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1st Meeting of the JFKA, 5 Dec 2007, 8.00 p.m. @ Ninja Jones

Minutes of the 1st Meeting of the Japanese Food Kawan Association (JFKA) held at Ninja Jones, Northpoint Mid Valley on Wednesday, 5 December 2007 at 8.00 p.m.


1. Lyrical Lemongrass - President
2. Boolicious -
3. Paprika -
Treasurer and Head of Maki
4. WMW -
Head of Un-Raw Food
5. Precious Pea - Public Relations Officer

Absent (with apologies)

1. Xiu Long Bao - Honorary Lifetime Member
2. Babe in the City - Head of Chi-Cha-Cha (Mochi, Macha and Ocha)

This meeting was called by Ms President after we expressed our unhappiness over the non-existence of Japanese Food Hunting activity since its formation many months ago. After we threatened to call off the redundant association, Ms President put a stop to it by issuing a notice of meeting for the first ever meet-up of the JFKA Committee members at Ninja Jones at Northpoint, Mid Valley City.

Upon seated, each of us were given a copy of the 'Agenda Folder' aka the Menu. While Ms President took charge in ordering our dinner, I was busy flipping through the menu, taking notes of what have been ordered. The menu looked impressive and price seemed reasonable. So, let's proceed to the Agenda Items for the night.

AGENDA #1Avocado and Soft Shell Crab Namaharumaki priced at RM22 as approved by our Head of Maki, was quite unique. It was filled with lots of fresh veggies with crispy soft shell crab in the middle and drizzled with sweetish sourish sauce. Perfect as appetizer!

Our Volcano Roll was priced at RM30 for 6 pieces. Normal serving I believe is priced at RM20 for 4 pieces. The California Roll was layered with a slice of unagi (eel) and cheese. It was really yummy and even non-fish lover, our Head of Un-Raw Food gave her thumbs up.

AGENDA # 3One of the star dish of the night, the "Eringi Ninniku Shoyu Grill" - Charcoal grill mushroom priced at RM15 smelt really good when served. The mushroom was marinated with light shoyu and garlic and was served on a small charcoal griller. The smell was simply marvellous and we tried our best to speed up our photo-taking process so that it would not be overcooked. Tastewise? ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I will sure order this again in my next visit.

Just when I thought Wagyu is good, wait till you try the Ultimate, Wagyu's counterpart from Japan....the KOBE BEEF! Priced at RM130 per 100 gram which slightly came up to 10 small slices, we had 150 gram at RM195. Not too much a price to pay since it was shared among 5 of us. I must say, a pretty reasonable price to fulfill my curiosity of this acclaimed beef.

It was served together with a charcoal griller, similar to the one we had the grilled mushroom earlier. The slices of Kobe beef was put on top of the griller to be cooked. Attention needed as we would not want our RM13 per slice to be burnt. No marination needed as the best way to enjoy the beef is to have it the natural way.
Once cooked, which took only less than 3 minutes, the Kobe beef is ready to be savoured. Dip with the given sweetish sauce and Oohhh La La! Delicately tender and juicy. *Faint*


The Seafood Papaya Moto-Yaki priced at RM36 didn't quite impress me. The papaya was baked filled with seafood and veggies in creamy sauce and topped with cheese. Am not a fan of papaya, probably that also explained the reason why it didn't manage to impress me.


The Nikujaga Croquette came in 2 pieces priced at RM12. A fusion dish I supposed which tasted pretty normal. The Croquette consists of mashed potatoes and meat, coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Hehe..something that I think I can do it at home.

Yamakake Cha-Soba priced at RM22 was served cold with dipping sauce. Not too bad but nothing to shout about.


Lastly, we ordered 2 servings (RM12 per serving) of Garlic Fried Rice to share. Pretty good. Fluffy and aromatic!


Each of us were given a complimentary cup of Chocolate Mousse. Ahem...not fantastic but not going to complain since it's free.

Happy Birthday ME!! Yes, my sistas surprised me with a Birthday Cake; Chocolate Brandy Truffle ordered from FBB. It was so chocolatey rich and a very nice sweet ending to the great night out. Thank you SISTAS!


The 1st Meeting of the JFKA was adjourned at approximately 10.10 p.m. with a satisfying grin on our face. Looking forward to the 2nd Meeting which will be held at xxxxxx on xxxxxx (to be filled by Ms President) *hint hint*

Wanna review the venue where the JFKA had its first meeting? Check out Ninja Jones which is located at:
A-G-5 Ground Floor, Northpoint
Mid Valley City
No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utama
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2288.1646/1676


Live2Talk said...

A wonderful dinner indeed! Err y u need to pay ah? Not birthday treat meh ;P

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Can't wait for your reviews on your celebrations more :)
wow.. what a meeting!! Perhaps I should organize a meeting like that also.. hmm.. what association shud I form leh? haha!!

sc said...

looks sedap! i heard from wmw about the precious kobe beef story and how she 'savoured' it..haha..funny! oh, happy belated BD, just in case u didnt get my wishes (in facebook ;p)

Jackson said...

hohoho...y guys cannot join yr club?

MamaBoK said...

I wanna join the club.. ;)

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Aiyo~ your post is interesting la~ i enjoy reading it~ *clap *clap

By the way, the food looks really tasty! All the picture drive me to go to try it hehehe...

Kenny said...

Is a late wish, anyway
Happy Birthday!!

Alex said...

How does one join the JFKA?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... seriously real 'minute" only.. so next around going to eat kobe beef steak?

Nic (KHKL) said...

kobe beef! lurve it! what a great way to celebrate your birthday! complete with that brandy cake...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow sista. U've done a good job! Can I just link to yours? hehehe.

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: This is JFKA meeting not my birthday dinner. Hehehe...wait la..i blog about my birthday dinner later.

Christine: Thank you :) Seems like my turn to wish you the same tomorrow hor? Hmm..maybe you can form Marco's Pizza Fans Club..can i join ar?

sc: Thank you for the birthday wish. Hehe..yeah..the Kobe beef...what an experience!

jackson: Ermm...i dunno but that's the rules set by Ms President. But for you, let me ask her if you can be included ;)

mamabok: Hehehe...must ask Ms President for approval. But first you must prove that your passion for Jap food. ;)

alvin: Thanks :) Do try...i saw that they even have wagyu bento set for lunch at only RM50!!!

kenny: Late but still i accept...Thank you! ")

alex: First of all, are you young, single and available? If so, please register with Ms President. Hehehe.

NJoe: 1st meeting ma...must be minuted down. Kobe steak? Cannot afford la..unless you wanna bribe us with it lor then I want I want I want!!

nic (khkl): Still drooling over the Kobe beef. Droollzzzz :p~~

Luscious Sista aka Ms President: i guess Minutes approved and confirmed??

kacuak said...

Looks very yummylicious!! Very hungry.. how could I join??

Jun said...

hahaha... omg if only minutes can be as interesting as urs, i'd read minutes when i'm free ;p

Precious Pea said...

kacuak: Application via Ms President! Hehehe...tough approving process though.

jun: i wish all Minutes as easy to write as this.

team bsg said...

ware da papasans , kirinbeersans and sakesans ? kobe cow meat bsg got also oni few ringgits per kg , wine not included. then president unstupor how can , and life member oso no come wan ? kanot kanot ! !
but got many many food ah can finis onot?

Jason said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Yaloh, why guys cannot join as members? :(

tekko said...

can ask them to serve (or grill) the kobe for you? i'm not good in cooking ler...

ling239 said...

new menu ?
the last time i visit them it was not like tat....

Cokeworld Citizen said...

hai hai!~ Since I ate about 4 days straight of Japanese food in Spore (covering ramen,fresh made on the spot tamago,sashimi,loads of unagi+tako,exquisite Hokkaido crab to super sweet hokkaido scallop), am I eligible to join JFKA? lolz...Oh yeah, I watched Ho Chiak last week, apparently got a restaurant selling vegetarian maki. The host's expression seems percaya-able. You can go to 8TV's website to re-watch that episode. Oh I also heard there is a restaurant in KL having some 50% promotion for Japanese buffet (or ala carte not sure) specially for ladies oni.

Hahaha I guess its another reason why JFKA oni accept ladies as members. Kakakaka!

ekeng said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you. May all your wishes come true.

ai wei said...

happy belated birthday!

and this is a funny n interesting post. ur 'meeting' must be a wonderful one with lots of jap dishes.

Christine: u shud come up with a club. count me in ya!~ :p

catsndogs said...

happy belated birthday ya..
hmmm.. must ask Ms.president for approval in order to join the club ?
mus show sincerity to japanses food ??
wat if i say i sincere enough to be your japan translator and organise a trip to japan for makan , i'll be the guide... good enough ??
am i qualified to join the club now ?? kekekeke :P

wmw said...

Ok, I will write a brief one on this meeting and link to yours since you did a good job of taking down the minutes of the meeting :o) Guess I was just too busy taking photographs and eating! LOL!

daphne said...

this is a great write up! Love those good looking sushi... so this place gained the approval of JFKA I hope?

gourmand extraordinaire said...

Whoa!! I saw these itmes on another blog. Masak masak was it?

Precious Pea said...

team bsg: We are in midst of discussion, considering of recruiting single and available young men. I think if you are providing us with unlimited Kobe beef, then we will seriously consider to include your team.

Jason: For you, I will try to get you in. Hehehe.

ling239: Err..not sure if it's new since it's my first time there. But cool cover rite??

cokeworld citizen: Wow!! 4 days of Japanese yummies?? Hahaha...I think you beat us anytime! I missed that Ho Chak episode, vegetarian maki sounds so healthy. Will go check out the video and opps..the MAKI too! Hehe. The 50% off place is Jogoya at Starhill. I paid full price there last month :( Lots and lots of variety, too many till i pening dunno where to start. Hehe.

ekeng: Thank you :)

ai wei: Thank you :) Hehehe..glad you enjoyed reading the minutes as much as I enjoyed digesting the Agenda.

catsndogs: Wah...such a tempting offer. I must go inform Ms President oledi. much easier if am elected as Recruitment Director rite??

wmw: Glad you enjoyed the dinner. See? Not so bad isn't it? But we must go try the Bento one day yah?

daphne: Yep yep yep. Approved and certified by JFKA.

gourmand extraordinaire: Yep, we went together.

MeiyeN said...

awww.... it must be really fun! glad to know that you enjoyed your birthday dinner with da jkfa members! i remember first time had a meal at ninja jones.. food not too bad but pricey! :|

beachlover said...

Happy Belated Bday!!..what a wonderful abundent food!!.The food look like Nobu's presentation...hmmmm didn't know Msia have good and pricy restaurant..sorry..i'm so jakun...must try once Im back there!!

Nicholas Chan said...

waa. so fun! food bloggers gather up and eat together.

Nicholas Chan said...

added your blog into btw.

Precious Pea said...

meiyen: Yep, i do noticed that the price is on the higher side so i guess a place to dine only on special occasion.

beachlover: There are lots of fine dining restaurants mushrooming in KL. Do come back soon to give it a try.

nicholas: It's fun dining with food bloggers. But the not so fun part is that we get cold food all the time cos we have to take turns to snap photos. Thanks for linking me up. :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy Belated B'day!!!!
You write good minutes la!!! Better than lots of us.... :)
Do you all accept member from other states?? ;P


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