Friday, January 25, 2008


I am really excited as I will be moving into my new house tomorrow. Part of my big project is to beautify the garden with lots of colourful flowers before proceeding with my veggie patch behind the house. But one thing to note is that I am not exactly a person with green thumb. Even a tough cactus plant died under my care!

During my trip to Bangkok recently, I managed to get quite a number of bulbs of different species home for my garden. I couldn't remember what those flowers are called but each bulbs are coded with sticker to indicate the colour of the flower.

IMGP3734 copy

On Monday night (21 January 2008), Hubby and I decided to plant three bulbs to see if we will yield any results before we plant all on the ground. Hubby took charge of the whole gardening process while I was snapping away. First he filled the pot with 1/3 of soil, put the bulb in, then put in another 1/3 of soil.
IMGP3755 copy

To avoid the soil from spilling out during the watering process, Hubby poured 1/3 of colourful stone to cover the soil.
IMGP3759 copy

Now, let's wait for a week to see if there are any results. *Fingers crossed*
IMGP3764 copy


kennymah said...

One week? How can wait so long one?

(As you can see, this one here won't have the patience even for a cactus. Lol.)

Imbi & Itchy said...

me have no green finger also! money plan so easy to grow also die. the trick is, don't touch it .. if touch, sure gone hahaha .. anyway, maybe singing to the plan might help???

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

How diligent! I just visit Sg Buloh. Got loyalty card. :-P heehee.

a feast, everyday said...

Hah, new hobby...maybe talking to the plants would help :D

Jackson said... hobby?? so i assume when we visit yr new house, it will be a nice garden, ok? Then we can do BBQ at the garden

Agnes said...

wow...gardening ..I love it! I used to do it when i stayed in JB. I feel happy to see all trees and flowers grow...but now i have rent it to others and they dun take care pity all my flower and tree

mama bok said...

For some reason.. i can't load your blog from home. So i read it from my feed.. and can't comment. I am doing this at work... so you know .. that i'm still reading your entries.. :)

JOjo said...

Good luck in your new hobby! ^^
For me, all my indoor potted plant died under my "tender loving care" *lolz*

Sungimann said...

So today's the day! All the best in your house moving. It always exciting to move to a new place.

Precious Pea said...

sungimann: is the day...moving house is exciting but the packing and unpacking....arrgghh..headache!

jojo: Hahaha..thanks! Will keep you posted on my progress.

mamabok: How come couldn't log at home? Your connection problem? Thanks for your continous support ;)

agnes: Always like that when you rent to people. They won't take care of it at all. Why not you restart your gardening hobby in Abu Dhabi?

Jackson: Pray hard...please please pray hard my plants will grow! Haha!

droolteam: Hmm....maybe put it at the kitchen, let them sniff sniff the aroma of my cooking. See if that helps as well. LOL!

luscious sista: Ooo...i just dunno which nursery to go to in Sg Buloh. When are you going again? Can i follow?

imbi&itchy: Don't touch it??? Err..why leh? I got itchy fingers actually..haha.

kenny: patient ler!! I actually also impatient like you but this kind of thing, cannot rush. Unless you got some growth booster to recommend.

team bsg said...

looks like your life's getting ready to launch!

sc said...

congrats in moving to your new rumah! may the flowers bloom in abundance, filling your new home with burst of colours and lovely fragrance :)

Tummythoz said...

Day 2 in new home! Congrats. Everything up & ready for show & tell yet? I used to be a plant-killa too. Now d few surviving plants just don't flower. =,(

ai wei said...

don't worry, they will grow! i shall shimmer them with magic! hehehe.

can't wait to see the result!

Big Boys Oven said...

I too got a new hobby, to start cooking! lol

ling239 said...

wow... so colorful ~ all the best ya ^_^

wmw said...

Hahaha...I thought the bulbs were turnips! That goes to show how much I know (or how little!) about gardening!

celine said...

Oh, I'm so eager to see the flowers.

Precious Pea said...

celine: Me too :) Sadly, don't think it will be in time for the Chinese New Year.

wmw: Hahaha...phew..if i leave my bulbs with you, will it ever ended up on your stove???

ling239: Thanks!! :)

bbo: WOW!!! Need some sincere
comments? ;)

aiwei: Now it becomes magical plant. Hope it grow money, gold and diamond. And lots and lots of it!! HEHE!

tummythoz: No pics, but you can come see it for yourself :)

sc: Thanks. :)

team bsg: Up? Where?

Jason said...

Err.. the bulbs look like an onion. :P
Remember to water them!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

haha i got a plant in my room. It always dries up but somehow I manage to bring it back to life :P recently my plant dried up 90% & was pulled back from the verge of tong sampah...moral of story is never give up : )

Precious Pea said...

Jason: I sprinkled them with miracle (tap) water everyday..hehe.

cokeworld citizen: Hahaha...that's what i do too. Drown them in water and the next minute..the plant will be rehydrated.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

luckily the plant revived just in time for cny! lolz i dun wan a dead plant for cny XD no good no good.

FaYe said...

I bought tulip bulb when i visited bangkok in 2006.. hoping that i will have tulip in my garden.. but sad to say, the flower never came out... (sob-sob)..

teckiee said...

....I totally have the touch... one touch the plant dies.


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