yum..look at the durian and pulut!!

We got to admit that we were too carried away and bought way too much food for just the two of us. I have no more free space in my tummy to savour the roti jala and serawa durian that night, so it ended up in my fridge for the next few days and finally into my rubbish bin. So wasteful, I vowed not to be too carried away next time.

I guess this will be the only Ramadan Bazaar that I will visit this year. I would love to take this opportunity here to wish all Muslims a “SELAMAT HARI RAYA”!!

Location of the Ramadan Bazaar (borrowed from Boo):

Along Jalan 14/28
Starts from opposite Utusan Melayu until the playground
Section 14, Petaling Jaya

(If you are coming from Jaya supermarket, turn right where the new Digital Mall is and drive straight down. You will see the stalls on your left hand side, just before Right Angle's shophouses. There is a mosque on the right hand side.)


Big Boys Oven said...

Oh precious pea, shall we puasa and go dolly for food today?

Anonymous said...

the tortoise is called 'kuih cara' the long green one is called 'kuih ketayap'

team bsg said...

was , am/are and will always be amazed with so much food (which sprouts out like lighting this time of year like clockwork precision). Malaysia, Truly Gluttonasia ( pun intended )

ai wei said...

nice, all yummilicious food!~ they are cheap too! hardly can find 40sen satay in cheras ar...
popiah, onde-onde, all make me 'slurp-slurp'

Ethan W said...

Looks like Section 14 had a larger spread compared to TTDI... Nice pics :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..everyone is joining the ramadhan raid..meanwhile i overslept and it was way too hot and sunny for me..

Coketai said...

Are you finished all these food in one go???!!!! I have my salute!!!

You really qualify "Professional Flogger" - My defination- Not only know how to explore and review food in a proper manner but also able to become a big eater!!


ilene said...

hhhmmmmm.....yummmmmy.....Is it too much of me to ask you whether you could also file your postings under territories/areas? ha! ha! I think I much prefer to refer to this blog for ideas of where and what to eat instead of the directory books that I have currently-so outdated! Thanks for sharing.

Junkgirl said...

Everything seems so i wish i can teleport back home now.

Precious Pea said...

bbo: Sadly, got to decline your invitation, was on MC yesterday. Fever and sore throat. Didn't get any better today. :(

anonymous: Thanks! :)

team bsg: We are living in food heaven afterall..;)

ai wei: I think 40 sen satay facing extinction oledi.

ethan: There were lots more than i didn't take. You should go take a look, probably it's bigger than TTDI.

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: more important or afternoon nap more important? That day we went was after it wasn't too hot.

coketai: Actually no lor...the whole plate of cockles went into the bin cos it tasted awful. The soup also cannot finish. :(

ilene: fren's fren who is residing in Singapore also suggested the same thing. Ok, when i have time, i will try to categorise it according to areas.

junkgirl: Come come come...still got more than a week before Raya.

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, another ramadan bazaar... by the time i reach home, semua pun sudah buka puasa!!! :(

Big Boys Oven said...

You kiss your hubby too but much than not getting any french kissed!

MeiyeN said...

have not been to any yet... looks like i got to wait till next year AGAIN! boo hoo!!!! :( :(

wmw said...

Aiyoh, I can't believe that I haven't got round to making my way to this yet!

Jessica said...

hey pp, we blogged about this same ramadan bazaar should have tried the sweet bubur desserts, we keep going back for more!

so you like kerang too, should do yourself, like we did

mama bok said...

I want all the food..PP..!!


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