Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As mentioned in my earlier post, the reason I went to Bangkok for such a short trip 2 weekends ago was to visit Chatuchak to get some stuffs for my new house. I have been hunting around for some paintings and wood carvings in KL but sadly, most were all way off our budget.

We spent most of our time at the household section, believe me, it's HUGE!; doing lots of enquiring, bargaining and comparing of prices. Turned out that 'budget' was not THE issue anymore. However, how on earth are we going to carry all our stuffs home? The freight charges to send our stuffs back is shockingly high, hence making our purchase not that cheap anymore. But putting our worries aside, we still continue to buy buy buy!

We bought a Buddha wood carving which is really solid and heavy. Having no idea how we are going to bring it back, we walked and walked in search of a box which is big enough to fit the carving. In the end, our feet protested and we have no choice but to get some expensive bubble wrap from a poshy stationery place. While checking in at the airport, we found out that this carving plus a few smaller ones wrapped together weighted 16 kgs! e

I have been longing for a Buddha wood carving to hang in my living room's theme wall and finally I found one that I really have a 'feel' towards it. I have seen many many similar Buddha faces but not every one of them gives me the same 'feeling'. What kind of feeling am I talking about? Peacefulness and Calmness! If you are wondering why my wooden carving is split into 3 parts...well, all the big sized carvings are done in this way, so that it is easy for people to bring it back. Also was told that it's made from 3 pieces of wood as it is difficult to find such big wood. As for the price, I went to 1Utama last Sunday to enquire about the price. For the same size, same design but sprayed with golden paint, it costs a whopping RM1,980!! And guess how much I paid for this? RM220! Yes....RM220! So you see, our air tickets, accommodation, food and shopping all added up together was only close to RM2,000!!!

I didn't expect this trip to be so fruitful, in terms of shopping I mean. I have been visiting nurseries in PJ area and could only drool at their overpriced garden decorative wall stones. Even the tiniest with a simple flower design already costs more than RM50. I was really lucky when I came across a stall selling this wood carvings for garden. I couldn't believe my ears when the lady told me the small ones are selling at RM10 while the Kuan Yin carving at RM80. I was like...WHAT??? USD or THAI BAHT???

The rest of the items we bought are quite small but fragile. We bought this nice decorative candle holder which looks absolutely stunning against my theme wall. Only RM25!

We also bought 5 of these hanging candle holder for my courtyard garden...only RM15 each! I just can't wait for Hubby to put it up so that I can see how it looks at night when the candles are lighted up. Must be so so pretty!

I couldn't resist from buying home some cloth lotus after I found out how much it costs in Malaysia but this whole bunch only costs me RM40. Next trip, I will get orchids which looks exactly like the real thing!


Live lotus and water lilies are abundant at Chatuchak but since it is rather difficult to get some home, I bought lotus seeds to plant it myself! Once I move into my new house, I will start my gardening project, I will post to keep you updated on the growth progress.

Nope, these are not onions but flower bulbs. Want to know what types of flowers? Hehehe...that you got to wait till it grows! Again, don't worry, apart from food, dogs and travel, I will embark on 'gardening' as my new hobby.

Apart from those above, also bought quite a few small items for myself and as souvenirs. Didn't manage to get foodstuff back since our baggage exceeded the weight limit. The only food items I got back was 2kg of glutinous rice for my colleagues and a big bottle of fish sauce. AH-HA! Speaking of fish sauce, I mentioned in my earlier post that it got confiscated at the airport. Well, the story is like this. We were supposed to check in our luggages cos they were all filled up and extremely heavy. Turned out, it was way exceeding the limit, hence, refusing to pay, I took my luggage (10kg) and told them I will hand-carry them. I thought the bottle of fish sauce is at my hubby's checked-in luggage hence when it went through the scanner, I was asked to open my bag. I was praying hard cos I thought the glutinous rice was what they were looking for. Turned out it was the bottle of fish sauce...sniff sniff. And all the immigration officers started laughing away, wondering why on earth I bring fish sauce home. Grrr...I don't mind the humiliation as long as i get my fish sauce back. ended up in their trash bin.

It's ok. Cos I will be heading to Bangkok again in February. This time I plan to get smaller stuffs like wooden decorative plates, paintings, lightings and I will make sure I check in my fish sauce!


Jun said...

wah lau... how come u managed to buy so many things one??? i din buy a single thing when i was thr o_O

ai wei said...

whoa! bought so many things. must be very cheap there. and heading in february again?! kekeke, can i pass u my shopping list?


AGNES said...

I love your blog very much! Now i know KL have so many places for me to go MAKAN. I love your travel blog too especially the Hong Kong Trip coz i'm planning to go there.

~Christine~Leng said...

i love the candle holder that you bought :) very pretty. and cheap!
Bangkok again in Feb? wow.. can't get enough of shopping? who does rite? haha..
really wanna have a look a your new house when it's fully furnished and decorated!! must be.. awesome :)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

You definitely got some great stuff. I especially like the buddha wood carving - beautiful.

Precious Pea said...

christine: Nice hor? Definitely cannot get it here at that kind of price. Hehehe..need more stuffs to deco my house. Now too empty ;)

agnes: Harlow and thanks for visiting my blog. KL is a food heaven. Where are you from? When going to HK? Hope you enjoy your trip :)

ai wei: It's worth the trip even after taking into account the air tickets, accommodation and food. Shopping list? Hahaha..provided i still have extra weight to spare ;)

Jun: Hahaha...our purpose was to shop ma. But the first visit we didn't get anything too.

Agnes said...

I'm from Sabah but now living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I love to eat when i go back to KL.

Agnes said...

I'm from Sabah but now living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I love to eat when i go back to KL.

sc said...

i can imagine how gorgeous your place will look like with all these decors!

wmw said...

Lovely things...I love the candlelight holders....Actually hor, I have a collection of them but none as nice as the ones you bought.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahahah fish sauce..hope that definitely ensure u will put it in checked luggage! brother had his peanut butter all thrown out in the aussie airport as well..

tigerfish said...

Take a few shots of your completed decorated house for us to see, ok? :P

Nic (KHKL) said...

omg! how on earth did you manage to bring back all these stuff?? i think paintings/carvings are cheaper in bali. the quality's good too.

at first, i thought the candle holders were earrings..hahaha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

i wonder how u carry the Buddha wood carving back to ur hotel and to the airport @_@ bar none, ur shopping trip does lure me to visit this market...screw bali trip, go chatuchak first :p

Jason said...

Ooo.. I love the Buddha carving! The colour and finishing is just superb!

ling239 said...

i like those candle holders of urs... so pretty ^_^

Melissa Siew said...

the buddha wood craving is so beautiful... look so clam & peaceful!! I luv the candle holder too..

irenekay said...

why don't you try shopping for home deco in Bali instead?? they really have beautiful carvings and stone sculptures and if I'm not mistaken the freight if pretty reasonable too.
jus IMHO.... :)

Tummythoz said...

Luv your feature wall. Such vibrant & funky colour. Haha. Our wooden face carving look similar-lar but think you got a better price. Show you some day. Maybe that's why the vendor volunteered to wrap mine. Yes, it is really really heavy.

Barbie said...

Oh wow, love the Buddha and Kuan Yin wood carvings that you bought! But how did you cart them all back? Did you really carry them? Your house must really look lovely when it's all done!

Big Boys Oven said...

I did the same in Cambodia... but i think thailand got more variety!

yammylicious said...

woah! thats pretty nice and is not pricey at all!! amazing price that can never ever get deal in malaysia! =)

Christy said...

WOWWW!!! Definitely very very fruitful!! must have had such a fun time shopping!!;)

Precious Pea said...

Christy: Yes, it was such a fruitful trip. :)

yammylicious: Exactly! My whole trip expenses plus the buddha carving totalled up is even cheaper than getting one carving here.

bbo: Cambodia cheap? Must make a trip there soon.

barbie: Packing the stuffs home was a nightmare. We were so worried that they don't allow us to check-in and also overweight. Luckily we got it thru and now we have the experience, will go back for more stuffs. Haha.

tummythoz: bought it in Bangkok too? How much you got it for? So heavy rite? Ours was not properly packed somemore.

irenekay: Never tot of Bali before this as we have never been, so dunno where to start. But thanks for your suggestion, will visit Bali when I have chance.

melissa: Thanks! Am so satisfied with my purchase :)

Precious Pea said...

ling239: Thank you. And they have many many other designs..all so so beautiful too!

Jason: I think so too :)

xlb: I should have taken a photo of us with the things we bought when we left chatuchak. Our hands were soooo full, that was also the reason why we leave cos we cannot buy anymore.

nic (khkl): Ok..waiting for AirAsia special promo to Bali..hehe.

tigerfish: I should have taken before and after shots of my house hor? before photo.

NJoe: I will be extra careful next time. :( Eh, what peanut butter your brother wanted to bring back?

wmw: I didn't know you collects candle burners too.

sc: I actually still have no idea how to decorate the house. Just buy first, think later..hehe.

Agnes: WHen are you planning to come back to makan makan?

Lannie Loke said...

I have been reading your blog for quite a while.

The candle holders are very nice. For Rm 5, damn cheap. Cannot get over here in Netherlands. Maybe can import over here... should be very good business. There was once I was at an exhibition, a stall sold lamps in bunch of flowers made from panty stoking material, from Thailand. A bunch cost about Euro 30. They even have mini lamps made from silk worm shell. Very nice.

Imbi & Itchy said...

wah, the price difference is sooo much hor, might as well enjoy the balance for makan and more, instead on buying here. after all, bkk not that far hor.

i'm a biggg fan of kuan yin :-)

Cokeworld Citizen said...

wah...must bring out xlb's tagline, "cheap!cheap!cheap!"

erm so your next posting is sleep sleep sleep? hehehe

Cynthia said...

You really got some attractive pieces.

Precious Pea said...

lannie: Harlow! Thanks for visiting my blog. Many people go to Chatuchak to get stuffs and send back to home country to sell.

imbi & Itchy: Yalor..since can treat it as a holiday too ma. Get the passport stamped...since paid so much to renew. Hahahaha!!!

cokeworld citizen: la..continue with food blogging lor!

cynthia: Oh yes, and am very satisfied with my purchase.

mama bok said...

Ya.. my problem too.. that i face is they are so huge to bring home. That's why .. we have to pay more.. than we want to.. for them in Singapore.

Precious Pea said...

mamabok: How much you paid for it in Singapore?

Honey Star said...

Oh you evil!!! Chatuchak is my fav market in the whole wide world :D


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