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This is going to be the last post on my steamboat craze as I think I have released enough of my steamboat bugs in my blog for the time being. I never liked the idea of having homemade steamboat as the thought of it really turns me off. Simply too much work involved; from marketing to preparation of the chicken stock, the washing and cleaning and sorting of the food, an hour or two of savouring the food, then back to more washing and cleaning. I rather pay a bit more to eat outside than to go through such hassle.

The bugs really got over me as I did homemade steamboat twice; once with my relatives and once with my Makan Gang & Flogger Sistas last month. The good thing about making own steamboat at home, is of course you get to choose the quality stuffs that you like to eat and those ingredients that would cost a bomb if you were to eat outside. With my Hubby's help, I found out that it was not too much hassle at all.

For the soup, I used 1 whole Old Hen simmered together with carrots, red dates and wolfberries. Ahem, did you see a big piece of white 'thing' floating on top? Make a guess...what is it?

Of course, dipping sauce is a must! For easy way out, I went to King Crab to grab a bottle of their Signature Spicy Thai Chili Sauce. Also upon request, fresh chili padi with soya sauce and lime juice as well as fried shallots oil.

A must have for me is the Enoki or Straw Mushrooms. Another good fungi to add to your steamboat would be the 'Drumstick' Mushrooms. Very nice texture which is hard to explain, so try it yourself.

Upon special request from Hubby, I bought some fried beancurd sheets (foochuk) from the wet market. Basically already cooked, so just dip it into the soup for a few seconds and it's ready to be served.

I was asked by the lady who sold me the fried beancurd sheets above to give this a try. Using fried beancurd sheet, the middle is smothered with generous amount of fish paste. Very tasty indeed.

Porkballs with diced cuttlefish is a must for me. Yumzz!

As for the meat, Hubby was in charge and cleaning, cutting and marinating the chicken. Two slices of deboned chicken maryland cut into smaller pieces and marinated with his special concoction of ginger juice.

Our favourite chicken wings! Best eaten when just cooked. Juicy and smooth!

Thinly sliced pork loin for shabu-shabu is available at most deli. For true porky lovers, this is a must.

Another must have is the thinly sliced beef. We got our supply from Jusco Supermarket which was really fresh and reasonably priced. We chose a pack of Australian beef and...............

Australian Wagyu Beef!!! The more fats the better! Personally, I felt that steamboat is the best way to enjoy the natural sweetness of Wagyu Beef!

We decided to indulge ourself with froggies which is available at the wet market priced at only RM10 for 4 whole froggies. Ribbit ribbit ribbit!!

As for seafood, prawns are a norm that go synonymously with steamboat. Really enhance the sweetness of the soup.

I was lucky as Jusco was selling live Mud Crabs when I went shopping that day. So cheap...two pieces for less than RM10.

Another creature that was sacrificed that day for our steamboat was the live Snakehead Fish aka Sang Yue. Hubby sliced it thinly and marinated with ginger juice. So fresh, you can even have it sashimi style.

Frozen Hotate or Scallop brought back by Hubby all the way from Japan. I didn't quite like it as it has got the strong fishy smell.

No MSG needed for the soup as natural and fresh ingredients were used. What could be better than sweet corns?

Although we are almost carnivore, we still need to have some fibers to ease our bowel for the next day. Greens that I have chosen were Spinach and Kangkung.

Also some lettuces and chinese cabbages.

A pot full of goodies ready to be savoured. DELICIOUS! Soup so good, even my aunt tarbau-ed (take-away) the leftover home!

Now back to my earlier question on my first picture of the soup. Can you guess what is the floating white colour thing in the soup? Answer is............Pig's Stomach!

All the pictures above were taken during my first session of steamboat with my relatives. There were 6 of us and only spent around RM100 which we barely could finish. For a good quality steamboat, try do it yourself! Satisfaction guaranteed! *Grin*


sc said...

wow, your steamboat is so very sumptious!! hahaha..i'm like you, porkball with dried cuttlefish is a must! :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

wow! wagyu beef! love it! is that the whole pig stomach in your first pic?

ekeng said...

steamboat again?? where can i get those fresh Australian Wagyu Beef??i also wanna have steamboat at home.

Imbi & Itchy said...

i also want, i also want *kick feet* look soooo fresh and delicious!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

wow, I'm getting delirious! Someone get me some steamboat NOW!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlaueh..when u gonna invite the "brothers" then?

Christy said...

Hehe...steamboat fever:)
You are making me wanna make my own steamboat..or bug mummy when I am home:p
I just had steamboat yesterday too...haha, the frenzy:p

Precious Pea said...

sc: We got the same taste!! Hehehe!

nic (khkl): Yes, the pig's stomach been lying in my fridge for weeks so i decided to put it inside the soup. Everyone loved chewing it.

ekeng: Jusco supermarket in Mid Valley! I tried One Utama but they don't have it there.

imbi@itchy: Hehehe..don't kick kick la....good girl! You bring me your homemade soya, i make you steamboat.

luscious sista: Too bad that day you can't make it, otherwise, double the fun.

NJoe: The 'brothers'? Not enuff membership la. I also dunno who is in the 'brothers' category. Hehe.

christy: OH NO! You got my bugs???

Jason said...

Pork ball with cuttlefish for me too!

Wah... loads of seafood.. must be a really satisfying steamboat.

MeiyeN said...

yum yum.... i love having steamboat at home too.. especially with family and relatives around, it's fun! your soup based looks very soupy and slurpy! and i agree, enoki mushroom is a must item!!! :D

MamaBoK said...

Wow..!! really value for money lor.. ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

look so delicious!

Jun said...

oh wow! ur steamboat does look delicious~! haha funnily enuf i've always preferred homemade steamboat cos it's kinda hard to find places that provide fresh ingredients (ie not those artificial crabsticks, fishballs etc). if u're ever in penang again, go to this place called goh huat seng-- it serves teochew style steamboat in a traditional charcoal pot, and it's the best so far. will u be gng to penang anytime soon?

ai wei said...

ahaha, this is the best. DIY steamboat with loads of ingredients. and the cost is cheap, isn't it?!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Wow...with wagyu beef the steamboat cost is oni RM100? Samo got fat frogs! OMG! O.o That's why I always tell ppl, KL what also have =.= *jelous*

Kenny Mah said...

Oh... if I showed the photos and the bill to the Datin, she's gonna be hopping mad/envious! She did the same steamboat thingy for us and it did not look half as good or abundant... where you go shopping har? :P

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Walao~ your steamboat what also got somemore many expensive item~ froggies, crabs, scallop~ wah wah yummy!!

ling239 said...

Wow... with RM100 u have so many seafood including big prawns and scallops !! i am sure this will cost a bomb if eaten at a restaurant ~

Precious Pea said...

Jason: 100% satisfaction!

meiyen: I agree that steamboat is best enjoyed with family. Can foster better relationship too.

mamabok: So worth it rite? If outside, sure cannot get such quality and quantity.

bbo: It is delicious! :)

Jun: Teochew steamboat? I think i read in soeone's blog before. Sadly, no reason to travel up north now...but will put it in my list.

ai wei: money also can't buy from outside.

cokeworld citizen: Yes and it can fit 8 pax. KL food heaven and actually very cheap. It's a matter you want to go all the way to source for it or not.

kennymah: Who is Datin? Hehe..well...morning go SS2 wet market to get chicken, frogs, prawns and veggies. Then later go Jusco to get beef and enoki. Then go get pork from this deli outside Jusco. After that head to Carrefour for live snakehead fish.

alvin: So luxurious rite????

ling 239: I think if eat outside...dunno RM200 enuff or not.

Jackson said...

whalau.....really a lot!! Next session with us?

Precious Pea said...

Jackson: For our team? No prob. At my new house kay?

tigerfish said...

Wah...also steamboat season there ah? Taiwan is steamboat season now ler....

The drumstick mushrooms - I also see them in Taiwan. I think when you slice lengthwise, it's almost like abalone. Soft "abalone" texture. Hub and I like this mushroom.

Kenny said...

wow.. all tis 4 only 0.1K? sweet~~

Cokeworld Citizen said...

wah lao weh....8 ppl??? =.= I kira max RM120 ler...Baru RM15 per person oni!!!! Ekkks! This is even cheaper than the cheap BBQ steamboat outside....Mana boleh....


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